Russia Bashing Big Lies Persist

Russia Bashing Big Lies Persist
by Stephen Lendman
Washington and go-along presstitute media Big Lies exceed anything in memory throughout the Cold War.
Despite Ukraine’s military chief, OSCE monitors, Ukrainian officials inspecting its border areas with Russia, Dutch experts, and French President Francois Hollande concurring on no Russia troops involved in Ukraine, outlandish Big Lies persist.
Hollande’s comments are the latest at a joint news conference with Angela Merkel.
He said no evidence shows Russian forces in Ukraine. Putin respects Ukrainian sovereignty. 
Moscow intends no military operations against Ukraine. He “does not want to annex Eastern Ukraine” or wage war against any country.
Not according to the Wall Street Journal headlining “US Says More Russian Troops, Weapons Enter Ukraine; Europe Stands By Truce.”
Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren lied claiming “continued large quantities of Russian equipment flow(ing) from Russia into Ukraine.”
“All of this Russian equipment…contributes to destabilization.” These and similar comments are willful lies. 
Media scoundrels regurgitate them like gospel. They report nothing about Washington supplying Kiev with heavy weapons since conflict began last year.
Plans perhaps include greater supplies ahead – in preparation for renewed Kiev aggression at Washington’s discretion.
On February 20, Journal editors headlined “The Ukraine Humiliation. Putin marches over Merkel, Hollande and Obama.”
Ludicrously saying “(i)n the sorry annals of ‘cease-fires,’ this week’s fiasco in southern Ukraine will have to rank among the most instantly humiliating.”
No mention of Obama’s coup d’etat. Replacing democrats with neo-Nazis. Waging proxy war on Donbass. 
Wanting total control over America’s newest colony to be used as a dagger targeting Russia’s heartland.
Instead, Journal editors claimed “Russian troops and their rebel frontmen accelerated their assault on…Debaltseve.”
“Ukrainian troops were forced to retreat willy-nilly through a bloody gantlet with an unknown number killed or captured.”
Debaltseve wasn’t part of Minsk. Kiev forces were routed. Hundreds surrendered. Maybe thousands by now. 
They abandoned their weapons and stopped fighting a losing battle. Leaving Kiev’s military deteriorated in disarray – a spent force needing time to regroup and rearm for renewed conflict later on at Washington’s discretion.
End-game fighting could have been avoided if they recognized the futility of continued conflict and quit. Instead, Kiev military strategy proved disastrous.
Journal editors blame Russia and rebels for Kiev crimes. Intense bashing persists. 
Britain’s Defense Secretary Michael Fallon was quoted claiming Moscow’s invasion and destabilization of Ukraine poses a “very real and present danger.”
“I’m worried about Mr. Putin,” said Fallon. “I’m worried about his pressure on the Baltics, the way he is testing NATO.”
Journal editors disgracefully called him “the cutthroat in the Kremlin.” He “wants a Greater Russia that he can dominate.”
“He wants a cowed West that will leave him to it. And after watching Western leaders beg for his mercy after Minsk, he can see a clearer path to getting both.”
Presstitute editors feature this type rubbish. Neocon Journal editors feature all propaganda all the time. Nothing they say has credibility.
A February 19 Washington Post propaganda piece headlined “Hopes for Ukraine cease-fire fade as fighting spreads across the east.”
WaPo lied about rebel-initiated combat “nearly 100 miles” north of Debaltsevo. It duplicitously claimed “Mariupol…came under heavy artillery attack by rebel forces.”
No evidence corroborating its accusations was presented. None exists. 
Independent reports say rebels unilaterally began withdrawing artillery and other heavy weapons from front line positions – scrupulously observing Minsk, reserving the right to return fire if attacked.
Don’t expect WaPo, WSJ or other media scoundrels to explain. Big Lies substitute for hard truths. Expect lots more ahead.
RT International reported “gaffe-prone” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki moving up to White House communications director in April.
