US House Declares Cold War on Russia

US House Declares Cold War on Russia
by Stephen Lendman
Lunatics infest Washington. Crazies. Hardline extremists. Criminals. Lawless fascists by any standard. Dominating both parties. 
Mocking legitimate governance. Making policy irresponsibly. 
Including homeland police state laws. Legislation serving monied interests exclusively.
At the expense of beneficial social change. Serving all Americans equitably. Democratically. Honorably. According to international and constitutional law.
Appropriating trillions of dollars for corporate handouts. Illegitimate ones. Trillions more for naked aggression. Targeting one sovereign independent state after another. 
Turning them to rubble. Willfully targeting civilians. Committing genocide. Murdering millions of people.
Confronting Moscow irresponsibly. On December 4, House members targeted Russia. Voted 411 to 10. A 95% majority.
Passing non-binding “Res. 758: Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”
Followed by dozens of horrendous Big Lies. Outrageous ones. Polar opposite hard truths. Spurious accusations not rising to the level of bad fiction. 
Despicable enough perhaps to make some of the world’s most ruthless despots blush.
Accusing Russia of invading Ukraine. Violating its UN Charter obligations. “Forcibl(y) annexing Crimea. Arming “separatist and paramilitary forces in eastern Ukraine…”
“Result(ing in over 4,000 civilian deaths, hundreds of thousands of civilian refugees, and widespread destruction.”
“Ukrain(e’s) military remains at a distinct disadvantage compared to the armed forces of the Russian Federation in terms of size and technological sophistication.”
Minsk protocol terms “repeatedly violated by the Russian Federation and the separatist forces it supports.”
“(S)eparatist forces…prevent(ed) the people of eastern Ukraine from exercising their democratic right to select their candidates for office in free and fair elections.”
“(S)eparatists held fraudulent and illegal elections in areas they controlled for the supposed purpose of choosing leaders of the illegitimate local political entities they have declared.”
Russia “recognized the results…and continues to provide the military, political, and economic support without which the separatist forces could not continue to maintain their areas of control.”
“…Peace and security in Ukraine requires the full withdrawal of Russian forces…”
“(Kiev) control(ling) all of the country’s international borders…”
“(D)isarming separatist and paramilitary forces…”
“(E)nd(ing) Russia’s use of its energy exports and trade barriers to apply economic and political pressure, and an end to Russian interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs.”
Blaming Russia and “separatist forces” for downing MH17.
Claiming Russia “use(s) coercive economic measures, including the manipulation of energy prices and supplies, as well as trade restrictions, to place political and economic pressure on Ukraine.”
Accusing Russia and “separatist forces it controls (of violat(ing) ceasefire” terms.
Saying Russia intends incorporating Abkhazia and South Ossetia into its territory. Implying by force.
“(S)ubjects the Republic of Georgia to political and military intimidation, economic coercion, and and other forms of aggression…to establish its control of the country…”
“(S)ubjects Moldova to political and military intimidation, economic coercion, and other forms of aggression” for the same purpose.
Irresponsibly accuses Russia of violating INF treaty provisions.
Saying Russia “infiltrat(es)” and “attacks” US computer networks…as well as individuals and private entities…”
Claiming Russian “political, military an economic aggression against Ukraine and other countries…underscores (NATO’s) enduring importance…”
Citing its Article 5 obligation. Saying “an armed attack against one or more (treaty signatories) shall be considered an attack against them all.”
Accusing Russia of political and economic coercion “against Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and other European countries.”
Saying “Russia conduct(s) aggressive propaganda in Ukraine…to subvert the authority of the legitimate national government, undermine stability, promote ethnic dissension, and incite violence.”
Accusing Putin of “establish(ing) an increasingly authoritarian regime in the Russian Federation through fraudulent elections, the persecution and jailing of political opponents, the elimination of independent media, the seizure of key sectors of the economy and enabling supporters to enrich themselves through widespread corruption, and implementing a strident propaganda campaign to justify Russian aggression against other countries and repression in Russia, among other actions.”
“Resolved” to provide illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko full US support.
“(A)ffims the right of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and all countries to exercise their sovereign rights within their internationally recognized borders free from outside intervention…”
Condemns Russian regional “political, economic and military aggression…”
Wants Crimeans denied their self-determination rights. Recognized by international law.
Calls on US partners and allies worldwide “to impose visa bans, targeted asset freezes, sectoral sanctions, and other measures on the Russian Federation and its leadership…”
Urges Obama to provide Ukraine with “defense articles (aka weapons) services, and training required to effectively defend its territory and sovereignty.”
