Ukrainians Against War

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January 28, 2015
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January 29, 2015
Ukrainians Against War
by Stephen Lendman
A previous article explained most Ukrainian soldiers oppose war. Conscripts are against fighting their own citizens.
Used as cannon fodder in Donbas. Notoriously underpaid. Poorly fed and clothed. Deplorably treated overall.
No wonder most don’t want to serve. They want to be home with families. Wanting peace, not war.
Large numbers of conscripts desert. Some join Donbas defense forces ranks. Others seek refuge in Russia.
On January 27, Fort Russ headlined “Poroshenko adviser leaks disastrous data about the fourth wave of mobilization.”
According to Yury Biryukov:
“(H)eads of 14 rural councils of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast refused to accept the summons for notifications.”
“57% of notified conscripts in Ivano-Frankivsk region did not arrive for medical commission.”
“37% of notified conscripts of Ivano-Frankivsk region have left the territory of Ukraine.”
Ternopil region rural council heads “openly sabotage events of notification.”
Konyukhi, Kozovsky village council head reported residents leaving for Russia on two rented buses.
In Transcarpathian region Colchino, Mukachevo township, only 3 of 105 summons were presented.
In the last 30 days, 17% of Chernivtsi region conscripts left the area.
Unofficial sources report Ukrainian/Romanian border area hotels and motels “completely filled with Ukrainian men evading conscription.”
“19% of (Volyn Oblast) notified conscripts refused military service on religious grounds.”
On January 28, The Saker reported Ukrainian Deputy Oleg Tsarov saying Washington planned civil war in Ukraine before Maidan.
Orange Revolution 2.0 intended toppling its government. US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt served as point man.
US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland directed things from Washington and Kiev. 
She admitted America spent more than $5 billion over the last 20 years for regime change.
US embassies are hotbeds of subversion. Infested with CIA agents. Working with ambassadors like Pyatt. Against governments Washington wants ousted.
The Saker posed an interesting question. Will Obama one day “be the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to be hanged for war crimes?”
Will Nobel committee members hang with him? Mocking what they claim to stand for. Deploring peace. Promoting war. By giving Peace Prizes to war criminals.
On Tuesday, Russian Presidential Administration head Sergey Ivanov called conditions in Ukraine “a great concern on our part.”
“Poor, uncontrollable, legally incapable and insolvent Ukraine is a colossal problem for Russia.”
Washington “use(s) Ukraine for” its own interests. It doesn’t “care about Ukraine itself.”
“…Ukrainian people (have) to face the consequences, while being on the bring of misery.”
Ivanov called Ukraine’s parliament labeling Russia an aggressor an act of “weak-headedness.”
Unsurprising, he added. “I would not be surprised even if the State Rada (Kiev’s parliament) tomorrow passes a resolution claiming that Russia had launched an aggression on the Moon.”
Taras Kuzio is a paid political propagandist. Writing for Foreign Affairs he headlined “Ukraine Reignites: Why Russia Should be Added to the State Sponsors of Terrorism List.”
Ludicrously claiming Putin “wants to rebuild ‘New Russia,’ the Tsarist empire’s term for” eight Eastern Ukraine Russian-speaking regions.
No evidence whatever supports him. Plenty debunks him. Kuzio lied accusing anti-Kiev forces of “terrorism.”
Saying Moscow “propagate(s) terrorism and political instability across Ukraine.”
Accusing Russia and Donbas freedom fighters of Kiev crimes. Saying “(i)t is time to call Russia what it is: a state sponsor of terrorism.”
Media scoundrels proliferate this type rubbish. Responsible editors wouldn’t touch it.
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is more hack journalist than legitimate one.
Big thinking isn’t his long suit. Superficial analysis substitutes for what readers deserve. Propaganda writ large. On January 28, he headlined “Czar Putin’s Next Moves.”
Irresponsibly blaming him for attacking Ukraine. Saying earlier he didn’t equate it to Hitler’s aggression.
“(U)sing ethnic Germans to justify his invasion of neighboring lands.” Now he does.
Claiming “awful things Putin is doing to Ukraine” without citing a shred of evidence. None exists.
Plenty shows Washington’s responsibility for backing, funding, directing and participating in aggression in Europe’s heartland. 
Don’t expect Friedman to explain. Or NYT editors featuring his rubbish.
Beginning-to-end unapologetic Big Lies. Claiming “Russian troops wearing uniforms without insignia invade(d) Ukraine.”
Putin is “destroying Ukraine’s reform movement.” Friedman calls it “the ugliest geopolitical mugging happening in the world today.”
“If Putin the Thug gets away with crushing Ukraine’s new democratic experiment and unilaterally redrawing the borders of Europe, every pro-Western country around Russia will be in danger.”
This is what passes for MSM news, information and analysis. No wonder Americans are the most over-entertained, under-informed people anywhere.
Friedman’s worldview is polar opposite reality. Russia didn’t invade Ukraine. Putin doesn’t supply rebels with weapons. Has no revanchist ambitions.
He alone among world leaders goes all-out for regional peace and stability.
Obama and rogue NATO partners want war. Ousted Ukraine’s legitimate government. Installed neo-Nazis replacing it.
Arm, fund and train Kiev’s military. US forces directly participate in its aggression on Donbas.
Try finding a single MSM report explaining what everyone needs to know. Propaganda rubbish substitutes. 
Big Lies repeat ad nauseam. Global war risks go unnoticed.
A Final Comment
RT International reported on Ukraine’s scheme “to create a coordination center for Ukrainian bloggers to present a united front in social media.”
Citing Ukraine’s information policy minister (aka propaganda minister), Yury Stets, saying they’ll become Kiev’s online “truth-telling” army.
“To do so we need to unite people influential in social media, and they will tell (Kiev’s version of truth) to everyone who reads them.”
“You don’t need trolls and bots to deliver truthful information to those communicating on the Internet,” said Tass.
Kiev’s ministry of truth is right out of Orwell’s 1984. Propaganda rubbish substituting for hard facts.
RT said Kiev’s scheme “prompted an international outcry from journalists alarmed by the move.”
OSCE’s media freedom representative, Dunja Mijatovic, called Kiev’s initiative a clear threat to media freedom.
Days earlier, illegitimate oligarch president Poroshenko proposed suspending accreditation for all Russian journalists working in Ukraine. Including television, radio and print ones.
On January 23, Ukraine’s security service (SBU) reported 88 Russian journalists expelled from the country. A willful campaign to suppress hard truths.
Last November, Kiev banned 83 Russian journalists from entering Ukraine. RT and other major Russian TV operations were targeted.
Western media ignore Kiev’s war on media freedom. Its Donbas aggression called self-defense. 
Its illegitimate putschist regime called democratic. Its scandalous Russia bashing. 
Ignoring Washington’s manipulative dirty hands. Its war on humanity. Not a single MSM source has the courage, credibility or integrity to explain it.
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Stephen Lendman
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