US Diplomats Paid to Lie

US Diplomats Paid to Lie
by Stephen Lendman
If Washington ran want ads tor diplomatic posts, they’d read something like this:
Wanted: Individuals for diplomatic positions. Foreign service experience preferred. Deception skills required. 
Comfortable spreading state propaganda. Willing to ignore hard truths. Eager to lie for their government.
John Kerry does it poorly. How he got the top diplomatic post is anyone’s guess. Maybe he bought it. 
Together with his wife’s enormous wealth, his net worth way exceeds a billion dollars. The Center for Responsive Politics estimates his alone at from $184 – 288 million.
It’s hard remembering how many times he lied about Russia. On Tuesday, he did again saying Russian officials lied “to (his) face.”
He’s so habituated to lying he wouldn’t know the truth if if bit him on the rump. Anti-Russian propaganda rages. Exceeding anything during the Cold War years.
Not according to Kerry. He lied telling lawmakers “Russia has engaged in a rather remarkable period of the most overt and extensive propaganda exercise that I’ve seen since the very height of the Cold War.”
“And they have been persisting in their misrepresentations – lies – whatever you want to call them – about their activities there to my face, to the face of others, on many different occasions.”
He repeatedly accuses Russia of aggression in Ukraine despite no evidence whatever proving it. Plenty debunking it.
Big Lies don’t need evidence. They have a life of their own. Repetition gets most people to believe them. Global wars start this way.
“Russia is engaged in a massive effort to sway nations, to appeal to them, reach out to them, and fundamentally, tragically, sort of reigniting a new kind of East-West zero sum game that we think is dangerous and unnecessary, frankly,” Kerry claimed.
Washington does “a pretty good job of standing up for Ukrainian sovereignty.” He urged lawmakers to authorize more support.
“We all need to be prepared to step up and be there economically for Ukraine as they reform and try to implement their dream and vision,” he said.
“It’s not good enough to have Poroshenko come here and get 40 standing ovations, and then not step up and deliver what it’s really going to take to help him create the democracy he wants to create.”
Anyone making minimal efforts to learn hard truths and stay current knows Kerry is a serial liar. 
Nothing he says holds water. He long ago lost credibility. He’s a diplomatic embarrassment – shaming the office he holds.
He’s paid to lie. He fronts for wealth power and privilege. He deplores peace. He supports war. 
He’s fundamentally against democratic governance at home and abroad. He’s for fascist ruthlessness replacing it.
His State Department spokeswoman moving up to White House communications director Jen Psaki repeats the same Big Lies.
It’s her top priority. Her latest wrongfully accused Donbass rebels of Kiev crimes – again. 
Citing nonexistent “violations of the ceasefire around Debaltseve, the coastal city of Mariupol, and other locations in eastern Ukraine…”
Saying rebels won’t let “OSCE monitors access” front line areas despite spokesman Eduard Basurin urging them to come and do their job.
She’s dismissive about Kiev military forces refusal to withdraw heavy weapons mandated by Minsk. Only now are they pulling any back. 
How many, how far and to where isn’t known. Or whether they’ll reposition them back near where they were once OSCE monitors aren’t around.
Psaki irresponsibly blames rebels for not withdrawing despite clear evidence they’ complied unilaterally until February 26. Confirmed by video footage and independent journalists on the ground.
Psaki ludicrously repeats the Big Lie about Ukraine last February “cast(ing) off an authoritarian regime and chos(ing) a future based on democracy, free trade and the rule of law.”
She blames Russia and rebels for Kiev’s high crimes against peace. She calls premeditated Ukraine aggression “defending its sovereign territory.” 
Despite rebels strictly observing each ceasefire agreement since last April, she blames them for nonexistent violations.
She turns a blind eye to repeated Kiev wrongdoing. She lied saying its military “abided by” agreed on terms despite flagrant violations too obvious to ignore.