“(I)ntelligence and other relevant information…”
“Calls on NATO allies and United States partners (worldwide) to suspend all military cooperation with Russia…”
Reaffirms America’s commitment “to ensure…collective defense.”
Urges Obama to review Washington’s “force posture, readiness, and responsibilities” required under NATO’s Article 5.
Wants Obama to “hold the Russian Federation accountable for violations of its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and to take action to bring the Russian Federation back into compliance with the Treaty.”
“Calls on Ukraine, the European Union, and other countries in Europe to support energy diversification initiatives to reduce the ability of the Russian Federation to use its supply of energy as a means of applying political and economic pressure on other countries…”
Urges “expedit(ing) liquefied natural gas exports to Ukraine and other European countries.” In place of Russian supplies.
Various other anti-Russian provisions. Based on Big Lies. House members are predominantly extremist. Hardline. Ideologically over-the-top. Democrats like Republicans.
Using dozens of Big Lies irresponsibly. As weapons against Russia. Longstanding US policy against all sovereign independent states.
Fact: Moscow didn’t “forcib(ly) annex Crimea. Its people near unanimously chose to return to Russia. 
By national referendum independent monitors judged open, free and fair. Their sovereign right to do so. Affirmed by international law.
Fact: No evidence proves Russia armed Donbas self-defense forces. 
Fact: Plenty shows Washington and other European nations supply Kiev with weapons and munitions. Despite pledges not to do so.
Fact: America bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Months of conflict. Rogue EU partners share it.
Fact: Donbas freedom fighters routed superior Kiev forces. Many refused to kill other Ukrainians. Abandoned their arms. Went home. Or crossed into Russia voluntarily. Wanting no part of fascist governance. Naked aggression.
Fact: Kiev violated Geneva and Minsk ceasefire terms straightaway.   With full US support and encouragement. 
Fact: Donbas freedom fighters responded justifiably. In self-defense.
Fact: Kiev presidential and parliamentary elections were farcical. Illegitimate. Fraudulent. Solidifying coup d’etat rule. Prohibiting democracy.
Fact: Independent monitors judged Donbas elections open, free and fair. Real democracy.
Fact: Peace and security requires replacing Ukrainian putschists. Establishing real democracy. Maintaining sovereign independence. Free from US dominance. 
Fact: Russia and Donbas freedom fighters had nothing to do with downing MH17. Suppressed evidence shows Kiev responsibility. Complicit with Washington.
Fact: Russia trades equitably with all nations. Polar opposite US policy.
Fact: No evidence whatever suggests Russian revanchist policies. Or imperial ambitions. Or pressures other nations to bow to its will. Or aggression to achieve political or economic objectives.
Fact: Plenty shows otherwise. Polar opposite America. Pressuring, bullying, threatening and attacking other nations to advance its imperium.
Fact: No evidence proves Russian cyberwar on America or other countries.
Fact: US-led NATO is a killing machine. Threatening world peace. Menacing humanity’s survival. 
Fact: Preventing it requires dissolving an alliance from hell. Responsible for genocidal mass slaughter and destruction.
Fact: Russia exerts political, economic or military coercion against no other nations. 
Fact: Polar opposite US policy. Bullying other nations. Threatening them. Attacking them. Destroying them. Stealing their resources. Exploiting their people. Using them as serfs.
Fact: Russian democracy is real. Putin is overwhelmingly popular. 
For good reason. For defending Russian sovereignty. Respecting other nations’ sovereign rights. Supporting multi-world polarity. Obeying international law.
Fact: Polar opposite police state America. The world’s leading civil and human rights abuser. Undemocratic. Unfit to live in. 
Fact: Seeking world domination one destroyed country at a time. Intimidating others to go along. 
Fact: Threatening world peace. Risking humanity’s survival.
Putin responded forthrightly to US bullying saying:
“The deterrence policy was not invented yesterday. It has been always conducted towards our country, for decades, if not centuries.”
“Every time somebody considers Russia is becoming too powerful and independent, such instruments are turned on immediately.”
Washington manipulates foreign relations of Russia’s neighbors, Putin explained. 
“Sometimes you don’t even know to whom it is better to talk to: the governments of certain countries or directly with their American patrons.”
Vassal states operate this way. Convenient US stooges run them. Denying their people legitimate governance.
Separately, House members passed “HR 5241: Crimea Annexation Non-recognition Act.” Prohibiting US “de jure or de facto sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea, its airspace, or its territorial waters.”
Control Washington wants exclusively for itself. Including over all former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries. Today’s Russian Federation. 
Run by US-controlled puppets. Selling out their countries irresponsibly. Profiting hugely at the expense of their people. Imperial policy works this way.
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By Stephen Lendman

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