Israel: A Force of Pure Evil

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April 5, 2015
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April 6, 2015
Israel: A Force of Pure Evil
by Stephen Lendman
Israel from inception threatened regional peace and stability. Under Netanyahu and likeminded fascist thugs, it threatens humanity.
Netanyahu rails irresponsibly about Iran’s well-known peaceful nuclear program. He ignores Israel’s open secret.
The whole world knows it’s nuclear armed and dangerous. Its menacing arsenal includes illegal chemical and biological weapons – freely used in all its wars along with radiological ones.
Iran threatens no one. It values cooperative relations with all nations. 
It deplores war. It’s the region’s leading peace and stability proponent. It wants a world free from menacing nuclear weapons.
Israel and America reserve the right to use them preemptively against any nation for any reason – including nuclear weapons-free ones.
They threaten world peace and security. Humanity may not survive their recklessness.
Netanyahu rails like a madman. He’s apoplectic over preliminary framework Iranian nuclear program terms agreed on last week in Lausanne.
He insists any final deal consummated includes terms he demands.
He wants his say overriding P5+1 countries and Iran. He systematically buries hard truths.
His comments include a litany of Big Lies. On Sunday, he began a US media blitz.
He told CNN Iran is “getting a free path to the bomb.” P5+1 countries made “a very bad deal,” he ranted.
Terms agreed on don’t “roll back Iran’s nuclear program. It keeps a vast nuclear infrastructure in place,” he blustered. 
“Not a single centrifuge is destroyed. Not a single nuclear facility is shut down, including the underground facilities that they built illicitly. Thousands of centrifuges will keep spinning, enriching uranium.”
“…Iran has shown to be completely distrustful.” It’s a country of “congenital cheating.”
Fact: Iran was one of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’s (NPT) first signatories. It scrupulously observes its provisions. No evidence suggests otherwise.
Fact: Israel is a nuclear outlaw. It refuses to sign NPT or allow its nuclear facilities to be inspected.
Netanyahu’s bluster wore thin long ago. The more he rants, the less his credibility. Even staunch Israel supporter Senator Dianne Feinstein (D. CA) said she wishes he’d “contain himself.”
He railed about Iran’s ballistic missiles. He ignored Israel’s long range ones.
He demands “(t)he ending of their ICBMs, that’s not in the deal, and those missiles are only used for you.”
“They’re not used for us. They have missiles that can reach us and they’re geared for nuclear weapons.”
On NBC’s Meet the Press, he repeated the same Big Lies and more, saying:
“…Iran will have billions of dollars flown to its coffers not for schools or hospitals or roads, but to pump up its worldwide terror machine and its military machine, which is busy conquering the Middle East as we speak.” 
“The preeminent terrorist state of our time should not have access to a vast nuclear capability that will ultimately give them nuclear weapons.” 
“That’s a concern for Israel, for the region, for the peace of the world.”
He claimed Tehran is developing ICBMs to reach America.
He intends going all-out to kill any deal with Iran including terms he rejects.
He wants unchallenged control over continued talks trying to reach a final deal by June 30.
He wants tougher illegal sanctions than already imposed. He wants Iran’s legitimate nuclear program dismantled. 
He wants the Islamic Republic isolated, weakened and eliminated as an Israeli regional political rival.
Whether he’ll wage war to achieve his objectives remains to be seen.
Israel’s sordid history of state terror shows it’s capable of virtually anything.
Even nuclear war against a nation posing it no threat whatever – despite Netanyahu’s claims otherwise. 
He’s a known serial liar. He prefers belligerence over diplomacy. He’s waging permanent war on Palestine. 
He threatens Lebanon. He’ll do virtually anything to achieve unchallenged regional dominance.
He partners in Obama’s war on Syria. He launched multiple air attacks since conflict began in March 2011 – naked aggression by any standard.
He actively aids Islamic State, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups against Assad’s government.
He provides weapons, other material support and medical treatment in Israeli hospitals for injured fighters. It’s big news when the Wall Street Journal reports it. 
In mid-March, it said “Nusra Front (fighters haven’t) bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer – and some of its severely wounded fighters are regularly taken across the frontier fence to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals.”
It turned truth on its head claiming Washington and Israel back different sides.
America actively recruits, funds, arms, trains, and directs IS, Al Qaeda and other extremist elements.
They’re used as US proxies against Assad. The Journal quoted him saying:
“Some in Syria joke: ‘How can you say that al Qaeda doesn’t have an air force?’ They have the Israeli air force. They are supporting the rebels in Syria. It is very clear.”
Anti-Assad Free Syrian Army al-Haramein battalion commander Sharif al-Safouri said Israel provided anti-tank and other weapons.
The Journal quoted an unnamed Israeli military official saying:
“There is an understanding and there is a familiarity of the forces on the ground. I wouldn’t go the extent of calling it coordination. It is extremely tactical.”
Since early 2013, the Journal said hundreds of anti-Assad extremists were treated in Israeli hospitals – so they could return and resume fighting.
An unnamed Israeli military official said “(w)e don’t ask who they are. We don’t do any screening.”
“Once the treatment is done, we take them back to the border and they go on their way.”
Tel Aviv University faculty of humanities dean Eyal Zisser believes “(i)t is just a matter of time before some of these (fighters) start launching attacks against Israel.”
In the meantime, Israel continues partnering with Obama’s proxy war on Syria.
Its recklessness threatens the entire region. Its evil agenda may incinerate it.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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Stephen Lendman
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