Kiev Junta Ascendancy to Power Big Lies

Kiev Junta Ascendancy to Power Big Lies
by Stephen Lendman
It’s no secret most governments lie. Some much more than others. Washington and other Western ones hugely on issues mattering most.
Kiev putschists told Ukrainians whoppers. Their policies are polar opposite promises made right down the line.
They lied saying they’d “reduc(e) the level of political and societal tension.”
Fact: They elevated it to levels highest in modern Ukraine history.
They’d “restor(e) legality and order.”
Fact: Rule of law in Ukraine no longer exists. Disorder is worse than any time since WW II.
They’d restor(e) constitutionality of governmental activities, reduc(e) corruption, increas(e) the legal protections and security of the citizens.”
Fact: Constitutionality is pure fiction. Corruption is perhaps worse than ever. Government and military officials and are stealing the country blind – practically everything they can get their dirty hands on.
Legal protections and security for Ukrainians don’t exist. Illegitimate junta power runs things. Mob rule explains it.
They’d “strengthen national unity and civic consensus.”
Fact: No civic consensus exists. Disunity and then some describes things.
They’d “prevent the collapse of the national economy.”
Fact: Ukraine is bankrupt. Its economy teeters on collapse. Without IMF loan-shark funds, it would disintegrate altogether.
Money not used to pay bankers first goes for weapons and war-making. Virtually nothing is used to help ordinary Ukrainians.
They’re stuck under junta rule not caring if they live, die, or endure unspeakable human misery.
They’d show “(u)nconditional respect for citizens and civil society(‘s) right to develop…national languages and cultures.”
Fact: Civil and human rights were systematically abolished. Anything related to Russia is considered anti-Ukrainian.
They’d “(f)acilitat(e) a comprehensive modernization of the state using European models.”
Fact: Junta policies have Ukraine on a fast-track toward destabilizing  demodernization. 
They’d “expand the growth of the informational, educational, cultural space for Ukrainian citizens, and their ability to pursue self-fulfillment.”
Fact: They instituted total information control. Independent media are prohibited. State propaganda all the time substitutes.
Education is mind-manipulating indoctrination, not real learning. Self-fulfillment is pure fantasy.
Millions of Ukrainians are deeply impoverished. Growing numbers are unemployed. Social services are disappearing altogether.
Illegitimate prime minister Yatsenyuk nows tells Ukrainians “the country does not have resources as (they’re) spent on defense, the army, tanks, (other) weapons, on strengthening security, (and) building a border.”
In other words, people needs don’t matter. Waging war against ordinary Ukrainians wanting democratic freedoms Kiev denies comes first.
At the same time Ukraine’s currency is crashing toward worthlessness. Hyperinflation threatens and all the misery it entails. 
Rationing was instituted. Europe’s “breadbasket” can’t feed its own people. Last year’s harvest was sold abroad. Food reserves are gone.
Essentials to life are in short supply or nonexistent. Ukrainians are dying for lack of medical care. 
The entire country is on life support headed toward collapse – under fascist lunatics tolerating no opposition.
Maidan’s broken promises may precipitate greater protests than a year ago for real change hoodlums in charge won’t tolerate.
The best way to distract people from economic misery is by scaring them to believe nonexistent threats are real. 
Expect junta propaganda to try convincing Ukrainians that renewed war is justified. Whether they’ll buy it is something else entirely. 
When stomachs are empty, people want butter, not guns, peace not war, officials in charge serving them, not their own interests exclusively.
Maidan 2014 may turn out a warmup for what’s coming. In the meantime, fragile ceasefire could unravel any time.
Peace is anathema to Washington. Kiev under Poroshenko reflects stooge governance serving US interests.
It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Expect war to resume at Obama’s discretion. Kiev is frantically regrouping and rearming.
At the same time, Washington and Britain not involved in Minsk are trying to rewrite its terms.
