Global War Today Looms Like Never Before Since WW II

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Global War Today Looms Like Never Before Since WW II
by Stephen Lendman
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned “(w)e have all come to the edge today where it is again necessary, just like after the second world war, to make a fatal choice between cooperation  (or) conflicts.”
US hegemonic ambitions make peace impossible. Lunatics run the Washington asylum. Their lust for war is insatiable.
They wage one after another. They accuse other nations for their high crimes.
Gunslinging NATO head US General Philip Breedlove risks launching WW III all by himself.
He recklessly accuses Russia of US-dominated NATO crimes. He demands Moscow stop fueling conflict in Ukraine it didn’t start and goes all-out to resolve diplomatically.
Russia alone among world powers continues trying to restore peace and stability since Obama waged war last spring – using Kiev forces as convenient proxies. 
Impossible because he and rogue NATO allies want war continued. They want Donbass democracy crushed. They want fascist repression replacing it.
They want Ukraine carved up for profit. Obama and likeminded lunatics in Washington want US bases on Russia’s borders. They’re preparing for WW III.
Kiev forces keep attacking Donbass despite agreed on Minsk ceasefire terms.
Chances for peace and stability are nil. Full-scale war could resume anytime.
According to state-controlled Ukrainian news, Washington supplying Kiev with heavy weapons means it’s ready to launch what it called a “fourth world war.”
“We will get Javelins and other killer hardware. We will be taught by the best American instructors and there will be NATO ships in the Black Sea,” Ukrainian news said. 
“But that’s not all. Sooner or later a regular American force will appear on Ukrainian territory, and it will fight regular Russian forces.”
Hawkish US lunatics want war with Russia. They operate from distant command centers.
“(T)hey will teach us many things. And we will be able to have a large-scale war – maybe after a “decisive Republican” replaces Obama, according to Kiev fascists.
Maybe sooner based on increasingly reckless US behavior.
On Tuesday, Poroshenko bloc MP Vadim Denisenko said he hopes US-dominated NATO will begin terror-bombing Donbass.
“(W)hat may be preventing NATO from carrying out airstrikes,” he asked?
Alliance members are “very slow in acting.” Washington and EU nations are increasingly arming Ukraine.
“(T)he next step will obviously be airstrikes. But this will take an additional three to four months. Unfortunately, they are very slow in their decision-making,” Denisenko said.
“(T)here is no possibility for a political compromise on the matter of solving the conflict in eastern Ukraine.”
“(A)ll that’s left to do is to formally declare war.” Ukraine needs NATO supplying “as many arms and instructors as possible.”
This is “the main thing we must achieve today.”
He and other Kiev fascists want financial and military aid – as much as possible. They want Donbass blockaded. 
They want genocidal war waged. They want US-dominated NATO air power aiding them.
On Tuesday, Putin accused Western nations of breaching Minsk II ceasefire terms.
“According to our information, arms are already being delivered,” he said. Fighting will continue. Military and civilian casualties will mount. Nothing will change. Things will get worse, not better.
“The result will be the same as today. (T)his is is an inevitability, since the vast majority of the personnel of Ukraine’s armed forces, in my opinion, has no desire to participate in a fratricidal war, far away from their own homes, while the Donbas militia have the great motivation of protecting their families,” Putin said.
It bears repeating. Ukraine is Obama’s war. Kiev forces are convenient cannon fodder proxies.
Washington will continue waging war to the last Ukrainian. It could last for years. It could set the entire continent ablaze. It could launch WW III.
Separately, Russian Armed Forces General Staff chief General Valery Gerasimov warned about Washington’s so-called defensive missiles  threatening Russian security.
“Despite the assurances of the American side that there are no anti-Russian intentions in the global missile defense system, it becomes obvious that continuing the implementation of US and NATO missile defense plans creates a real threat to Russian strategic nuclear forces,” he said.
NATO expansion increasingly encroaches on Russia’s borders. Claiming it’s for defensive purposes doesn’t wash.
“Universally known facts point to the opposite,” Gerasimov stressed.
“(T)he analysis of the situation entirely from the strategic viewpoint cannot but identify the negative influences of the emerging situation on Russia’s military security.”
US-dominated NATO increasingly engages in military activity near Russia’s borders.
NATO warships entering Black Sea waters increased fourfold in 2014 over 2013.
The number of tactical and reconnaissance aircraft flights near Russia’s borders doubled.
Early warning radar plane missions increased ninefold.
“Since the start of 2014, the number of NATO operations has drastically increased,” Gerasimov stressed.
Provocative US-dominated NATO actions risk WW III. Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff believes Alliance members “are preparing for a direct military confrontation with Russia.”
“I think that’s an inescapable conclusion,” he stresses. NATO’s only post-Cold War purpose is containing Russia – including confronting it militarily.
Ukraine is a convenient pretext. Plans to marginalize, contain, weaken and isolate Russia were prepared years ago. Rozoff expects military conflict to follow – potential global war by any standard if launched.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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Stephen Lendman
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