Democratic v. Sham Elections

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November 2, 2014
Southeastern Ukrainian Elections: Scoundrel Media Misreporting
November 3, 2014
Democratic v. Sham Elections
by Stephen Lendman
Sunday’s democratic Southeastern Ukrainian Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics’ elections shamed America’s sham process. Legitimately choosing leaders and MPs.
Observers judging the process open, free and fair. “(W)ell organized. Calm and peaceful. (N)o provocations or violations,” according to German monitor Manuel Ochsenreiter. 
“We were visiting polling stations. They are all very crowded.” 
“It’s a huge interest of the population at the elections. You can see it by masses of people standing inside and in front the polling stations.”
US attorney/Ukraine Observer magazine publisher Frank Abernathy said “elections followed international standards of democratic elections.” 
“I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and the vigor with which the people went to the polls to express their opinion,” he said.
Russian observers called Sunday’s process “absolutely legitimate.” Just Russia MP Oleg Pakholkov said “(t)he choice has been definitely made.”
“I have worked as an observer at many elections, but neither in Russia nor in Europe people have voted so actively as here,” he said.
He urged Moscow to extend recognition as soon as possible.
Russia’s Rodina (Motherland) Party MP Alexey Zhuravlev called American and European failure to recognize electoral results “absurd.”
“No observers from any country were barred from monitoring the voting process.” 
“In our view, the elections have been absolutely legitimate in full compliance with international standards. These elections should be recognized,” he stressed.
According to Russian Communist Party Duma MP Alexander Yushchenko:
“After these elections the republic’s residents have legally won the right to freedom. Before that they defended it by arms.”
“DPR has all chances to build a social state, free from the power of oligarchs.”
State Duma international affairs committee head Leonid Slutsky said:
“We have visited different polling stations. Our impressions surpassed all our expectations.” 
“People were voting enthusiastically and were certain that they open a new page in their history, linked with peaceful life and, strange as it may appear, with prosperity.” 
Sunday’s process was open, free and fair, he added. 
“The right to a nation’s self-determination is enshrined in the UN Charter and we see as the Donbas residents are exercising it.” 
“As for the elections, we have not recorded any significant violation.” The voting was held very successfully and very effectively.”
It bears repeating. Polar opposite America’s sham process. A separate article explains illegitimate duopoly power. 
Controlled by monied interests. People have no say. Half opt out for good reason. Their interests aren’t represented.
Washington and rogue EU partners denounced what deserves support. US National Security Council spokesman Mark Stroh lied, saying:
“We condemn the illegal so-called elections, carried out on Sunday by the separatists in Eastern regions of Ukraine.” 
“We again urge the Russian Federation and its supporters among the separatists to meet its obligations in the framework of the Minsk agreement of 5 September and Minsk Memorandum dated September 19.” 
“The US will not recognize any results of these so-called elections and (urge) all members of the international (community) to do the same thing.”
An EU statement said: 
“We deplore Minister Lavrov’s remarks about Russia’s forthcoming recognition of the elections “on the territory of the proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.”
It lied adding: “The holding of ‘presidential’ and ‘parliamentary’ elections, called by the self-appointed authorities, would run counter to the letter and the spirit of the Minsk Protocol and disrupt progress towards finding a sustainable political solution in this framework.”
Fact: Self-determination is universally recognized.
Fact: Ukraine’s coup d’etat government has no legitimacy whatever.
Fact: DRP and LPR reject fascist putschist rule.
Fact: They fought and died for real democracy.
Fact: They intend having it. Preserving it. Preventing efforts to deny them.
Fact: Minsk protocol terms affirm Southeastern Ukrainian elections between October 19 and November 3.
Fact: Claims otherwise are Big Lies.
Russia supports Southeastern Ukraine’s democratic process. It  intends recognizing electoral results. Believing they’re a positive step forward.
On Sunday, its Foreign Ministry said:
“The elections in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions were held in an organized way in general and with high voter turnout.”
“We respect the will expression of the citizens of the south-east.”
“The elected representatives have received a mandate to solve political tasks to restore normal life in the regions.”
“Taking into consideration the elections, it is essential to take active steps to set up a sustainable dialogue between the central Ukrainian authorities and representatives of Donbas in line with agreements reached in Minsk.”
