Kiev Junta Ascendancy to Power Big Lies

Kiev Junta Ascendancy to Power Big Lies by Stephen Lendman It's no secret most governments lie. Some much more than others. Washington and other Western ones hugely on issues mattering most. Kiev putschists told Ukrainians whoppers. Their policies are polar opposite promises made right down the line. They lied saying they'd "reduc(e) the level of... Continue Reading →

Nemtsov Murder: Anti-Putin False Flag!

Nemtsov Murder: Anti-Putin False Flag! by Stephen Lendman Overnight Friday, opposition politician/Putin antagonist Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed in central Moscow.  Tass said he was "shot dead (by) four shots from a handgun from a car passing by him…" He was RPR-Parnas party co-chair, a Yaroslavi Oblast regional parliament member, and Solidarnost co-founder/co-chair -... Continue Reading →

Gitmo in Chicago

Gitmo in Chicago by Stephen Lendman What London's Guardian reported on Tuesday is shocking, disturbing, yet unsurprising given the scourge of neocon fascist governance in America. Washington's war on humanity at home and abroad should be a wakeup call for everyone. Wars without end rage against one nation after another. Independent ones are targeted for... Continue Reading →

Grand Theft Netanyahu?

Grand Theft Netanyahu? by Stephen Lendman When he arrives in Washington for his March 3 congressional address, lawmakers showing up will welcome a war criminal/serial liar/thief. A scathing Israeli State Comptroller report provided evidence of significant financial improprieties. State Comptroller Joseph Shapira believes a criminal investigation is warranted. Perhaps an indictment on misuse of state... Continue Reading →

US Diplomats Paid to Lie

US Diplomats Paid to Lie by Stephen Lendman If Washington ran want ads tor diplomatic posts, they'd read something like this: Wanted: Individuals for diplomatic positions. Foreign service experience preferred. Deception skills required.  Comfortable spreading state propaganda. Willing to ignore hard truths. Eager to lie for their government. John Kerry does it poorly. How he... Continue Reading →

Raging Anti-Russian Propaganda

Raging Anti-Russian Propaganda by Stephen Lendman Accomplishing political objectives requires winning hearts and minds. The most intense anti-Russian propaganda in memory rages. Outrageous disinformation drowns out hard truths. If words were bombs, mushroom-shaped denouement would have us all dead. It's not enough, John Kerry claims. On February 25, he asked House Appropriations Subcommittee members for... Continue Reading →

Nazi Kiev Official Greeted in Ottawa and Washington

Nazi Kiev Official Greeted in Ottawa and Washington by Stephen Lendman Kiev's national security and defense council secretary Andriy Parubiy was feted on visits to Ottawa and Washington. He came seeking more heavy weapons and funding than already provided. He orchestrated February 2014 Maidan killings. As security chief, he controlled access to weapons used. He... Continue Reading →

Kiev’s Dr. Strangelove

Ukraine's Dr. Strangelove by Stephen Lendman Film buffs may recall Stanley Kubrick's 1964 dark satire titled "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb." It depicted deranged general Jack D. Ripper's obsession to wage nuclear war - despite no Pentagon authorization. Obama may be lunatic enough to launch one.  The... Continue Reading →

Kiev Junta Plans Renewed Aggression

Kiev Junta Plans Renewed Aggression by Stephen Lendman Minsk II resolved nothing. Russia bashing remains intense. Brussels imposed new sanctions. Obama intends more US ones. Moscow and rebels are blamed for Kiev ceasefire violations. Britain intends getting more involved. Prime Minister David Cameron is more appendage of US foreign policy than independent UK leader. RT... Continue Reading →

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