Israeli Children Brainwashed to Hate Arabs, Become Warriors

Israeli Children Brainwashed to Hate Arabs, Become Warriors by Stephen Lendman Decades of Arab-Israel discord produced seven full-scale wars, three major Gaza conflicts, two Intifadas, and daily state-sponsored violence throughout Occupied Palestine. Palestinians live in terror. Unsure each day if they'll live or die. Remain free or be imprisoned. Victimized by Israeli ruthlessness. Racism is... Continue Reading →

Heading for Possible Global Conflict

Heading Toward Possible Global Conflict by Stephen Lendman Militarism, hubris and overreach define America. Wrecking it. Heading it for full-blown tyranny and ruin. Permanent wars rage. With no end in sight. When no enemies exist. Except invented ones.  Waged by the most secretive intrusive government in US history. Its most repressive. Most ruthless. Governed by... Continue Reading →

Israeli Police State Ruthlessness

Israeli Police State Ruthlessness by Stephen Lendman Israel gives police state lawlessness, injustice and contempt for democratic values new meaning. Previous articles explained. Rule of law principles don't matter. Might trumps right. State terror is official policy. So is anything goes. Crackdowns enforce social control. Arrests, imprisonments, torture, ill-treatment, and other forms of abuse persist. ... Continue Reading →

Rewarding Israel for High Crimes Against Peace

Rewarding Israel for High Crimes Against Peace by Stephen Lendman Decades of Israeli crimes reflect pure evil. Including genocidal mass slaughter. Repeated high crimes of war and against humanity.  Willfully targeting noncombatant men, women and children. Ethnic cleansing. Mass destruction.  Land theft. Settlement construction. Home bulldozings. Targeted assassinations. Political imprisonments. Torture. Including against women and... Continue Reading →

Unaccountable Israeli Settler Criminality

Unaccountable Israeli Settler Criminality by Stephen Lendman It's systemic. Including vandalism against Palestinian mosques, schools, property, land and crops. Torching them. Uprooting trees. Violence. Including beatings. At times murder. Against Palestinian men, women and children. With impunity. Israeli security forces doing nothing to protect targeted Palestinians. Or maintain public order. Disregarding an Israeli High Court... Continue Reading →

Israeli Ruthlessness 101

Israeli Ruthlessness 101 by Stephen Lendman Israel has more crimes on its rap sheet than mere mortals can count. Going back well before its so-called War of Independence. Continuing multiple times daily. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year. By rogue leaders and likeminded officials. More extremist now than earlier. Mocking rule of... Continue Reading →

Fascism in Ukraine

Fascism in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Washington bears full responsibility. Obama officials elevated fascist putschists to power. Neocon Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland was lead instigator. US-installed thugs rule lawlessly. They have no legitimacy whatever. They make mafia bosses look saintly by comparison. Obama's new friends include a rogue's... Continue Reading →

NATO’s Dark Side

NATO's Dark Side by Stephen Lendman US-led NATO reflects pure evil. Threatening world peace. Seeking global dominance through one ravaged country at a time. Comprised of over 70 members and partners. Over one-third of world nations. On every continent except Antarctica. Doing America's bidding.  Run by its Deputy Secretary-General, Alexander Vershbow. A former Assistant Defense... Continue Reading →

Systemic Injustice in America

Systemic Injustice in America by Stephen Lendman Monday's grand jury exoneration of Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson didn't surprise. Injustice triumphed. A previous article called justice in America a four-letter word. Killer cops mock it. Nearly always with impunity. A badge lets them brutalize and kill.  Blacks, Latinos, ethnic minorities and Muslims suffer most.... Continue Reading →

Hagel Sacking Suggests More War

Hagel Sacking Suggests More War by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Pentagon controlled Stars and Stripes said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned under pressure. Code language for sacking. "(A)fter bruising midterm elections. (A)mid mounting criticism of (Obama's) security and foreign policies." Hawks want more wars than already. Stepped up belligerence in ongoing ones. In February 2013,... Continue Reading →

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