Nazi Kiev Official Greeted in Ottawa and Washington

Nazi Kiev Official Greeted in Ottawa and Washington
by Stephen Lendman
Kiev’s national security and defense council secretary Andriy Parubiy was feted on visits to Ottawa and Washington.
He came seeking more heavy weapons and funding than already provided. He orchestrated February 2014 Maidan killings.
As security chief, he controlled access to weapons used. He took full advantage. He positioned snipers with automatic weapons in Kiev’s Philharmonic Hall.
They murdered around 100 protesters and police. President Viktor Yanukovych was wrongfully blamed. His ouster followed.
Things were scripted in Washington. The rest, as they say, is history. Plans are to Nazify Ukraine nationwide.
Eliminate Donbass democracy. Use Ukraine as a dagger against Russia’s heartland. Perhaps a prelude to WW III.
Parubiy belongs in prison, not high office. He’s responsible for mass murder and coup following violence he and others staged.
On February 23, Canada’s Globe and Mail covered his Ottawa visit. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper marches in lockstep with imperial US policy.
Parubiy said Canada has an “authoritative voice” on what’s ongoing in Donbass. He asked for help to get Washington to supply more heavy weapons and funding than already.
He wants Canada and other Western countries helping the same way. 
So Kiev can prepare for renewed aggression against its anti-fascist Southeastern citizens wanting fundamental democratic freedoms everyone deserves.
So-called “defensive” ones are for offense. Including virtually anything short of nuclear bombs. Maybe they come later.
According to the Globe and Mail, Parubiy met with “Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson and James Bezan, the parliamentary secretary to the defence minister…”
Other scheduled meetings followed with House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer an various MPs.
“Canada has been a kind of a leader in the world vis-a-vis Ukraine,” said Paubiy (in translation). 
“Words and actions are the same in Canada, so it’s kind of an example for the rest of the world with their Ukraine policy.”
Parubiy discussed Canadian and US support for the next phase of Kiev’s planned aggression.
He called its dirty war without mercy “a global challenge, a global fight, not just a Russia-Ukraine fight.”
He sounded like a sawdust Caesar saying “we are fighting not only for Ukraine but for Euro-Atlantic and European values.”
All despots call their aggressive wars liberating ones. They drown out hard truths with Big Lies.
Kiev’s putschist regime has no legitimacy whatever. Washington installed it to serve its imperial interests.
On the one hand, it has a tiger by the tail. Nazi lunatics are unpredictable. They’re prone to anything. 
On the other, Ukraine is a political, economic and military black hole disaster.
Providing more funding and heavy weapons likely assures a deeper hole.
Following discussions, Canada’s Nicholson said Canada supports Minsk. “Any attempt to reduce or take away Ukraine’s sovereignty in that way is completely opposed by Canada,” he added.
He withheld comment on whether Ottawa would supply Kiev with weapons.
On February 25, Parubiy arrived in Washington. America’s global propaganda service Voice of America interviewed him.
Ukraine’s Unian (dis)information agency said he discussed some of the armaments he wants Washington to supply – including anti-tank systems and other heavy weapons.
“The list of required equipment has already been submitted to US President Barack Obama, but it is also planned to present it to other officials who ‘are directly involved in the decision making process,’ ” said Unian.
He’s scheduled to meet with Speaker John Boehner, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, and Pentagon officials.
No comment on whether he and Obama will meet. Maybe quietly with little or nothing said.
Kiev and Washington are partners in high crimes. Renewed aggression on Donbass is planned at Obama’s discretion. 
Parubiy is a convenient stooge. He came to get marching orders. They exclude peace, stability and good will.
Rogue states make their own rules. Oppose them and face possible imprisonment or death.
Ukrainian Law Professor Olga Zagulskaya criticized Kiev’s war on Donbass. Persecution followed.
She now suffers from hypertension. Kiev’s “psychological torture had its intended effect,” she said.
She was warned her students prepared to boycott her. They were “set upon (her) by the ‘intelligentsia’ of Miroslav Popovich, Yuriy Vinnichuk ,and Otar Dovzhenko.” 
“At least three SBU men were circling around (her), which means it’s not a purely student event.”
Journalists targeted her. Articles said “Lvov National University professor openly supports terrorists.”
She faced possible criminal charges.To avoid legal proceedings, she resigned three years before retirement.
“At one point (she) felt so dizzy (she) could no longer stand.” She sought medical care. She’s “in treatment, possibly for a long time.”
“All because” she opposes Kiev’s war on Donbass. “(A)s Taras Shevchenko once said,” she explained: ‘I incur punishment, I suffer, but I do not repent!’ “
Obama’s Ukrainian friends are cutthroat killer Nazi thugs. Zagulskaya is lucky to be alive. 
She could have been imprisoned or marked for death. Hooligans running Ukraine operate this way.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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