America’s Rogue Agenda

America’s Rogue Agenda
by Stephen Lendman
Cold-blooded ruthlessness defines US policy. Giving pure evil new meaning. Tyrannical. Merciless. Brutal. Barbaric. Lawless. Stopping at nothing to achieve imperial aims. 
Instituting homeland police state state rule. Spurning fundamental rule of law of law principles. Mocking human and civil rights. Making democracy pure fantasy.
Sponsoring state terrorism. Intimidating, threatening, and otherwise pressuring other nations to comply with its will. Obey or else is policy.
Waging war on humanity. Targeting all sovereign independent states for regime change. Wanting pro-Western stooge governance replacing them.
Wanting control of world resources. Wanting ordinary people exploited as serfs. Waging wars without mercy to achieve aims. 
Lunatics in America run things. Neocon fanatics. Demanding unipolar/New World Order dominance. 
Targeting Russia to eliminate a rival power. Risking world peace in the process.
Russian MP Roman Roman Khudyakov wants Obama stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize. Blood on his hands demands it.
Waging  one dirty war after another. Without mercy. Lawlessly. Ruthlessly.
“More and more international experts are calling Obama’s presidency dark times,” said Khudyakov. 
“The reason for that is the brutal policy that he is conducting all over the world, like Napoleon or Hitler had done before.” 
“But I want to warn Obama so that he pays more attention to history and understands that he can end up like Hitler.”
He wants Obama’s prize given to Putin. He’s a deserving recipient. He’s polar opposite his US counterpart.
“He stopped the war in Iran, in Syria and he is still saving a lot of people from major bloodshed,” said Khudyakov. 
“He is a vivid example of a politician who preserves peace and love in the world.”
In 2013, the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation Among Nations of the World (IASUCANW) nominated him for this year’s award.
Its President Georgiy Trapeznikov said “he proved his adherence to the cause of peace.”
“We know very well what peacemaking role our president played in conflict regions, especially Beslan and South Ossetia.”
He’s very much involved in resolving Syria’s conflict peacefully. Ukrainian crisis conditions.
Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Pekov said:
“The primary criterion for the president is satisfaction from a job well done.” He seeks no special recognition or awards.
At the time, State Duma MP Iosif Kobzon said Putin deserves next year’s prize. He’s polar opposite Obama.
America’s president “initiated and approved…aggressive actions in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Kobzon. Against Libya.
“Now he is preparing for an invasion into Syria. He bears this title nevertheless.” 
“Our president, who tries to stop the bloodshed and who tries to help the conflict situation with political dialogue, is in my view more worthy of this high title.”
Last summer, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said Obama wasn’t worthy of Nobel honors.
Awarding him the Peace Prize did “huge damage,” he said. It’s time to correct things. 
In March, Russian upper house Federal Council Senator Lyudmila Bokova asked Nobel Committee members to annul Obama’s award.
In November 2013, Officers of Russian Mothers made the same request. So have activists worldwide. Awarding peace prizes to war-makers is longstanding Nobel practice.
They deplore peace. They represent wealth, power and privilege. They believe war is peace. It shows in their annual selections.
Obama gives rogue governance new meaning. According to Sergey Lavrov, he “send(s) emissaries all over the world (to) persuad(e) everybody to be against us.”
He wants Russia marginalized, weakened, isolated, and contained. En route to eliminating its sovereign independence altogether. “A democratic world” runs counter to its objectives.
At the same time, they “persuade(d) practically no one except for the EU and some of its closest allies outside NATO and the European Union.”
“I cannot agree that everybody is against us, that everybody is trying to steer clear of us, that we have no partners with whom we can develop a constructive and decent agenda.”
“The geographic scope of international contacts in Russia and outside it is a confirmation of that. And not just the geographic scope, but the content of the agreements we conclude.”
Washington uses the Ukrainian crisis it created to isolate Russia from Europe, said Lavrov.
“These efforts have been stepped up lately, including through attempts to impose American liquefied gas supplies upon Europe at prices that cannot compete with Russian gas prices.” 
“There are undoubtedly economic interests behind this. But geopolitical calculations are playing a big and even key role.”
“The fact that that EU countries, not even the major or leading ones, are beginning to openly say that the policy of sanctions leads nowhere and is counterproductive speaks volumes.”
“It is Europe that produced the thinkers who said that economics determines politics, but the EU is declaring the opposite of that now.” 
“It is ready to sacrifice the economy for the sake of politics. This is an extreme degree of ideologisation.” 
“This cannot last long and one can already hear reasonable voices in the European Union which have noted an absolutely paradoxical situation where the EU instructed the Committee of Permanent Representatives in Brussels to prepare new sanctions on the very same day the peace agreement was signed in Minsk; on the very day things got off the ground, primarily owing to the initiative put forth by Russian President Vladimir Putin.”
Lavrov barely stopped short calling America the world’s greatest evil force. Operating lawlessly. Threatening world peace.
In contrast, Russia “consistently” supports international law, he said. “We have never deviated from this policy just an inch.” 
“We have urged compliance with the achieved agreements and creation of new instruments facilitating proper response to the modern challenges.”
“Let us not forget that the US National Security Doctrine adopted in 2010 states very clearly that the US respects international law but reserves the right to resort to any action to protect its interests, including the use of force without the UN authorisation,” said Lavrov.
Rogue states operate this way. None match America’s ruthlessness. It does whatever it damn pleases. Anywhere for any reason or none at all.
Putin is polar opposite. In mid-October, he addressed the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) summit. He spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:
“He emphasized that the format of regional cooperation is the sole alternative to negative trends and the desire of some countries to determine the destiny of other states and whole regions on their own.”
Eurasian conflicts bode ill, Putin stressed. They risk “collapse of whole regions and deplorable consequences for a whole number of countries.”
It’s up to responsible ones to reverse things. Prioritizing peace and stability is a good way to start. So is rejecting war-making for any reason besides self-defense.
Russophobia threatens world peace. It’s headquartered in Washington. 
Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov said US-led sanctions and other anti-Russian policies constitute “color revolution” aggression.
Their aim “is to weaken Russia, corner us, put into practice the idea of a ‘color revolution’ in our country.”
Imposing them without Security Council authorization contradicts what Primakov calls “global processes.” Economic and political ones.
Creating real threats to world security. Doing it recklessly without just cause.
Russia won’t accept “a course for self-isolation,” said Primakov.
“Those who don’t turn a blind eye to that see that the overwhelming majority of the Russian population support the head of state and do not accept threats addressed to Putin, whose policy is justly assessed as one serving Russia’s interests and at the same time not slamming the door for cooperation with all countries, including the US and the EU, to neutralize real threats and challenges to the international community.”
It bears repeating. Obama represents rogue governance. He threatens world peace. 
Putin is polar opposite. Paul Craig Roberts calls him the world’s moral leader for good reason.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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