She calls an illegitimate US-installed putschist regime democratic. Imagine what she’ll say in her new capacity as administration communication director. 
Her new job puts her in charge of the White House lying machine. Expect her to take full advantage. She’ll be hard-pressed matching her boss’ demagoguery.
Sputnik News ran a piece about US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt”s “tweetplomacy.” He “spends all day bashing Russia on Twitter,” it said.
He fabricates unsubstantiated allegations. The same rubbish the White House, State Department and media scoundrels proliferate.
He lies repeatedly about nonexistent Russian aggression in Ukraine. His only proof are photos exposed as fakes. Unrelated to Ukraine. From years earlier by AP, AFP and other news sources.
His mandate is when you have no evidence, invent it. Fake it. Repeat Big Lies often enough to get people to believe them.
Sputnik News said it “rais(es) the ire of (twitter) posters weary of the constant claims of Russian involvement without the provision of any proof.”
His “latest and most ridiculous” tweet “quoted a mysterious witness about the presence of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.”
Saying “(i)t is no secret that the Russian army is here. My wife runs a small shop and some men only wanted to pay in rubles. They are Russian!”
Pyatt is in Kiev, not Donbass. He’s far from front line areas. Whether or not some mystery men tried using rubles is irrelevant. 
Nor does it matter if real or invented shoppers were Russian. Ukraine has a large Russian population. It doesn’t mean they’re Russian soldiers.
Pyatt’s tweet made himself look more buffoon-like than diplomat. He invented the Russian mystery shopper story out of whole cloth.
He provided no proof backing anything he said. Or corroborating his other anti-Russian tweets and comments.
It bears repeating. He’s paid to lie. Truth-telling gets him fired. Another tweet claims “Russian military personnel have participated in the recent attacks on Vuhlehirsk and Debaltseve.”
Again, no proof. Blanket uncorroborated statements polar opposite truth. Sputnik News posted a comment responding to Pyatt saying “(e)nough nonsense.”
“Russian armed forces were not there. If they were, Psaki and co. would have flooded the world with pictures and commentary.”
Propaganda claims without proof are bald-faced Big Lies. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Joseph Goebbels once said “(t)ruth is the mortal enemy of the lie…” 
Repeated enough makes liars like Obama, Kerry, Psaki and Pyatt irrelevant. If people no longer believe them, their message falls flat.  
It doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying. It does mean the more Big Lies they tell, the less their credibility.
One tweeter said “(b)elieving the statements made by American diplomats is a dangerous undertaking.”
In response to Pyatt turning truth on its head tweeting “(t)he separatists in eastern Ukraine at this point are a de facto extension of Russian military and an instrument of Russian national power,” responder Vyacheslav Morosov said:
“A question to you Mr. Pyatt: are you a diplomat or a worker in the ministry of propaganda, or is it the situation now in the #USA that all diplomats are propagandists?”
In February 2014, Pyatt gained notoriety with Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland for their role in orchestrating coup violence resulting in replacing Ukrainian democracy with fascist dictatorship.
They were caught red-handed on tape discussing it. Nuland explained Washington spent more than $5 billion over the past 20 years on regime change – wanting puppet governance installed Washington controls.
Things so far haven’t gone as planned. Pyatt tweets, Kerry and Psaki Big Lies, and Obama’s whoppers won’t change things.
Heroic rebel freedom fighters smashed Kiev’s military. The country is broke. It’s teetering on bankruptcy. 
It’s rife with perhaps its worst corruption ever. Top regime and military officials are stealing the country blind.
Extreme social deprivation, mass impoverishment, growing unemployment, and fascist repression let increasing numbers of Ukrainians know they were had.
Maidan promises were fake. They meant nothing. Yanukovych’s government looks like the good old days compared to hardline lunatics now running things.
Complicit with Washington and rogue NATO partners, they risk direct confrontation with Russia. 
They risk the unthinkable – possible humanity destroying nuclear war.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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