Kiev’s Ongoing Aggression on Donbass

Kiev’s Ongoing Aggression on Donbass
by Stephen Lendman
Minsk II ceasefire terms didn’t end conflict. Kiev breached them straightaway – the way it did after two previous 2014 agreements. Nothing its fascist regime agrees to is worth the paper it’s written on. 
Low-level conflict continues. A previous article quoted US-controlled puppet Ukrainian president Poroshenko on state-controlled television saying:
“The war will be over only when Ukraine regains control of Donbass and Crimea.”
“It will take as much time as it takes. The country’s territorial integrity must be priority number one.” 
“We will use every way possible. We will be uncompromising on that matter.”
The Republic of Crimea is official Russian territory. Crimeans near-unanimously voted for reunification in an independently judged open, free and fair referendum.
They won’t tolerate returning to Ukraine. They reject fascist rule. During V-Day commemorations last weekend, Poroshenko was at it again. He vowed to “liberate” Donbass and Crimea, adding:
“During six long years of the World War II, hundreds of millions of people all over the world dreamed of the first minute of peace.” 
“We dream of such minute as well. It will come. Peace will return to Ukraine. I promise to do everything possible for that. And I will do impossible as well.”
He continues waging war on Donbass. He’s done so throughout his tenure. He’s mobilizing and readying for resumed full-scale conflict.
His appointed Lugansk region governor Gennady Moskal intends isolating the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) – on orders from Kiev and perhaps Washington, in blatant violation of Minsk terms. 
He plans blocking roads linking LPR with Ukraine, saying:
“Soon any crossings of the disengagement line (between areas controlled by the Ukrainian government and the rebels) for transport, including cars, will be cut.” 
“All motorways will be blocked. An exception would be made only for pedestrians” – beginning on May 12.
“There are no people there, only terrorists,” he blustered. “Normal people have all gone to our side. If you are feeding the terrorists, then you are aiding and abetting them.”
On Friday, 168 trucks were blocked. Moscal lied saying they were smuggling illicit goods to Donbass rebels. 
Last year’s Kiev-imposed economic blockade maintains a state of war in blatant violation of Minsk.
Western governments able to intervene responsibly do nothing. Chances for restoring peace are virtually nil.
Ahead of John Kerry’s visit to Sochi, Russia on May 12 to discuss Ukraine, Syria and other major geopolitical issues with Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said:
“The White House groundlessly blame(s) Russia for the Ukrainian crisis, which in fact, was largely provoked by the United States itself.”
“In 2014, the Obama administration chose the path of scaling back bilateral relations, proclaimed a course of isolating Russia on the international arena and demanded that those states that traditionally follow the lead of Washington support its confrontational steps.”
Moscow responded to its hostile actions and continues “taking measures to ensure the country’s safety.”
“In our dialogue with the United States, we consistently emphasise that we are open to cooperation based on equal rights, non-interference in internal affairs and due consideration for Russia’s interests, without attempts to put pressure on us.” 
“We hope that the visit by Secretary of State John Kerry will promote stabilisation of bilateral relations, on which global stability largely depends.”
Kerry came to make unreasonable demands. Hegemons operate this way – all take and no give.
Diplomatic rhetoric from US officials when conciliatory mask Washington’s unbending hardline imperial agenda.
Longstanding plans call for regime change in Russia – in place since its 1917 revolution. Paul Wolfowitz’s 1992 doctrine still stands saying Washington’s “first objective is prevent(ing) the re-emergence of (rival states), either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere.”
America demands unipolar/New World Order dominance under rules its sets – regardless of fundamental international laws, norms and standards. 
All independent governments are targeted for regime change – by coups, assassinations or wars of aggression.
Obama elevated state terrorism to a higher level. Russia and China are prime targets. So is Iran. P5+1 nuclear talks changed nothing.
America wants puppet regimes it controls replacing their independent governments. Lunatics infesting Washington risk global war. 
Never in world history has one nation threatened humanity’s survival like America – using proxy regimes it installs like in Ukraine to advance its agenda.
In Sochi, Russia, Sergey Lavrov gave Kerry a symbolic gift of Krasnodar, Russian potatoes, tomatoes, and a T-shirt commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory in what Moscow calls the Great Patriotic War against the scourge of fascism.
Kerry offered no olive branch in return. His Twitter comment following talks said:
“Had frank discussions with President #Putin & FM #Lavrov on key issues including #IranTalks, #Syria, #Ukraine.”
“Important to keep lines of communication between the US and #Russia open as we address pressing global issues.”
Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “(t)hrough dialogue, it is possible to find ways for a normalisation, closer coordination in dealing with international problems.”
“Russia was never the initiator of this cooling of relations.”
Fabricated claims of Russian aggression are malicious Big Lies. They persist unconscionably.
Hardline US policy remains fixed. Nothing in prospect suggests change. Hegemons operate this way. World peace hangs in the balance.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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