On the one hand, Poroshenko wants NATO doing his fighting for him. On the other, Obama and Cameron want OSCE’s mandate changed.
After a Friday closed-door Security Council meeting, Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin explained what they’re up to.
Saying they’re trying to “rewrite” Minsk. They intend “lectur(ing) the OSCE on what to do.” Their scheme is way “out of scope of the existing mission mandate.”
The want OSCE observers they control monitoring Russian/Ukrainian border areas. “There are Minsk agreements in place, where the question of borders is explained,” said Churkin.
“Why would this question be brought up at the” Security Council, he asked? “All of this is probably to add psychological pressure and divert attention” from efforts to assure a very shaky ceasefire holds.
Washington and Britain irresponsibly inserted themselves into the Minsk process they had no role in crafting – including resources OSCE may need.
“It is not the role of the (Security Council) to discuss the supply (of) those resources,” said Churkin. “The OSCE Permanent Council is in charge of that.”
Churkin stressed calls for ceasefire and peace are being subverted by out-of-line meddling. Kerry said new sanctions against Russia are ready to be implemented.
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Moscow is “leaving all of the options open, including those that have been used in the past.” 
“(I)f necessary, fairly painful countermeasures will be used,” he stressed. “We are continuing to prepare for possible new sanctions, but at the same time we are not seeing the connection between the US sanctions and what is happening in the real world.”
Russia will announce its response to whatever Washington has in mind at an appropriate time, Ryabkov explained.
Poroshenko warned “at any moment, our troops are ready (to resume fighting to) repel the enemy…Military threat from the east remains” even if truce holds, he claimed.
These and similar comments show what previous articles stressed. Chances for sustainable, durable Donbass peace are virtually nil.
On February 28, Sputnik News headlined “US to Send Arms to Ukraine Using Private Contractors – Hacker Group.”
Besides heavy weapons Washington already supplied throughout months of conflict, the Ukrainian hacker group CyberBerkut said:
“We, CyberBerkut, got access to files stored on the electronic device that belonged to an employee of the private military contractor ‘Green Group,’ (that) recently visited Kiev with a US military delegation.” 
“The documents reveal that the United States is still mulling over the idea of supplying lethal weapons to Kiev, but first, it would like to gain the support of its European allies.”
Sputnik News explained Washington intends using private military contractor (PMC) paramilitaries it employs to deliver weapons and use them against rebels.
Earlier, CyberBerkut leaked information about junta mass casualties, huge loss of heavy weapons and equipment, low troop morale, growing resistance to war, and junta snipers’ responsibility for 2014 Maidan killings, not Yanukovych’s government.
Obama’s Ukraine agenda hasn’t gone as planned. On the one hand, it has a tiger by the tail. On the other, its client state is bankrupt headed toward collapse.
Growing public anger over broken promises and human misery may ignite Maidan 2.0. Ukrainians are on their own to get good governance impossible with fascist lunatics in charge.
A Final Comment
A separate article discussed Boris Nemtsov’s overnight murder – with CIA false flag dirty hands all over it.
It was days after US ambassador to Russia John Tefft said:
“In my opinion, particularly such respected gentlemen as Navalny and Nemtsov can be really useful to us in establishing a new civil society in Russia. And in the very near future.”
Did Tefft know more than he said? Clearly, Nemtsov’s killing irresponsibly adds fuel to the Putin bashing fire.
Even though it’s inconceivable he had anything to do with it. The propaganda effect will be short-lived. The chance for enlisting anti-Putin sentiment enough to matter is pure fantasy.
Don’t think Washington and Kiev rogues won’t stop trying. Will the next Putin bashing phase feature Je suis Boris campaigning?
Maybe on US streets? Putin had no reason to want him eliminated. He posed no political threat whatever. 
He was widely disliked. His political party has less than 5% support. His personal approval rating was around 1%. 
Tefft’s comment suggests he was worth lots more dead than alive to Washington. It had clear motive and opportunity to take full advantage.
Stephen Lendan lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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