Duplicitous Ukrainian Electoral Postmortems

Duplicitous Ukrainian Electoral Postmortems
by Stephen Lendman
MSM scoundrels suppress what people most need to know. So do right-wing think tanks. Shameless rubbish substitutes. 
The New York Times is America’s unofficial propaganda ministry.  Featuring managed news misinformation Big Lies.
Treating readers like mushrooms. Well watered. In the dark. Unaware of what most affects them.
It’s longstanding Times practice. Vilifying governments Washington opposes. Supporting despotic US allies.
Brazenly justifying the unjustifiable. Cheerleading war. Backing the worst of US imperial lawlessness. Supporting US-led NATO’s killing machine. 
Championing its inexorable drive East. Targeting Russia confrontationally. Belligerently. Surrounding it with US military bases.
Sanitizing mass slaughter and destruction. Denigrating responsible diplomatic solutions. Ignoring US caused human misery.
Supporting Ukraine’s putschist fascist government. Brazenly on the wrong side of history.
What John McMurtry calls “another variation on the great crisis of the world – the undeclared global war of transnational corporate money sequences to multiply themselves through human societies and life on earth in the diagnosable form of an invasive cancer.”
On October 27, Times editors headlined “Hope, and Hard Work, in Ukraine.” It turned truth on its head calling Kiev’s illegitimate president and parliament “legitimate.”
Ludicrously saying they’re “committed to reform…” Polar opposite what Ukrainians want and deserve.
Not according to Times editors, saying “a large majority” of Ukrainians “support reform and a Westward course.”
“At this critical juncture, it is imperative that the United States and European Union support (Kiev) with immediate, tangible and generous support.”
They omitted explaining what’s most important. Washington’s dirty hands. Orchestrating what happened. Ousting Ukraine’s democratically elected president.
Elevating fascist putschists to power. The most brazen European coup since Mussolini’s 1922 march on Rome.
Times editors ignored it entirely. Pretending Ukrainian tyranny is democracy.
Irresponsibly calling Russia an existential threat. Backing lawless sanctions.
Featuring one Big Lie after another. Propaganda wars. Scurrilous reporting. Burying vital truths. 
Shameless double standard hypocrisy. Exceeding the worst of Cold War bluster. Betraying their readers in the process. Doing so unapologetically.
Washington Post editors focused on Putin’s straight talk Valdai International Discussion Club (VIDC) address.
Telling it like it is. Doing so courageously. Shaming his Western counterparts. Making Obama look buffoon-like by comparison.
Not according to WaPo editors. They repeated past lies. Indefensibly accusing Putin of “aggression.”
Turning truth on its head saying:
He “poured out a poisonous mix of lies, conspiracy theories, thinly veiled threats of further aggression and, above all, seething resentment toward the United States.”
WaPo editors mocked the notion of Ukrainian coup d’etat authority. Putin explaining what’s patently obvious.
Vital truths WaPo editors, commentators and correspondents go all-out to bury. Supporting wrong over right consistently. 
Shamelessly claiming Russia invaded Crimea. Wrongfully accusing Putin of refusing to support nuclear arms reduction.
Ignoring Obama opting for a “credible deterrent.” Despite America having no enemies. Except ones it invents to advance its imperium.
Putin goes all-out for peace and stability. Obama is polar opposite. He prioritizes war.
Spending more on militarism than the rest of the world combined. Developing more powerful weapons of mass destruction.
Deploying them globally. Maintaining a growing empire of bases. Hundreds in over 150 countries. 
Encroaching menacing close to Russian and Chinese borders. Doing so belligerently. Threatening world peace.
Obama’s nuclear reduction proposal is virtually none at all. He reserves the right to use nuclear weapons preemptively. 
Without just cause. Against manufactured enemies. Non-nuclear ones.
US-style strategic arms reduction is more smoke and mirrors than substance. Nuclear reduction is illusory. Proliferation continues.
Disarmament isn’t envisioned. America’s arms race continues. Unconscionable amounts are spent. Popular needs go begging. War-making comes first.
So-called New Start leaves America unconstrained. Its global strike capability uncompromised. 
Developing upgraded humanity-destroying weapons continues. Obama’s brave nuke world is unsafe to live in.
Don’t expect WaPo editors to explain. Big Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure.
