US-Backed Naked Kiev Aggression on Donbas

Escalated Kiev Aggression on Donbas
January 18, 2015
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January 19, 2015
US-Backed Naked Kiev Aggression on Donbas
by Stephen Lendman
Ukraine is America’s newest colony. Illegitimate fascist governance in Europe’s heartland. 
US installed puppet leaders run things. Threatening to destabilize the entire continent. Waging war on their own people.
Naked aggression by any standard. Dirty war. Without mercy. Using chemical and other banned weapons. 
Warplanes and artillery attack civilian neighborhoods. According to Russia’s Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC)  representative:
“Whereas previously, Donetsk was shelled by non-controlled units of the National Guard and the so-called territorial battalions, today it is absolutely obvious that residential quarters are being shelled by regular units of the Ukrainian army.” 
“Apart from that, the Ukrainian side used bomber aircraft for the first time after a long pause.”
So-called ceasefire agreed on terms earlier are pure fantasy. Kiev systematically spurned them. Now waging full-scale war.
Premeditated aggression. With full US support and encouragement. Washington already supplies Ukraine with heavy weapons and funding. 
CIA, FBI and US special forces infest Kiev. Likely directly involved in planning and implementing ongoing aggression. Typical of how America operates.
Heavy fighting continues. No end of conflict looms. Kiev rejects peace. A potential bloodbath may follow.
US major media largely ignore ongoing conflict. Other Western media misreport what’s happening. 
BBC calls naked Kiev aggression a “counterattack.” An “anti-terror action.” A Russian “holy war.” Irresponsibly claiming “thousands of Russian troops” involved.
Reuters said “pro-Russian rebels have stepped up attacks in the past week…” 
Citing Ukraine’s military spokesman, Andriy Lysenko outrageously claiming no Kiev violation of Minsk protocol terms.
The New York Times published an AP report. Calling naked Kiev aggression “a counter-offensive against Russian-backed separatist fighters…” 
A “Ukrainian fight-back supported by a hasty reinforcement of troops and heavy armory.” 
Ignoring well-planned weeks of regrouping. Rearming. Heavy mobilizing. Deploying Kiev forces to Donbas. In preparation for planned aggression.
AP cited US sources irresponsibly accusing Donbas freedom fighters of violating Minsk protocol terms. Turning truth on its head.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ignored Kiev aggression. Saying only he’s “alarmed by the severe escalation of fighting.” Instead of condemning Kiev’s responsibility for initiating it.
Disinformation substitutes for hard truths. Reported only by alternative media sources.
On Sunday, Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko said:
“Late in the afternoon, Ukrainian bombers hit Gorlovka with 500-kilogram bombs.” 
Conducted “without aiming, from behind the clouds, just at the city.” 
“As a result of criminal actions of Ukrainian troops, more than 30 people were killed and wounded in Donetsk, including children.” 
“For several weeks, we shouted and argued that the Ukrainian military using the truce (for purposes of) conduct(ing) a large-scale rearrangement of their troops to prepare for offensive.” 
“But all our appeals to the OSCE and Joint Center for coordination and control have not been heard.” 
“Today representatives of JCCC themselves felt scale of Ukrainian artillery strikes. I mean shelling of representatives (in) the center at Gorlovka.”
Donbas CyberBerkut hacktivists reported Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) elements’ responsibility for attacking a bus in Volnovakha. 
Killing 12 civilians. Injuring 18 others. Publishing documents and letters proving it. 
On Sunday, Poroshenko and illegitimate prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk held a staged Kiev rally. A travesty. A monument of deception.
Honoring victims they murdered. Shoving Je suis Volnovakha rubbish down the throats of brainwashed Ukrainians.
Kiev, Washington and other Western sources irresponsibly blamed Donbas freedom fighters for their crime.
The reliable Vinyard of the Saker web site discussed what’s ongoing. “(I)ntense combat operations…(Notably) artillery strikes,” it said…
Virtually “everywhere” in Donbas. Kiev forces shelled Donetsk airport. Western media reports about them retaking it are false.
According to LifeNews Russian television, self-defense forces repelled four Kiev “mass attacks.” Involving ground troops and tanks.
On Sunday night, self-defense forces “successfully repelled (their attack) but intelligence sources” report large numbers of Ukrainian tanks and APCs around Donetsk’s airport.
Heavy attacks are expected. Ukrainian artillery shells from “almost everywhere along the front.”
Donbas forces return fire defensively. Holding their own so far. Novorossiya parliament chairman Oleg Tsarov said Kiev plans various options.
Including total area ethnic cleansing. Cutting off Donetsk and Lugansk from Russia’s border.
“Plenty of US made weapons have been recovered in the New Terminal of the Donetsk airport,” said the Saker.
Reports indicate Ukrainian forces “attempting to encircle Debaltsevo.”
Illegitimate Ukrainian oligarch president Petro Poroshenko rejected Putin’s ceasefire proposal.
Full-scale war without mercy continues. Naked aggression. Misreported by Western sources. Blaming rebels for Kiev crimes.
So far, Donbas self-defense forces battered Kiev’s military. Inflicted heavy losses. Captured weapons and equipment. Resolutely intend to keep fighting for freedom.
According to the Saker, Ukraine’s assault “failed and most likely will continue to fail.”
Kiev’s strategy appears to involve “betting on large numbers of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces and infantrymen to” prevail.
Unsuccessful so far. A “losing strategy,” said the Saker. Because highly motivated experienced Donbas forces “perform infinitely better than the terrified and/or brainwashed Ukrainians…”
Poorly trained. Mostly conscripts. Wanting to be home. Not on the front lines against their will as cannon fodder.
With Washington and rogue NATO partners backing Kiev, key is whether self-defense force resistance can prevail.
On their own. Without Russian or other outside help. They have so far. The Saker expects their success to continue. 
His latest closing line says “please pray for these courageous men.” They’re putting bodies and souls on the line for freedom. They deserve universal support.
On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin expressed grave concern about ongoing fighting.
Saying “events (in Donbas) over the last few days reaffirm the most serious danger.” 
“Unfortunately, we see an escalation in military activity, the increase in shelling, a growth in the number of victims, and new destruction.” 
“All of this makes the job of finding a way to a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis even more needed and urgent.”
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed concern about escalated conflict. Kiev ignoring diplomacy. 
Choosing military action instead. Full-scale war. What appears already launched.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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Stephen Lendman
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