The United States of Injustice

The United States of Injustice
by Stephen Lendman
None whatever exists. Guilt by accusation suffices for anyone Washington wants convicted.
Innocence is no defense. Juries are pressured to convict. Evidence when absent is invented. Lack of proof doesn’t matter. 
Thousands of political prisoners languish in America’s gulag – at home and abroad. Thousands more are imprisoned for misdemeanors too minor to matter – ones for which just societies wouldn’t tolerate incarceration.
Wrongful convictions are longstanding US practice – including numerous victims sentenced to capital punishment for crimes they didn’t commit.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is the latest example – wrongfully convicted on 30 counts, 17 subject to possible capital punishment.
His kangaroo court trial mocked judicial fairness. It wreaked of inconsistencies, distortions, contrived claims and Big Lies.
His conviction was almost entirely based on convoluted testimony from one dubious witness unable get his account of events straight – plus photos showing the Tsarnaev brothers present near the Boston marathon finish line. So were hundreds of others charged with no crime.
On Friday, Dzhokhr was sentenced to death despite no evidence proving guilt. Ironically, he was the first post-9/11 federal capital punishment victim.
Lead prosecuting attorney Carmen Ortiz praised what she called “a fair and just verdict.”
Even in the wake of horror and tragedy, we are not intimidated by acts of terror or radical ideals,” she said. 
“On the contrary, the trial of this case has showcased an important American ideal that even the worst of the worst deserve a fair trial and due process of law.”
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch called capital punishment for Tsarnaev “a fitting punishment.”
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he hoped the verdict “provides a small amount of closure” for survivors.
Tsarnaev’s father, Anzor, said he intends to “fight (the verdict) until the end.” Dzhokhar is the latest homeland war on terror victim – unjustly charged, wrongfully convicted.
Post-9/11, numerous other Muslims were persecuted, arrested, falsely charged, prosecuted and convicted for alleged crimes they didn’t commit.
It’s the wrong time to be Muslim in America. Automatic guilt follows terrorism accusations.
Washington’s rogue agenda needs enemies. Fear-mongering is used to justify its phony war on terror.
Muslims are America’s target of choice. They’re vilified for praying to the wrong God – for their race and ethnicity, for opposing Washington’s war on Islam.
They’re stereotypically portrayed as culturally inferior, dirty, lecherous, untrustworthy, religiously fanatical and violent – compared to Western high-minded moral superiority.
Media war on Islam makes it easy to convict victims like Tsarnaev. Judicial lynching follows vilification in the court of public opinion.
US Criminal justice requires following rule of law standards. Guilt must be PROVED BASED ON CREDIBLE EVIDENCE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.
At the same time, jurors aren’t given reasonable doubt guidance. Prosecutors take full advantage. America’s system is inherently unfair. Nothing is done to change things.
Evidence suggests the Boston bombing was state-sponsored terrorism – a false flag black operation. 
Earlier articles discussed it in detail. Craft International (a Blackwater USA type firm) operatives dressed in military-style attire were near the marathon’s finish line. 
So were FBI agents – before the incident occurred. Media scoundrels ignored what was vital to report. Doing so would have compromised the official story. Older brother Tamerlan might be alive today. Dzhokhar might never have been convicted.
Fear-mongering replaced truth and full disclosure. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were used as convenient patsies.
Police murdered Tamerlan in cold blood. Dzhokhar’s turn awaits – victimized by criminal injustice.
He pleaded innocent to all 30 charges. It bears repeating. Not a shred of evidence suggested guilt. 
Shockingly, his lead defense lawyer, Judy Clark, conceded guilt in her closing arguments. She blamed Tamerlan for coercing Dzhokhar to go along with what no evidence proved either brother committed.
She called only four witnesses on his behalf – compared to 92 for federal prosecutors. Guilt on all counts didn’t surprise, nor capital punishment sentencing.
Dzhokhar never had a chance. Court of public opinion lynching combined with prosecutorial distortions, misinformation and Big Lies assured conviction.
An innocent young man will die for a crime he didn’t commit. He’ll languish on death row until state-sponsored murder takes him.
His life ended before it barely began. In April 2013, he was 19 years old when the incident occurred. 
He was an honor student, a Greater Boston League all-star wrestler, a city of Cambridge scholarship winner.
What motive could he possibly have to commit terrorism, or brother Tamerlan?
His father calls him a “true angel.” He insists both brothers were “set up.” They “killed my older son Tamerlan,” he said. 
They want his younger one, too. America stops at nothing to advance its imperial agenda. 
Taking innocent lives doesn’t matter. Scoundrel media misinformation supports what demands condemnation.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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