Shamelessly claiming Putin wants “dominion over Ukraine and whatever other parts of Eurasia (he) chooses to claim…”
No evidence whatever shows he’s revanchist. Clear facts prove otherwise. WaPo editors turn truth on its head suggesting otherwise. It’s consistent WaPo practice.
Brookings Institution calls itself “devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions.” 
It’s brazenly imperial. Pro-corporate. Anti-populist. Unconcerned about unprecedented US inequality. 
Supporting wealth, power and privilege alone. Doing it unapologetically. Shamelessly. Since its 1916 founding.
It discussed Ukraine’s parliamentary elections. Substituting Big Lies for vital truths. “(T)he election produced good news,” it said.
OSCE “and other (pro-Western) observers gave (it) high democratic marks…By all appearances, (things) proceeded normally…That’s good news for democracy in Ukraine.”
“The election will bring many newcomers to the Rada’s ranks, including reform activists who decided that they must work from within the system to effect dramatic change.”
“On the whole, (it) showed the practical, moderate side of the Ukrainian electorate.”
“A strong Rada coalition that works with Mr. Poroshenko to advance a reform agenda will send a useful signal to Russia.” 
“Moscow cannot be pleased by the election results and the number of votes that went to pro-European Union parties.” 
“If the Rada fails to produce a stable coalition, however, the Kremlin will be tempted to engage in political mischief-making in Kyiv with the goal of making it harder for Ukraine to pursue needed policies.”
Fact check
Ukraine’s election assures business as usual. Fascist power won. Democracy was nowhere in sight. it’s strictly verboten. 
Expect harder than ever hardline rule to follow. Reneging on promises made. Continuing war without mercy against Southeastern Ukrainian citizens.
Murdering them in cold blood. Doing so to assure nationwide fascist rule. Ruthlessly targeting nonbelievers. With full US support and encouragement.
So-called “good news” is none at all for ordinary Ukrainians. They’ll discover they were had soon enugh. How they react remains to be seen.
London’s Guardian ludicrously bid “farewell to old guard politics.” It’s more solidified that ever. Hardline. Iron-fisted. Lawless.
All take and no give. Serving wealth, power and privilege alone. Expect well-connected oligarchs to benefit hugely. Not according to Guardian editors. Ludicrously claiming otherwise.
“True, the president is an oligarch,” they said. A “reform(ist) one.” Oxymoronic logic for sure.
Billionaires make money the old-fashioned way. They want unlimited amounts. 
Any way they can get them. To make billions more. At the expense of ordinary people.
Guardian editors ludicrously claimed Sunday’s vote “demonstrated that far-right elements around which Moscow weaves its dark tales of resurgent fascism remain relatively minor actors on the political stage.”
They’re more entrenched than ever. By rigged voting. Intimidation. Excluding real democrats from participating. 
At times threatening, bullying and beating them. They’re lucky to be alive. 
Guardian editors didn’t explain. Burying vital truths in the process. Ones exposing Kiev’s dark side. How fascist governments operate.
“(T)he possibility now opens up that Ukraine can decisively repudiate both the Communist past and the murky era that followed, and transform itself into a healthy democracy,” said Guardian editors.
No such possibility exists. Not with illegitimate fascists in power. With Washington manipulating things covertly. 
Targeting Russia irresponsibly. Wanting regime change. Risking East/West confrontation in the process.
Guardian editors didn’t explain. “The fly in the ointment is President Putin,” they said. He “has not given up his Ukrainian ambitions.”
He aims “to bring Ukraine back into the Russian sphere of influence. Failing that, he will use his military leverage in the east of the country and his economic leverage in trade and gas supplies to prevent or limit the political and economic consolidation Ukraine needs.”
Truth is polar opposite Guardian Big Lies. Including wrongfully claiming “Russian troops (operate) covertly inside Ukraine.”
“Everyone knows there will be no quick fix in Ukraine. But there will be no fix at all, and the problem may well worsen, if Mr Putin sees western resolve fade.”
In mid-October, Edward Snowden and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger won this year’s Rights Livelihood Award (RLA). It’s the “Alternative Nobel Prize.”
“(F)or outstanding vision and work on behalf of our planet and its people.” Honoring the best and most deserving.
Perhaps RLA committee members should reconsider Rusbridger’s award. Unless a separate one exists for disgraceful propaganda.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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