December 22, 2014

America’s Permanent War Agenda

Obama’s Permanent War Agenda by Stephen Lendman He continues a longstanding tradition. America’s agenda is permanent war. Lew Rockwell calls it “The Forever War.” Law Professor […]
December 22, 2014

US/Israeli No Palestinian State Solution

US/Israeli No Palestinian State Solution by Stephen Lendman America and Israel partner against world peace. Stability. Equity. Justice. Responsible governance. According to fundamental rule of law […]
December 22, 2014

America: Cesspool of Terror

America: Cesspool of Terror by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what other articles stressed. No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over […]
December 21, 2014

Ukraine Headed for Disaster

Ukraine Headed for Disaster by Stephen Lendman Perfect storm conditions threaten Ukrainians. In Europe’s heartland. Fascist dictatorship. Mass impoverishment. Growing deprivation. Civl war. Potential economic collapse. […]
December 21, 2014

US Attempted Color Revolution in Russia?

US Attempted Color Revolution in Russia? by Stephen Lendman America seeks unipolar/New World Order dominance. All nations bowing to its will. Russia is in the eye […]
December 20, 2014

America’s Deadly Embrace

America’s Deadly Embrace by Stephen Lendman Forget about Greeks. Beware US normalization schemes. So-called rapprochement. Targeting unwary nations.  Sucking them into its web. LIke spiders overwhelming […]
December 20, 2014

Israel Bombs Gaza

Israel Bombs Gaza by Stephen Lendman Israeli warplanes attacked on December 20. Lawlessly. Committed war crimes. More on this below.  Operation Protective Edge (OPE) was cold, […]
December 20, 2014

Targeting Russia Escalates

Targeting Russia Escalates by Stephen Lendman Washington continues waging political and economic war on Russia. Ukraine’s junta was installed to serve US interests. Institutionalize fascist rule […]
December 19, 2014

Fidel’s Legacy

Fidel’s Legacy by Stephen Lendman At age 88, he’s Cuba’s elder statesman. A legend in his own time and then some. Defying critics. Outwitting them. Outliving […]