Jingoistic Media Scoundrels Bash China

Jingoistic Media Scoundrels Bash China by Stephen Lendman US major media function as a mouthpiece for America's imperial agenda - including full support for its endless direct and proxy naked aggression, global destabilization and alliance with some of the world's most ruthless despots. Russia bashing is relentless. So is vilifying China - notably over its... Continue Reading →

New York Times Editors Love Ruthless Despots

New York Times Editors Love Ruthless Despots by Stephen Lendman They support wealth, power and privilege exclusively - Western ruling class monied interests most of all. They love fascist regimes. They support US imperial ruthlessness - especially wars of aggression against nations threatening no one. They claim US geopolitical lawlessness is democracy building.  They call... Continue Reading →

US/Saudi/Israeli Axis of Evil Against Yemen

US/Saudi/Israeli Axis of Evil Against Yemen by Stephen Lendman Yemen is Obama's war - planned months before Saudi-led proxies launched naked aggression. It's been raging since March 26 with no end in sight. At stake is Yemeni sovereignty and the fate of its 24 million people suffering horrifically from relentless Saudi terror-bombing and shelling. Israel... Continue Reading →

Ban Ki-moon Supports Israeli High Crimes

Ban Ki-moon Supports Israeli High Crimes by Stephen Lendman He's a longstanding imperial tool. He consistently violates core UN Charter provisions - notably Chapter XV, Article 100. It mandates secretary-generals "not (to) seek or receive instructions from any government or from any other authority external to the Organization." "Each Member of the United Nations undertakes... Continue Reading →

Tony Blair Not Leaving Middle East After All

Tony Blair Not Leaving Middle East After All by Stephen Lendman Despite resigning as Middle East envoy, he's maintaining his regional activities. They made him super-rich. It's anyone's guess how much wealth he amassed. Greed drives him. He wants more. He's remaining active on regional affairs despite no formal role. An overt racist, RT International... Continue Reading →

Iran Nuclear Talks: Raising the Bar

Iran Nuclear Talks: Raising the Bar by Stephen Lendman On April 1, P5+1 countries and Iran agreed "in principle on all key aspects of a deal." An article discussing the announcement said hold the cheers. It's a long way from preliminary to final agreement - especially with Washington involved, serving its own and Israeli interests.... Continue Reading →

Relentless Putin Bashing

Relentless Putin Bashing by Stephen Lendman Washington and its echo chamber media attack Putin for asserting Russian sovereign independence and opposing America's imperial agenda. Big Lies substitute for hard truths. On Thursday, State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke repeated the canard about "Russian forces…on the territory of a sovereign neighbor, Ukraine, where they are working with,... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Bid to Expel Israel from FIFA Dropped

Palestinian Bid to Expel Israel from FIFA Dropped by Stephen Lendman At the 11th hour, Palestinian Football Association president Jibril Rajoub dropped a bid to expel Israel from FIFA shortly before it was to be voted on. Israeli abuses against Palestinian footballers are longstanding - including harassment, travel restrictions, assaults, arrests and at times killings.... Continue Reading →

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