UN Committee Against Torture Criticizes US Policy

UN Committee Against Torture Report Criticizes US Policy by Stephen Lendman A new UN Committee Against Torture report criticizes serious US civil and human rights abuses. Including secret CIA detentions. Extraordinary renditions. Interrogation practices. Systematic use of torture. Immigration detention abuses. Criminal injustice. America's death penalty. Police brutality. Racial profiling. Brutalizing longterm solitary confinement. Protection... Continue Reading →

Insult to Injury in Egypt

Insult to Injury in Egypt by Stephen Lendman Egypt's military dictatorship holds absolute power. Has no legitimacy whatever.  Rules by decree. Controls the media. Ignores fundamental international laws, norms and standards. Its own constitutional law. Prohibits dissent. Tolerates no opposition. Killed at least 3,000 Muslim Brotherhood members. Imprisoned tens of thousands more. Brutally tortures many.... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Waging War During Economic Crisis Conditions

Ukraine: Waging War During Economic Crisis Conditions by Stephen Lendman Ukraine is an economic basket case and then some. Illegitimate US installed putschists wage naked aggression while effectively bankrupt. More on this below. On November 28, Russia's OSCE representative Andrei Kelin stressed resolving Ukrainian crisis conditions diplomatically. Observing Geneva and Minsk terms. Noting Ukraine's national... Continue Reading →

Israel Attacks Gaza Border Areas

Israel Attacks Gaza Border Areas by Stephen Lendman Doing so breaches August ceasefire terms. Not Israel's first violation. Nor its last. It egregiously flouted all agreed on terms straightaway. Complicit PA officials remain silent. Dismissive of horrendous Gazan suffering.  Diverting half or more of October's so-called donor conference raised $5.4 billion. For unspecified budget purposes.... Continue Reading →

Egyptian-Style Justice

Egyptian-Style Justice by Stephen Lendman On Saturday, Egyptian Judge Mahmud Kamel al-Rashidi acquitted Hosni Mubarak and seven top security commanders of murdering hundreds of 2011 Taahrir Square protesters.  Sowing chaos. Creating a security vacuum. During 18 revolutionary days. In clashes with police. From January 25 - February 11, 2011. Despite clear evidence proving guilt. Because... Continue Reading →

Israeli Prosecutorial Overreach

Israeli Prosecutorial Overreach by Stephen Lendman According to former US Attorney General Robert Jackson: "The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty, and reputation than any other person in America. His discretion is tremendous…" "While the prosecutor at his best is one of the most beneficent forces in our society, when he acts from malice... Continue Reading →

Washington Covertly Arming Ukraine

Washington Covertly Arming Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Repeated administration/Pentagon Big Lies claim otherwise. Saying only non-lethal aid supplied.  Including communications equipment. Body armor. Night vision goggles. Humvees. Radar. Counter-mortar detection units. Binoculars. Small boats. Various other gear. Kiev is infested with CIA, FBI, US special forces and various other so-called Washington advisors. Directly involved in... Continue Reading →

Over-the-Top Israeli Policies

Over-the-Top Israeli Policies Israel is a serial lawbreaker. A state sponsor of terrorism. A criminal enterprise. "(A) state of child killers and land robbers," according to one European parliamentarian. Multiple incidents occur daily. Including attacking Palestinians without just cause. Invading their communities. Destroying their property. Kidnapping Palestinian men, women and children. Political arrests and imprisonments.... Continue Reading →

Monied Interests Have Lots to Give Thanks For

Monied Interests Have Lots to Give Thanks For by Stephen Lendman Too few others in the land of plenty. Democracy in America is pure fantasy.  None whatever exists. Monied interests run things. Ordinary people don't matter. The late Carroll Quigley wrote in his book titled, "Tragedy and Hope:" "(T)he powers of financial capitalism had another... Continue Reading →

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