Kerry Threatens Russia

Kerry Threatens Russia
by Stephen Lendman
His bluster, bullying and Big Lies wore thin long ago. He uses diplomacy as a weapon against sovereign independent countries.
On February 5, the Washington Post cited a poll of 1,615 scholars from 1,375 colleges and universities. Kerry was rated America’s worst Secretary of State in the past 50 years.
On February 21, he and British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond met in London. Irresponsible Russia bashing took center stage.
Officials from both countries repeatedly blame Moscow for Kiev, US, and UK high crimes.
Ahead of his meeting with Hammond, Kerry threatened more sanctions on Russia. Earlier ones imposed accomplishing nothing besides growing enmity between both sides.
On February 20, Putin promised an appropriate response to any undue outside pressure.
Saying “(n)obody should have any illusions that it’s possible to achieve military superiority over Russia  – or put it under some sort of pressure – as we’ll always have an adequate response to such reckless schemes.”
“(S)oldiers and officers have proven that they are ready to act decisively, coherently, professionally and courageously, performing the most difficult unconventional tasks, as befits a modern, experienced, combat-ready army, which values its traditions and military duty.”
“A large-scale program of rearming the Army and Navy is being successfully implemented, which includes an active development of the aerospace and nuclear forces.” 
“This is the guaranty of global parity.” Russia will do everything in its power to defend itself, he added.
Kerry finds new ways to embarrass himself. He lied calling Russia’s behavior “craven.”
Absurdly said “Russia engaged in an absolutely brazen and cynical process over these last days.”
Russia’s lower house State Duma responded saying “(s)ham solidarity in sanctions against Russia has little in common with reality as it encroaches on the national interests of lots of European countries, and they are committed to fight for their rights.”
Straightaway after February 12 Minsk II concluded, Washington and Kiev lied about Moscow sending troops and armaments into Southeastern Ukraine.
Clear evidence shows nothing of the sort occurred or is planned. Lots of evidence reveals Kiev violations. Don’t expect Kerry or Hammond to explain.
Ukraine is a failed state politically, economically, socially and militarily. Washington’s scheme so far failed badly. Its dirty game continues no matter how bad things look.
On February 21, activists demonstrated in Kiev in silence. They reminded the regime of promises made not fulfilled. 
They held placards reading “One year after the Maidan. What have you done?”
On Friday, Poroshenko was booed when he arrived to deliver his commemorative speech.
He was met with jeers, whistles and shouts of “shame.” He lied saying 2015 would be “decisive for the start of fundamental changes in the construction of a new state.”
Ukraine will “live in peace, develop an move in its chosen European direction.”
Past promises were systematically broken. Rogue states operate this way. Conflict without end continues. Police state ruthlessness targets resisters. Ukraine is effectively bankrupt.
Poverty, unemployment, disdain for fundamental rights, and human misery are worst since WW II Nazi occupation. 
Fascists again are in charge. Ruthlessness defines their agenda. Poroshenko is a convenient US stooge. 
Growing anger suggests possible Maidan 2.0 ousting him. More radicalized elements than him may take over.
Italian journalist Vauro Senesi sees America’s front “cracking.” Merkel/Hollande v. Obama disagreements over Ukraine show Western anti-Russian solidarity much less firm than Washington wants.
Senesi went to Donbass. He calls what’s ongoing “extremely dramatic. Instead of Russian (troops), there are guerrillas…fight(ing) against a (Nazi) government.”
Things are at a crossroads, he believes. War caused a “humanitarian disaster” of epic proportions.
“Many cities and villages are partially depopulated.” Refugees mainly head for safe haven in Russia.
It explains “who the liberators are,” said Senesi. Area residents remaining can’t get out.
They include the elderly, disabled and impoverished. It’s winter. Temperatures are frigid.
People don’t have water, electricity or other essentials. “I’ve seen…water…transported…in oil drums in the back of pickups in the bombarded and half-destroyed neighborhoods,” Senesi explained.
He noted a moving scene of a pickup driver wearing a WW II Red Army uniform.
“It’s impossible, going there, not to see the fact that there is a clear strategy on the part of Kiev: ethnic cleansing,” Senesi stressed. 
“When you strike the nerve center of the life of a community with such arrogance, that can only be the motive: Raze to the ground the schools, hospitals, factories, electric power plants…”
Rebel’s are truly heroic, Senesi said. Besides “defending the territory militarily, they have also taken on the burden to the extent possible, of sustaining the population.” 
“They distribute food and water, and organize co-ops and aid groups to rebuild the social fabric.”
Ukraine is “a society run only in the interest of the tycoons.” Fundamental rights “like access to healthcare” aren’t available.
Gross unfairness “coupled with the Maidan coup (and Kiev aggression created) a deep chasm between the Russo-Ukrainian population and the Kiev regime.”
“A war (in Donbass) in the heart of Europe could be the forerunner of a world conflict.”
The good news is perhaps “the Americanist front is cracking,” Senesi believes.
On Saturday, tens of thousands in Moscow joined an “Anti-Maidan” rally marking the anniversary of Washington’s orchestrated coup.
They marched under the slogan “We Won’t Forget. We Won’t Forgive.” They protested Nazism’s reemergence in Europe’s heartland replacing Ukraine’s democratic government.
Banners read “No to Maidan – no to war.” “Russia against Maidan.” “Maidan is deceit.”
Other banners displayed anti-EU, anti-NATO, anti-US slogans.
One participant likely spoke for others saying “(I’m here) to support Russia indeed.”
Another said “(i)f we didn’t have Putin it would be Maidan here already.”
In January, Russian activists founded the Anti-Maidan movement. Their main concern is preventing a US orchestrated color revolution.
Ukraine is a political, economic and social disaster. It’s run by US-installed fascists serving Western interests and their own.
Political Science Professor Mark-David Mandel says conditions are “much worse than most people imagine.”
Illegitimate prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s so-called “radical and tough changes” include:
  • hugely unpopular austerity;
  • strip-mining the country for profit;
  • selling off its land and enterprises at fire sale prices;
  • economic free-fall toward oblivion;
  • worse corruption than earlier;
  • police state repression; and 
  • US-supported dirty war without mercy against Donbass set to resume once Kiev military forces regroup and rearm.
A shaky ceasefire continues. Rebels accused Kiev forces of overnight shelling – targeting Donetsk and other areas.
Sustainable, durable peace remains pure fantasy. It’s just a matter of time before full-scale conflict resumes.
OSCE envoy Heidi Tagliavini sounded an ominous note saying “(t)here is not a single day in the Ukrainian conflict when we can feel sure what the next day will bring.”
It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. Washington bears full responsibility. Kiev’s US-installed stooge regime and rogue EU partners share it.
Nothing suggests diplomatic efforts so far resolved anything. As long as Obama wants war, best efforts for peace won’t stop him.
He and likeminded lunatics in Washington risk heading things toward global war. Stopping them matters most of all.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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