US and Israel: Partners in High Crimes Against Peace

Risking War with Russia
December 5, 2014
Assad Affirms Syrian Sovereign Independence
December 5, 2014
US and Israel: Partners in High Crimes Against Peace
by Stephen Lendman
No nations threaten world peace and security more than America and Israel. Partnering in each other’s high crimes.
Including Israel’s summer Gaza war. Amnesty International called Washington no “uninvolved bystander.”
As Israel’s largest weapons and munitions supplier. Sharing responsibility for unspeakable crimes. 
Genocide by any standard. Mass-murdering Palestinians. Turning large parts of Gaza to rubble. 
Restocking Israel with 3,000 smart bombs. Precision-guided for greater accuracy. With more effective killing power.
Used in Operation Protective Edge. Intended for Israel’s next war. Maybe soon than most people think. Billions of dollars in annual military aid make anything possible.
Obama supplyies more than any of his predecessors. Around $8.5 million daily. More on Israel’s request. Plus covert amounts.
Consistent with a longstanding Memorandum of Understanding between both countries. From 1981. Saying in part:
“This memorandum of understanding reaffirms the common bonds of friendship between the United States and Israel and builds on the mutual security relationship that exists between the two nations.” 
“The parties recognize the need to enhance strategic cooperation to deter all threats from the Soviet Union to the region.” 
“Noting the longstanding and fruitful cooperation for mutual security that has developed between the two countries, the parties have decided to establish a framework for continued consultation and cooperation to enhance their national security by deterring such threats to the whole region.”
Annual funding increases aim to give Israel qualitative regional military superiority over rivals. Enabling it wage naked aggression at its discretion.
Partner in Washington’s wars. Wage undeclared war on Syria. Support Islamic State, Nusra Front and Al Qaeda terrorists. 
Complicit with America. Supplying them with weapons and munitions. Treating their wounded.
In mid-June, Foreign Policy headlined “Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels,” saying:
Israel is “q)uietly cultivating ties…providing medical care and other identified supplies…”
“UN blue helmets responsible for monitoring the decades-long (Israeli/Syrian) ceasefire report observing ‘transferring 89 wounded persons’ from Syrian territory into Israel, where they were received by members of the Israel Defense Forces, according to the report.” 
“The IDF returned 21 Syrians to armed opposition members back in Syria, including the bodies of two who died.”
“Throughout the reporting period, UNDOF frequently observed armed members of the opposition interacting with the IDF across the cease-fire line.”
“On one occasion, UNDOF observed the IDF on the Alpha side (inside Israel) handing over two boxes to armed opposition on the Bravo side (inside Syria).”
Israeli involvement is part “of a broader international effort, including by the United States,” to support anti-Assad forces. Extremist ones. Brutal killers. Despite claims otherwise.
Months earlier, Netanyahu visited an Israeli military field hospital. Treating wounded rebel fighters. Claiming it’s part of Israel’s humanitarian mission.
While waging covert war at the same time. Occasional hot war by lawlessly bombing Syrian targets. Several cross-border ground attacks. Working with Washington for regime change.
To remove a regional rival. Isolate Iran. Target the Islamic Republic for regime change. Risk greater war.
Aiding the flow of weapons, munitions and anti-Assad terrorists cross-border. Death squad killers. Committing unspeakable atrocities. Beheadings and much more.
On December 3, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) called “Israel’s support (for) terrorists has been very clear at all levels, particularly through occupied Golan, in an outrageous violation of the international law and the relevant UN Security Council’s resolutions.”
Violating Security Council Resolution 2170. It calls on UN Member States “to suppress the flow of foreign fighters, financing and other support to Islamist extremist groups in Iraq and Syria…”
It “condemned in the strongest terms what it called ‘gross, systematic and widespread abuse’ of human rights by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) and Al-Nusra Front.”
It “demanded that ISIL, Al-Nusra Front and all other entities associated with Al-Qaida cease all violence and terrorist acts, and immediately disarm and disband.”
It called for “further firm Council action to deal with them.” Obama’s so-called war on IS is war on Syria. Objective: Same as always. Regime change.
After hundreds of US airstrikes, IS terrorists remain resilient. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem saying:
“All the indications say that (Islamic State) today, after two months of coalition air strikes, is not weaker.”
Nor will it be unless Turkey, Jordan and Israel close its borders. Al-Moualem believes Turkey has designs on Syrian territory.
Its greatest threat is US imperialism. Wanting unchallenged dominance. Allying against Syria with Turkey,. Other rogue NATO countries. Gulf ones. Israel.
End their support for IS and other terrorist group, and Syria can be entirely liberated in months. Maybe sooner, al-Moualem believes.
Russian Foreign Sergey Lavrov said “(i)nterference from (other countries) is (evident) in Syria.” Western and regional ones.
“…I hope a session of the strategic forum on relations between Russia and the League of Arab States will debate in detail…so that no-one will hamper countries in the Middle East and North Africa being rulers of their fate to preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
Putin said it’s up to Syrians to choose who’ll lead them. Not outside powers. Conditions aren’t “normal.” 
Because of Western supported extremist groups. An open secret media scoundrels won’t touch.
“We want to prevent chaos…*(W)e do not want terrorist organizations to gain more strength as it is in Iraq, where almost 40% of the territory has been seized by a terrorist organization. No one wants this,” said Putin.
“The problem is how to create conditions for all the people living in that country to feel safe, to have equal access to governing the country and to cooperate.” 
“We obviously must find a solution acceptable for the Syrian people and for all political forces in that country.”
Assad said terrorists are being exported to Syria from Europe. Especially France. He criticized Western nations for supporting extremist groups. Supplying money, weapons and training. 
A separate article discusses his views in depth. Expressed forthrightly. Candidly.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a complicit Western tool. Betraying world trust. Violating his oath:
“(T)o exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience the functions entrusted to (him) to discharge these functions and regulate (his) conduct with the interests of the United Nations only in view, and not to seek or accept instructions in regard to the performance of (his) duties from any government or other authority external to the Organization.”
Letting America and Israel get away with mass murder. Ignoring the worst of their high crimes. Paying lip service only to others. 
Meaningless rhetoric when spoken. After calling Gaza destruction “beyond description.” Worse than before. He hasn’t lifted a finger to help. Or demand Israel be held accountable.
His actions speak for themselves. Showing contempt for UN Charter principles. Ones he’s sworn to uphold. Never has. Never will. Serving Western interests. At the expense of world peace.
Obama’s war on Syria remains ongoing. No end in sight looms. Ashton replacing Hagel suggests continued toughness on Russia. 
Escalated Middle East war. Perhaps Libya war 2.0. To restore Western puppets to power. It currently operates from a luxury Tobruk hotel.
The Islamist General National Congress controls Tripoli. Libya’s capital. Violence, instability, insecurity and chaos reflect daily life. No end in sight looms.
Obama bears full responsibility. Permanent wars rage on his watch. What most Americans want ended. Billions worldwide. America’s imperial priorities alone matter.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
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Stephen Lendman
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