Israeli Children Brainwashed to Hate Arabs, Become Warriors

Israeli Children Brainwashed to Hate Arabs, Become Warriors
by Stephen Lendman
Decades of Arab-Israel discord produced seven full-scale wars, three major Gaza conflicts, two Intifadas, and daily state-sponsored violence throughout Occupied Palestine.
Palestinians live in terror. Unsure each day if they’ll live or die. Remain free or be imprisoned. Victimized by Israeli ruthlessness.
Racism is longstanding. Israeli children are taught to hate Arabs. Textbooks justify waging war.
Arabs described as hostile, violent, deviant, cruel, immoral, bloodthirsty, vengeful and unfair. Jews called industrious, righteous, trustworthy and brave. 
Eretz Yisrael their exclusive homeland. Based on biblical notions of original inhabitants. Israeli textbooks teaching about “a land without people for a people without land.” Making the desert bloom.
Arabs are vilified for not being Jews. Tolerance isn’t Israel’s long suit. It’s is a modern-day Sparta. Militarism reflects daily life. Taught young children from kindergarten.
Military solutions considered legitimate, desirable and just. A cardinal aspect of Israeli society. Daily life.
Enshrined in the 1986 National Defence Service Law. Requiring all Jewish Israeli citizens and permanent residents to serve. 
Men and women. Exemptions only for educational inadequacy. Health. Family considerations. 
Married or pregnant women. Those with children. Criminals. Arabs unless volunteer Other considerations at the Defense Ministry’s discretion.
Most Israeli leaders are former high-ranking IDF officers. Politics and militarism are inextricably connected. Too sides of the same coin.
Child recruitment indoctrinates them to be warriors. Arabs considered existential threats.
Military service viewed as “noble and worthy.” Brainwashing drums these and related notions into impressionable minds.
Claiming Israel’s survival is at stake. At a time its only enemies are ones it invents.
Soldiers are present in schools and classrooms. Teachers are retired military officers. Especially principals. 
Photos of fallen heroes adorn walls. Field trips for all ages visit military memorials on former battlegrounds.
Beginning in kindergarten, textbooks and classroom instruction teach militarism. 
High schools have mandatory “preparation for the IDF” programs. Including training and indoctrination to be warriors. 
Military heroes are glorified. So are conquests. Arabs are vilified.
Ceremonies, commemorations, speeches, military base field trips, and holiday celebrations imbue young minds with militarism is good notions.
War is natural. Military service considered a right of passage. In preparation for adulthood.
An entire population brainwashed to fight. Viewing Arabs as natural enemies. Treating them harshly is OK. Violently/
Including harassment. Beatings. Home intrusions. Property destruction. Cold-blooded murder.
Defending Israel (against invented threats) matters most. Impressionable minds are easy to manipulate. 
Especially with daily repetition. In school. Through the media. Big Lies become widely accepted beliefs.
Throughout Israel and Occupied Palestine, IDF soldiers are everywhere. Israelis rarely miss a day without encountering them regularly.
On streets. Commercial areas. Airports. Israel a virtual armed camp. According to Israeli journalist Akiva Eldar:
“Israeli Jews’ consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization, a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians, and insensitivity to their suffering.”
Young children were involved in military activities during Britain’s Mandate period. Militarism became ingrained. Especially among future leaders.
Military groups formed. Including Fosh (a Hebrew acronym for Field Units). The Palmach (Striking Force).
Stern Gang (Lehi in Hebrew) and Irgun (Etzel in Hebrew) terrorist groups masquerading as freedom fighters.
Before Israel’s War of Independence, recruitment was a “duty to volunteer.”
Mandatory after IDF’s May 26, 1948 establishment. Replacing the paramilitary Haganah.
Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, calling “(t)he whole nation…an army and the whole land (a) front.”
Young minds still taught it’s a privilege to serve. No matter how often Israeli forces brutalize Palestinians unjustly.
Today’s IDF is the world’s fourth most powerful military. Nuclear armed and dangerous. With banned chemical and biological weapons arsenals.
Virtually all state-of-the-art weapons and technology. An active space and satellite program. 
A prioritized military budget. Generously financed by Washington. Billions of dollars annually. Including covert amounts. Both countries partner in each other’s crimes.
Israel’s military controls around half of public lands. Recycles commanders into high government positions. 
Including municipality and regional council heads. Mayors. Ministers. Knesset leaders. Heads of state. 
Others get top public administration positions. Or serve as business executives or directors.
Young children are exposed to militarism everywhere. At home from adult former IDF members. From religious leaders. In school.
Through state-sponsored media propaganda. Symbols and imagery are ubiquitous. Infesting public spaces.
Children are readied for later conscription. Called inevitable, necessary and desirable.
Impressionable minds are easy to manipulate. Militarism’s pernicious influence affects all aspects of Israeli society and culture.
Youths grow up believing Arabs are existential threats. Longstanding enemies.
Wars are natural. Slaughtering Arabs is OK. Jews alone matter. Clear in what goes on daily. Ignored by media scoundrels.
Substituting Big Lies for hard truths. New York Times misreporting is longstanding.
Ludicrously claiming Israel “(s)ince its founding…based on the ideal of democracy for all its people.”
Complete “social and political…equality (regardless) of religion, race or sex.”
Israel is more hypocrisy than democracy. Ideologically extremist. More fascist than fair. Hard-right and then some.
Jews alone have rights. Naked aggression called self-defense. Militarized occupation harshness is OK. 
Institutionalized racism doesn’t matter. Or stealing Palestinian land, resources, futures and lives. 
Propaganda proliferates. Longstanding practice. Official Big Lies are portrayed as hard truths.
On November 27, Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service claimed Hamas “terrorists” operate from West Bank locations. Run from their Turkey headquarters.
Planning attacks on Israel’s light rail line. Soccer stadium. Other targets. Kidnappings. Offering no credible corroborating proof whatever. 
Evidence when presented most often coming from torture-extracted confessions. Void of validity. Other times from Palestinian collaborators. Paid to lie.
These type accusations repeat often. Based on Big Lies. Stoking fear. Used as pretexts for community incursions.
Mass arrests. Brutalizing nonviolent Palestinians. Naked aggression at Israel’s discretion.
Incidents like Israel’s Blokh school giving 2nd graders a worksheet raise disturbing questions. Listing so-called rights. Including the basic right of “killing Hamas.”
Brainwashing impressionable young minds. Telling them it’s OK to kill. Supported by state-sponsored Big Lies. Including nonexistent planned terror attacks.
America operates the same way. Muslims are fair game. Targets of choice. For their faith and ethnicity. 
Ruthlessly scapegoated. War on terror victims. For political advantage. Wars without end rage.
Washington and Israel partner in each other’s crimes. Both countries are modern-day Spartas. 
Ideologically over-the-top. Threatening humanity’s survival.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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