Israeli State Terror the Root Cause of Palestinian Blowback

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January 21, 2015
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January 21, 2015
Israeli State Terror the Root Cause of Palestinian Blowback
by Stephen Lendman
Israeli state terror is longstanding. Palestinians are ruthlessly persecuted. Terrorized for praying to the wrong God.
Assaulted, beaten, arrested, imprisoned, tortured and murdered in cold blood. For daring to resist Israeli barbarism. Demanding fundamental rights everyone deserves.
Violence begets more of it. The latest incident won’t be the last. Automatically called “terrorism.”
Israeli media accounts didn’t surprise. Omitting what most needs explaining.
YNet News headlined “12 stabbed in terror attack on Tel Aviv bus.” A same day headline read “Netanyahu: Paris, Brussels, Tel Aviv – all victims of same terror.”
The Jerusalem Post headlined “Terror attack in Tel Aviv: Palestinian seriously wounds 4 in stabbing rampage on bus.”
An accompanying article headlined “Tel Aviv terrorist says he was motivated by Operation Protective Edge.” 
The closest Israeli media come to explaining blowback. Short of condemning decades of Israeli state-sponsored terror. What most needs highlighting.
The Times of Israel headlined “Palestinian stabs Tel Aviv commuters in terror attack.” A second article said Netanyahu blames Palestinian leadership. More on this below.
A third article said “Terrorist says he carried out attack over Gaza war, Temple Mount.” Again, the closest Israeli media come to explaining what’s most important.
Haaretz headlined “12 Israelis wounded in stabbing attack on Tel Aviv bus.” At least it didn’t headline terrorism.
It let Israeli police foreign press spokesman Micky Rosenfeld claim  a “terror attack.”
A police statement said “(t)he terrorist stabbed the bus driver several times but (he) fought back until (the assailant) fled on foot and was neutralized by a guard from the prison service.”
Hamas called the incident a “natural reaction” by victims of occupation harshness. 
Deputy Hamas political bureau head Mousa Abu Marzouq said “there is no bigger terrorism than occupying people, stealing their lands, freedom and dignity.”
Deputy Palestinian Legislation Council (PLC) head Ahmad Bahr called the incident “self-defense.”
Adding Palestinian Authority (PA) “negotiations” are a waste of time. Giving Israel more time to “Judaize” East Jerusalem. Expand West Bank settlements.
He called on PA leaders to abandon diplomacy. Resort to resistance, he urged.
Popular Resistance Committees called the incident a “natural reaction to all Israeli crimes against Palestinians, their lands and religious sites.”
“Resistance attacks will not stop,” they added. Urged a “complete intifada” inside Israel.
Netanyahu’s statement didn’t surprise. Absolving Israel of any wrongdoing. Turning truth on its head irresponsibly.
Calling the Tel Aviv attack “the direct result of the poisonous incitement being disseminated by the Palestinian Authority against the Jews and their state.” 
“This same terrorism is trying to attack us in Paris, Brussels and everywhere. It is Hamas – Abu Mazen’s (Abbas) partners in a unity government – that hastened to commend this attack.” 
“This is the same Hamas that announced it will sue Israel at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.” 
“Abu Mazen is responsible for both the incitement and the dangerous move at the ICC in the Hague.”
“I just spoke with the head of the Israel Prison Service Nahshon unit, Menashe Ganish, and I praised the determined action by the unit’s fighters, who saved many lives and prevented a worse attack.”
“We will continue to take strong action against the terrorism that has been trying to attack us since the founding of the state, and we will see to it that it does not achieve its goal.”
Ultranationalist defrocked/reinstated Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called the incident part “of the same branch whose aim is to destroy the Jewish state.”
The assailant was identified as 23-year-old Tulkarem resident Hamza Mohammed Hasan Matrouk. 
Haaretz said he “was taken to the hospital for treatment (of a gunshot wound to his leg) and further police and Shin Bet questioning.”
Palestinian sources said he’s not affiliated with any organization or political faction. He targeted Bus number 40 on Menachem Begin Road.
A major Tel Aviv thoroughfare near the Ma’ariv bridge. Haaretz explained what happened as follows:
“According to a preliminary investigation, the assailant got to Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning and boarded the bus at the Old Central Bus Station, a short distance from the scene of the attack.” 
“After the bus passed two stops and more passengers got on, the attacker took out a knife and started stabbing people.” 
“Given that the perpetrator bought the knife in the West Bank, he will be brought before a military court in Ariel.” 
“As he is still in hospital with the wound to his leg, he wasn’t taken to court on Wednesday. His detention will be extended by 96 hours.”
Lone wolf Palestinian retaliatory attacks followed Operation Protective Edge. Israeli state terror.
Cold, calculated, premeditated aggression. Murdering over 2,200 Palestinians. Injuring another 11,000.
Many maimed for life. Thousands of Gazan children survivors traumatized. Many lost both parents.
Dozens of Palestinian families were slaughtered entirely. Around 80% of Gazan casualties were noncombatant men, women, children, infants and the disabled.
Israel considers them legitimated targets. In gross violation of fundamental international law.
Palestinians are automatically called terrorists. In violent incidents involving them and Jews. 
Even when Israeli security forces initiate attacks. Israel calls state terrorism self-defense. Legitimate Palestinian resistance is called terrorism. 
Maan News spoke with Hamza’s friends. One said the night before the incident they both “hung out with friends…until 11pm and we had fun.”
Hamza “was laughing and kidding, and I know very well that he isn’t affiliated (with) any faction.”
Since September, Palestinians killed seven Israelis. Six civilians. One soldier.
During the same timeframe, Israelis killed 32 Palestinians. Including a 13-year-old child. Israeli security forces murdered three Palestinians in the last week alone.
One attending the funeral of another Palestinian Israel killed during a Negev house raid. All were unarmed threatening no one.
In the past 10 days, five Gazans died of exposure. Including four infants. Operation Protective Edge victims. They won’t be the last ones.
Israeli aggression destroyed or damaged over 100,000 homes. Many Gazans have inadequate shelter. Unable to protect themselves from cold, wind and heavy rain.
West Bank and East Jerusalem Palestinians live in fear. Multiple daily security force incursions target their communities.
On January 21 alone, Israeli soldiers kidnapped 18 Palestinian Nablus and Hebron residents. Many others were injured near Jenin.
Reports said clashes occurred after soldiers raided many homes pre-dawn. Ransacked them. Terrorized family members. Arrested innocent victims.
Palestinians endure this type abuse daily. State terrorism by any standard. Treating victimized Paalestinian men, women and children the way Hitler treated Jews.
Surprisingly Palestinian blowback doesn’t happen more often. Abused people take so much before reacting. 
Violence begets more of it. Expect lots more ahead. Israel bears full responsibility. Rogue states operate this way.
A Final Comment
On January 21, US House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to address a February 11 joint congressional session. Boehner disgraced himself saying:
“Prime Minister Netanyahu is a great friend of our country, and this invitation carries with it our unwavering commitment to the security and well-being of his people.”
“In this time of challenge, I am asking the Prime Minister to address Congress on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life.”  
“Americans and Israelis have always stood together in shared cause and common ideals, and now we must rise to the moment again.”
Netanyahu addressed Congress twice before. In 1996 and 2011. Each time an exercise in duplicity and Big Lies. Expect nothing different this time.
Islam and Iran pose no threats whatever. Or other US/Israeli targeted nations, groups or individuals. 
American and Israeli state terror threaten humanity’s survival. 
Don’t expect Boehner or Netanyahu to explain. Partners in high crimes against peace.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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