Preparing for War Opposite Ways

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April 5, 2015
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Preparing for War Opposite Ways
by Stephen Lendman
America always prepares for war – endless ones against one targeted country after another, fought directly or through proxies. 
Lunatics in Washington deplore peace. Aggressive wars of choice against invented enemies are a national addiction.
US-installed Ukraine puppet leader Poroshenko prepares for war his way irresponsibly. Russia does it the right way. More on its efforts below.
Poroshenko intends escalating aggression on Donbass. According to Novorossia Today, he’s rearming for “new battles.”
He’s building and buying weapons of war – even though Ukraine is so broke it’s rationing essentials to life.
It ended pensions and other social benefits for over a million elderly and disabled Donbass citizens entirely dependent on them for survival.
It spends borrowed money for armaments and munitions for war. More on building a quarter million-man combat force.
Still more on integrating Nazi-infested paramilitary groups into its army and Nazifying its Security Service to eliminate anyone challenging fascist ruthlessness.
Rogue states operate this way. Ukraine is Eastern Europe’s most dangerous. Its recklessness risks direct confrontation with Russia. It has full US support and encouragement.
Russia is preparing for the worst. It wants peace, stability and mutual cooperation with all nations.
It’s preparing for a possible US-led NATO attack – perhaps with its Nazi-infested Ukraine ally. It shares a 1,500 km land and sea border with Russia.
RT International reports Moscow actively “boosting its air and missile defense capabilities (in preparation) against the potential threat of Prompt Global Strike (PGS) which US ‘under certain conditions’ might decide to carry out, says Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces’ deputy chief.”
Major General Kirill Makarov said preparing is one of Russia’s top priorities.
Washington’s PGS aims to launch precision-guided airstrikes in less than an hour after ordered to do so.
It’s of “paramount importance…to combat these aerial assets (so) we are building the air and missile defense of Russia’s system,” said Makarov.
Washington’s PGS aims for rapid land and sea strikes using ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles.
Air-launched hypersonic missiles are currently being developed. So is waging war from space.
According to Markov, Russia estimates a US arsenal of up to 8,000 cruise missiles by 2020 – about 6,000 able to carry nuclear warheads.
They’re able to strike Russian targets with pinpoint accuracy. Moscow’s military doctrine stresses defense, not offense.
It calls Washington’s PGS and US-dominated NATO increasingly encroaching on its borders its main security threats.
Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov indicated earlier Russia may develop its own PGS system for added security.
It’s now developing its state-of-the-art S-500 mobile surface-to-air missile system – able to intercept any incoming ballistic or aerodynamic weapon.
Successful tests of its S-400 surface-to-air defense system were conducted.
Markov said Moscow has almost 100% protection from incoming air attacks. It’s working on securing its more distant areas.
Air defense missiles and artillery systems are already deployed in its Arctic region.
Plans are to deploy MiG-31 interceptor aircraft to protect Russian ships along its Northern sea route.
A new fully automatic radar system is undergoing final tests. It’ll operate with no personnel.
It’ll require only monthly maintenance. It’ll protect Arctic areas.
Russia wants peace, not war. It’s preparing defensively to meet recklessly belligerent challenges America’s bipartisan Party of War present.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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