Her Big Lies about nonexistent Russian aggression won’t be missed. They continue while remaining in her present capacity.
On February 19, she lied claiming rebels violated Minsk over 250 times – without citing evidence of a single violation.
Saying “(t)he United States condemns continuing attacks by Russia-backed separatists in and around Debaltseve, Mariupol and other locations in eastern Ukraine which violate the ceasefire and flout the Minsk agreements.”
She turned truth on its head demanding Russia and rebels “stop their attacks immediately, withdraw heavy weapons, halt the flow of fighters an equipment from Russia into Ukraine.”
On February 20, she accused Russia of “not abiding by the agreement (it) signed, by continuing to support and intervene illegally in Ukraine.”
“Yes, they’re violating international norms, and they’re violating international law…We’re particularly concerned about new attacks near Mariupol”
“…(I)f Russia and the separatists fail to implement the agreements, end the violence, and halt the flow of fighters, there will be additional costs.”
Again, no evidence supported her baseless accusations. Her comments on Ukraine feature outrageous Russia bashing – even when hard truths dispel her Big Lies.
Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Don’t expect Psaki to explain now or ahead in her new job. She’s paid to lie.
Der Spiegel calls Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland “America’s riot-diplomat.”
They quoted her saying “F..k the EU” last year while plotting to oust Ukraine’s government.
She poses a threat to America’s allies, said Spiegel. Instead of solving problems she creates them.
“In the crisis, (she) become(s) the problem.” She’s part of a neocon scheme heading things recklessly toward nuclear confrontation with Russia.
She opposes Minsk despite publicly claiming support. She, Obama, and likeminded Washington lunatics risk the unthinkable.
John Kerry heads for Britain this weeked for discussions with his counterpart Philip Hammond on Ukraine and other joint US/UK wars.
From there he travels to Geneva for talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif ahead of Netanyahu’s planned congressional address intending to hype a nonexistent Tehran nuclear threat.
The only way out of a nuclear standoff is through constructive dialogue, Zarif stressed. Maintaining sanctions and pressure assure no resolution whatever.
On Wednesday, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei warned against Western plots to impede Iran’s scientific and technological progress.
Saying the “main goal (of sanctions) is humiliation of the Iranian nation and stopping (its) great move towards a new Islamic civilization…” 
“…I believe that even if we accept the demands that they (want to) dictate on us in the nuclear issue, the sanctions will not be removed since they are opposed to the (Islamic) Revolution in essence.”
He blasted US threats and go-along EU policies. Saying “the Iranian nation can impose sanctions (on them) and…will do so” if things aren’t resolved responsibly.
On Saturday, RT International explained a CIA plot to plant fake atomic component designs transferred to Iran in 2000.
A revealed 1997 CIA cable said “(t)he goal is to plant this substantial piece of deception information on the Iranian nuclear-weapons program, sending them down blind alleys, wasting their time and money.”
Former UK IAEA envoy Peter Jenkins said “(t)his story suggests a possibility that hostile intelligence agencies could decide to plant a ‘smoking gun’ in Iran for the IAEA to find.”
This information provides more damning evidence of how America operates – a rogue monster threatening humanity’s survival.
A Final Comment
The Carnegie Endowment’s Russia and Eurasia program director/former National Intelligence Council officer Eugene Rumer says Washington uses Ukraine’s military for proxy war on Russia.
Arming it lets America “fight the Russian military with the hands of Ukrainian soldiers with us in a sort of remote-control situation.”
Brookings fellow Jeremy Shapiro calls US arms shipments to Ukraine “a war of the West against Russia…and at a certain level it will be.”
The potential catastrophic consequences of Washington’s proxy Ukraine war have not been fully considered, Shapiro argues.
Is America “ready to go to war against a nuclear power for the sake of Ukraine,” he asked?
Given neocon lunatics running things in Washington, anything is possible – even the unthinkable.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.
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