Minsk Agreement: What’s Most Important to Know

Minsk Agreement: What’s Most Important to Know
by Stephen Lendman
Washington was the elephant in the room in Minsk. It controls Kiev’s geopolitical agenda. 
Poroshenko is a convenient stooge. An impotent front man. Installed to do what he’s told. 
Otherwise he’d be ousted like Yanukovych. Maybe killed by a bullet, bomb or slit throat. Coups and targeted assassinations reflect longstanding US policy.
Presstitute media scoundrels suppress what’s most important to know about Ukraine. Obama wants war, not peace. 
He didn’t launch it to quit. Kiev proxies may be prelude to direct US involvement. If they continue failing, expect it.
Obama wants control over all Ukrainian territory nationwide.  He wants none of it democratically, independently or autonomously governed. 
He wants it used as a dagger against Russia. US bases on its borders. Multiple nuclear warhead long-range missiles targeting its heartland.
Agreements involving America directly or indirectly are meaningless. Easy to violate. 
As simple as ignoring provisions agreed on. reinterpreting them, or blaming one side’s violations on the other.
Last year, Kiev systematically breached agreed on Geneva and Minsk protocol/follow-up memorandum terms.
Donbas freedom fighters and Russia were blamed for its crimes. Washington and other Western governments pointed fingers the wrong way. So did presstitute media scoundrels regurgitating propaganda like gospel.
On Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki effectively said Washington will only condemn alleged Russian or Donbas self-defense fighter (unlikely to occur) Mnsk violations, not Kiev’s (virtually certain to occur) ones.
Asked if “there (is) any consequence or any cost to Ukraine if they’re the ones found to be not complying with” Minsk terms, Psaki  lied saying:
“(W)e’ve seen over the last 24 hours even that Russia has continued to take aggressive actions into Ukraine even while this agreement is being discussed.” 
“So Ukraine, over the past several months, has not only implemented and taken steps to implement the Minsk protocols, but they have been supportive of efforts to find a peaceful solution here.” 
What convoluted rubbish!! Asked again if costs will be imposed on its government if breaches occur, she called the possibility “a little bit ludicrous given Ukraine is a sovereign country, and (Russia) illegally brought troops, weapons, resources into their country.”
A third time she was asked to explain why only one side, not the other, will face consequences for violations. 
She lied claiming “over the last six months, Ukraine has implemented the Minsk protocols, whereas Russia has not.”
Psaki’s attempt to reinvent history fell flat. Russia and Donbas fighters scrupulously abided by Geneva and Minsk protocol terms.
Kiev violated them straightaway. It’s virtually 100% certain its forces will commit serious breaches ahead like it’s been doing all along.
Russia and Donbas fighters absolutely will be blamed for their crimes. Expect conflict to escalate, not end – after a short-term hiatus. 
Dmitry Yarosh heads the radicalized Right Sector. He’s on Interpol’s wanted list for inciting terrorism. He openly boasts about wanting to kill Jews and Russians.
Media scoundrels ignore his extremism and high crimes. Including his involvement in last May’s Odessa massacre, killing hundreds of defenseless civilians. Murdering them in cold blood.
On Friday, RT International reported him saying he rejects Minsk. He reserves the right “to continue war.” Maintain “active fighting” according to his “own plans.” 
RT cited him saying Minsk violates Ukraine’s constitution. So its citizens aren’t obliged to obey its terms. He’ll continue waging war.
In late January, Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) headlined “Yarosh creates a parallel staff with adequate leaders.”
Saying he created his own “General staff, which will work in parallel with” Ukraine’s defense ministry. In other words, his own state-supported private army waging war on Donbas. 
Murdering civilians in cold blood. Committing horrendous atrocities. Totally ignored by MSM scoundrels. 
Bashing Russia alone matters. Blaming Putin for Kiev’s high crimes. Expect no letup in daily Big Lies. Truth is their mortal enemy.
US heavy weapons keep pouring into Ukraine. Along with hundreds of US combat troops training and directing Kiev’s military.
Readying it for greater war than already. Expect promises made Donbas residents to be broken. Washington won’t let them be honored.
Expect no democratic autonomy allowed. No federalization. No durable ceasefire. Expect continued Kiev violations. Especially from Yarosh elements, neo-Nazi National Guard forces and other fascist battalions.
No pullback of Ukrainian forces enough to matter. Reaarming, regrouping and readying for resumed warfare.
Expect Kiev to violate every Minsk provision. Just like last time. Including:
  • no durable/sustainable ceasefire;
  • no significant withdrawal of heavy weapons as ordered;
  • no honest OSCE reporting on Kiev violations;
  • no real Donbas autonomy permitted; no recognition of democratic election results;
  • no meaningful dialogue with or outreach to Donbas leaders;
  • no recognition of their legitimate rights;
  • no restoration of Donbas socio-economic relations and benefits enough to matter;
  • no reconstruction following state-sponsored destruction; nothing to help hundreds of thousands of displaced Ukrainians; many thousands without homes, decent shelter, jobs, or income enough for bare sustenance;
  • no democratic constitutional reforms;
  • no withdrawal of foreign mercenaries; no disarming them;
  • no change of fascist rule; 
  • no softening of vicious anti-Russian/anti-Putin hate-mongering;
  • no letup of state terror; 
  • no durable/sustainable end of dirty war without mercy;
  • no chance for peaceful conflict resolution.
Expect short-term letup in fighting only. Giving Kiev forces time to regroup and rearm with greater flows of US/NATO supplied heavy weapons plus locally produced ones.
Kiev in cahoots with Washington planning renewed aggression. Expect it launched with false flag help blamed on Russia and rebels.
Analysts calling Minsk a new dawn ignore reality altogether. Perhaps they haven’t paid attention to everything ongoing since fall 2013.
Including America’s Maidan orchestrated coup. Illegitimate putschist governance installed. 
Run by US puppets. Strings pulled in Washington. Fascist thugs breaking every promise they made. 
Agreements they sign or commit to aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.
Merkel and Hollande aren’t born again good guys. They represent core NATO member countries. 
Partnering in Washington’s war on humanity. Bashing Russia in lockstep with Obama.
Russian, German, French and Ukrainian leaders didn’t sign the Minsk agreement. Their meaninglessness statement without teeth accompanied it. 
The whole business smells charade-like. An ugly sham masquerading as breaking through diplomatically. 
Illegitimate Kiev governance remains. Mob rule defines it. Democracy is verboten. War is considered peace.
Good guys are called terrorists. Putschists are called democrats. Washington wasn’t in Minsk but has final say on everything. 
Putin was right saying Thursday “wasn’t the best night of (his) life.” He knows Kiev’s war on Donbas continues. 
Nothing in Minsk resolved things. Pretense doesn’t change reality. Expect less conflict short-term. 
A meaningless interregnum followed by escalated fighting. Likely worse than before. With greater diret US involvement. 
Maybe American boots on the ground. They’re already involved in Kiev’s war overtly and covertly. 
Expect Obama to do whatever it takes to secure total control of his newest colony. Mass casualties and human misery are small prices to pay. 
So is risking direct confrontation with Russia. Hopefully Putin is ready to counter whatever Washington has in mind short of starting WW III. Given America’s rage for war, anything is possible.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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