Kiev State-Sponsored Murder in Donetsk

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January 22, 2015
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January 23, 2015
Kiev State-Sponsored Murder in Donetsk
by Stephen Lendman
Since last April, Washington used its installed fascist puppet government as a weapon against Ukrainians wanting democratic rights.
By trashing fundamental rule of law principles. Waging war on freedom. Committing horrendous civil and human rights abuses.
Waging premeditated aggression against Donbas residents. Committing horrific atrocities throughout months of conflict.
Days earlier one in Kharkov. Ukraine’s second largest city. An industrial hub. About 40 km from Russia’s border.
Neo-Nazi national security head Aleksandr Turchinov announced “counterterrorism preparations” to prevent democratic initiatives from emerging.
Including fortified checkpoints. Security forces guarding 42 strategic facilities. Arresting Kharkov Iskhod community organizer Oleg Novikov.
Accused of colluding with terrorists. Internal affairs minister Arseniy Avakov pronounced him guilty by accusation. Promised longterm imprisonment.
State terror stalks Kharkov. On January 19, an explosion rocked an area near a city court house. Over a dozen injuries were reported.
Around half in critical condition. The blast followed a hearing for a neo-Nazi Svoboda party member. Accused of bearing a weapon during last fall’s farcical parliamentary elections.
Itar Tass said a grenade caused the explosion. In recent months, other blasts targeted various sites. Numerous injuries were reported. Perhaps unrest will develop into something more serious.
Unity Day commemorates 1919 East/West Ukrainian unification. Following WW I. Observed as an official public holiday. Marked by celebratory events.
This year by intense Kiev artillery and mortar shelling of Donbas. Killing civilians in cold blood. 
Early Thursday, mortar fire targeted Donetsk’s Leninsky district. A Gormash bus stop was struck. Initial reports indicated 9 to 15 deaths. Others injured.
Donetsk News Agency reported 13 killed. Dozens injured. A Donetsk People’s Republic spokesperson said Ukrainian forces willfully attacked the area.
Ukrainian officials lied denying responsibility. Blaming rebel forces for their own atrocity. 
DPR militia commander Eduard Basurin reported nine deaths. Nine others injured.
Evidence suggests about five minivan-launched mortar strikes. Targeting a bus. Heavily damaging an adjacent building.
DPR’s Defense Ministry called the incident Kiev sabotage. Victims were civilians. Mostly women. 
DPR’s parliament speaker Denis Pushilin accused Kiev of state terror. Saying “(a)fter the events that occurred in Volnovakha,” killing 12. Injuring 18 others, “we again see people dying…(T)he Ukrainian military acts as terrorists.”
Conditions remain tense. Kiev declared full-scale war on Donbas. No-holds-barred. 
Including horrific state terror against defenseless civilians. Murdering them in cold blood. Western media remain largely silent. Some blame Donbas freedom fighters for Kiev’s atrocity.
Donetsk Mayor Igor Martynov called on international leaders for help.
“At this critical moment, I call upon the international community to immediately provide assistance and adequate reaction to what has been happening in our land in connection as there is a threat that the authorities of Ukraine may destroy us,” he stressed.
City police are on high alert. Conducting general checks. Inspecting transport vehicles. Searching for the minibus with a “roving mortar.”
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called the attack an attempt to undermine conflict resolution efforts.
Saying “(w)e consider the incident as a crime against humanity, a pure provocation aimed at undermining the efforts on peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, including a tentative progress reached during the recent meeting of the ‘Normandy Four’ foreign ministers of Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France.”
Lavrov urged an immediate investigation. Evidence suggests clear Kiev responsibility.
Fascist regimes operate this way. “Everything must be done to stop Kiev from shelling the cities of Ukraine’s southeast and prevent a further senseless killing of civilians,” said Lavrov.
“We are shocked with a new horrible crime in Donetsk, where tens of civilians were killed and wounded in a shelling by Ukrainian military forces at a public transport stop in the morning on January 22.”
“We offer condolences to relatives and friends of the victims and wish soonest recovery to the injured.”
“We consider this incident a crime against humanity, a cruel provocative act…”
“This is becoming obvious that casualties cannot stop ‘a party of war’ in Kiev and its foreign patrons.”
Clearly with Washington in mind. Along with rogue EU partners. Conspiring with Kiev’s putschist regime against its own people.
“We must do our best (to stop) Kiev’s ‘party of war’ (from continuing this) senseless…bloodshed,” Lavrov stressed.
Not as long as Washington wants it continued. Manipulating things to assure continued conflict. Affecting millions of Donbas residents.
Expect mounting body counts ahead. Imperial victims. More high crimes on Obama’s rap sheet. A war criminal multiple times over.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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