Arming Ukraine: Ongoing Since Last Year

Arming Ukraine: Ongoing Since Last Year
by Stephen Lendman
Obama continues the charade about continuing diplomacy before deciding whether to supply Kiev with weapons and munitions.
One last push for peace, he claimed. “If…diplomacy fails, what I’ve asked my team to do is to look at all the options.”
“And the possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that’s being examined. But I have not made a decision about that yet.”
Fact: Obama is a serial liar. Nothing he says has credibility. Truth is polar opposite his Big Lies.
Saying he’ll do whatever it takes “to help Ukraine bolster its defenses in the face of separatist aggression” flies in the face of US planned, implemented and directed Kiev dirty war without mercy against Donbas residents wanting democracy, rejecting fascism.
Fact: Donbas is Obama’s war. He deplores peace. Intends escalated fighting.
Fact: Ukrainian military forces are proxy US foot soldiers.
Fact: Hundreds of foreign mercenaries are involved. Perhaps US and other NATO special forces disguised as Ukrainian ones.
Fact: Ukraine is a platform for targeting Russia for regime change.
Fact: Washington has been supplying Kiev with heavy weapons since conflict began in April. More on this below.
Fact: So-called defensive weapons include virtually everything Kiev needs for naked aggression. Including greater amounts of banned chemical agents and cluster bombs already supplied.
A Kharkov anti-regime Facebook page states:
“At 02:06 AM, a NATO Hercules plane landed at the Kharkov airport. According to eyewitnesses, they land at the Kharkov airport every night since February 5th.”
At other Ukrainian airports delivering weapons, munitions, equipment and various supplies.
Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported “a flurry of Ukrainian cargo transports landing at military supply airports in the United States and Europe…”
Taking on weapons and munitions covertly. Flying home to escalate conflict. NATO aircraft supplying armaments.
US officials talk about “commencing…arms shipment(s) by (US-dominated) NATO that actually began last year,” said Madsen.
In September, Ukraine’s illegitimate oligarch president Poroshenko said “a number of NATO countries agreed to deliver weapons to Ukrainian forces,” according to Madsen.
Their ranks include Kiev regulars, neo-Nazi battalions, “US and other private military forces, and ex-Israeli Defense Force personnel.”
Kiev’s presidential advisor, Yuri Lutsenko, said Washington, Canada, France, Poland, Norway and Italy agreed to supply weapons. They’re pouring in to escalate fighting.
Putin called Ukraine’s military a (US-controlled) NATO “foreign legion” for good reason. Its forces get enormous amounts of Western weapons and munitions already.
An AN-124 aircraft landing in Belgrade appears to be “ferrying weapons from a number of known NATO air terminals used for such purposes,” said Madsen.
It’s the world’s largest gross weight cargo aircraft. Able to carry a 170 ton payload.
“After arriving in Bucharest, Romania on January 23, 2015 from the Italian island of Lampedusa, off the coast of Libya, the aircraft departed on January 23 for New Jersey in the United States,” said Madsen.
“Lampedusa was a major staging base for NATO weapons supplies to Libyan rebels during the Western- and Islamist-inspired rebellion against the Qaddafi government.” 
“Bucharest has become a major base for NATO military support to Kiev.”
Washington has six storage units in Norway’s central Trondelag region. Heavy US weapons are held there.
Since conflict began last April, “the mysterious Ukrainian AN-124 has been spotted around the world, likely picking up weapons,” said Madsen.
Last June, it was seen at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. In May, it was in the Canary Islands. What may have been a refueling stop, Madsen explained.
it’s been spotted at numerous other locations. Including Leipzig, Germany; Malta; Porto, Portugal; Vienna; Boston; Tulsa; Philadelphia; Calgary; Anchorage; and Buenos Aires.
Weeks before November 2013 Maidan protests began in Kiev, a Ukrainian UR-82072 aircraft was seen at Washington’s Dulles International Airport, said Madsen.
Last April when conflict began, “the Antonov weapons carrier was sighted at Portsmouth International Airport, the old Pease Air Force Base, which is now a New Hampshire Air National Guard Base,” Madsen explained.
Last September, the aircraft showed up in Tbilisi, Georgia. “There is little doubt that (NATO commander Philip) Breedlove…previously authorized the transfer of NATO weapons to Ukraine via Tblisi.”
Georgia and Ukraine comprise an anti-Russian “aspirant NATO member alliance…” US-dominated NATO war planners head perilously toward confronting Russia belligerently.
On Monday, The Hill reported neocon US senators Rob Portman (R. OH) and Dick Durbin (D. IL) launching a Ukraine caucus.
Its “key focus” is war-making. According to Portman, it’ll “play a prominent role in advocating for and coordinating more robust American efforts to support Ukraine.”
Durbin lied claiming “continued Russian aggression in the region and repeated assaults on the sovereignty of (Ukraine’s) borders.”
Kiev “needs a steadfast ally in the United States,” he said. 
“This bipartisan group sends a clear message that Ukraine has the unflinching support of the Ukrainian community in Illinois and the United States Senate.”
Washington backs its neo-Nazi, xenophobic, ultranationalist, anti-Semitic, hate-mongering, war-making new ally. 
One fascist regime supports another. Wanting democracy crushed at all costs. Waging dirty war without mercy.
Mounting casualties are horrific. According to German intelligence, losses far exceed official numbers. On Sunday, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) newspaper said:
“Germany’s special (intelligence) services estimate the probable number of deceased Ukrainian servicemen and civilians at up to 50,000 people.” 
“This figure is about 10 times higher than official data. Official figures are clearly too low and not credible.”
Ukraine’s military is suffering its heaviest losses since launching naked aggression last April. 
Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said Kiev lost at least 1,569 combatants since launching its renewed aggression three weeks ago.
Donbas self-defense forces keep inflicting heavy losses. Routing Kiev troops. Destroying or capturing its tanks, other heavy weapons and equipment.
Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) prohibits revealing true casualty numbers. Or anything about battlefield defeats.
Or information on US-led NATO heavy weapons supplies. Or plans stoking growing East/West confrontation.
Obama wants war, not peace. Ukraine is the pretext. Russia the target. Regime change the objective. 
Major war winds head toward gale force. Will lunatics in Washington risk the unthinkable? 
For the first time in world history nuclear war appears possible. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. 
Neocons infesting Washington threaten global war. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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