Moscow is “ready together with international partners to further contribute in a constructive way to the settlement of the crisis situation in Ukraine.”
In contrast, Washington intends going all-out to sabotage Southeastern Ukrainian democracy. So do rogue EU partners.
On Monday, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Prime Minister Alexsandr Zakharachenko said Minsk protocol terms affirm “the right to hold our own elections.”
Sunday’s process “do(es) not contradict the Minsk agreements.” DPR is open for dialogue with Kiev, he added. It’s waiting for “adequate action” from Ukrainian leaders.
Political Science Professor Henry Srebrnik calls electoral legitimacy “in the eye of the beholder.”
“The United States and the EU have recognized all kinds of elections around the world which were of dubious legality, and which were clearly less than free and fair” than Southeastern Ukraine’s process.
“Since Washington refuses to accept the fact that there was an unconstitutional regime change in Ukraine last February, it won’t accept any election result in eastern Ukraine, even if it completely reflects the wishes of the population there,” he added.
Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Central Election Commission head Roman Lyagin said incumbent Prime Minister Alexsandr Zakharachenko is DPR’s new head of state.
Winning about 75% of the vote. In Lugansk, incumbent leader Igor Plotnitsky won a 63% majority.
Illegitimate Ukrainian oligarch president Petro Poroshenko shamelessly denounced electoral results, saying:
“I count on Russia not to recognize the so-called elections because they are a clear violation of the September 5 Minsk protocol, which was also signed by Russia’s representative.”
It bears repeating. Minsk protocol terms affirm Sunday’s electoral legitimacy. Poroshenko lied claiming otherwise.
According to Institute for CIS States deputy head Vladimir Zharikhin:
“Elections will help to legitimize the authorities of DPR and LPR and the republics themselves…”
“Of course, the elections will not be acknowledged de jure in the West and in Kiev. But de facto, they will have to take into account the will expression of the citizens.”
“Stability will increase in these republics. As the situation with the vertical power structure was still uneasy there, by receiving the mandate, the new authorities will be able to resolve these problems.”
Caspian Cooperation Institute director general Sergey Mikheyev believes Sunday’s elections won’t resolve crisis conditions.
“(S)helling and provocations will continue until the resumption of (more intense) armed actions,” he said.
Center for Political Information director general Alexey Mukhin agrees, saying:
Kiev wants war. “The West and in particular the US gives money only for elections and war.”
Rada elections are over. “The only way to get (Western) funds is to continue the so-called anti-terrorist operation…in eastern Ukraine.”
Kiev’s national security and defense council spokesman Andriy Lysenko lied, saying: 
“The intensive movement of military equipment and troops from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory temporarily controlled by (Donbas) militia continues.”
No evidence whatever was cited. None exists. Ukrainian authorities proliferate Big Lies. So do Washington and rogue EU partners.
On Monday, activists rallied outside the European Parliament in Brussels. Supporting Sunday’s elections. According to Euro-Rus movement head Kris Roman:
” The European Parliament that considers itself as the main citadel of democracy in Europe has already said it will not recognize Sunday’s elections.” 
“But what is the price for its democracy if it refuses to acknowledge (its) direct expression…”
“Well, the European Parliament may say whatever it wants. People in eastern Ukraine do not care if the European lawmakers recognize their will or not.”
An unnamed Belgian participant added:
“People in the West…think…the same way. The elections in various countries of the world are divided into the bad or good ones…(B)acked by mass media tr(ying) to persuade all of us to believe in this.”
“I have come here to voice my support for Russia, which today is the only real counterweight to this liberal dictatorship.”
On Sunday, Southeastern Ukrainians voted. Democratically. Legitimately. 
For governance of, by and for all Donetsk and Lugansk residents equitably. Polar opposite America’s sham electoral process.
Democracy in name only. For its privileged few alone. The best money can buy. 
Illegitimate by any standard. Empowering wealth, power and privilege. The late Gore Vidal called US democracy “bribery on the highest scale.”
A process “where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.”
Governance of, by and for America’s privileged few alone. Monied interests running things. 
Legitimizing the illegitimate. Mocking real democracy. None whatever exists. Believing otherwise is pure fantasy.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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