Russia Vows Continued Support for Embattled Syria

Russia Vows Continued Support for Embattled Syria by Stephen Lendman Obama's war is in its fourth year - using Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists as US proxies to replace Bashar al-Assad with a pro-Western puppet. Continued conflict killed over 200,000, displaced millions more and created the world's greatest internal and external refugee crisis.  Nothing... Continue Reading →

No Deal as June 30 Iranian Nuclear Talks Deadline Arrives

No Deal as June 30 Iranian Nuclear Talks Deadline Arrives by Stephen Lendman Washington remains the obstacle to successfully concluding Iranian nuclear talks - so-called P5+1 negotiations. Instead of sticking to preliminary April Lausanne parameters for final consummation of unresolved issues, new ones were raised contrary to what was agreed on earlier. Longstanding US hostility... Continue Reading →

Greece May Become BRICS Member

Greece May Become BRICS Member  by Stephen Lendman In May, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak invited Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to become the sixth BRICS member - joining Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. At the time, Tspiras said he was interested - giving Greece access to its $100 billion capitalized New... Continue Reading →

High-Seas Piracy: Israel’s Latest Bandit Act

High-Seas Piracy: Israel's Latest Bandit Act by Stephen Lendman Previous articles discussed Israel's seizure of the Swedish vessel Marianne Ship to Gaza carrying humanitarian aid despite Israel's hollow denial. Rogue states lie to conceal their high crimes. Israel wants Gazans trapped indefinitely in the world's largest open-air prison deprived of essentials for well-being - suffocated... Continue Reading →

Khader Adnan Ends Hunger Strike

Khader Adnan Ends Hunger Strike by Stephen Lendman Khader Adnan's lawyer Jawad Boulos said he "ended his (55-day) hunger strike (Sunday night) after an agreement was reached to release him on July 12." At Israel's Assaf Harofeh Medical Center where he's held, he was moved to where he'll begin being fed - perhaps intravenously at... Continue Reading →

ISIS: US Proxy Foot Soldiers

ISIS: US Proxy Foot Soldiers by Stephen Lendman Washington recruits, arms, trains, funds and directs ISIS terrorists the same way they used Mujahideen fighters in the 1980s against Soviet Russia in Afghanistan as well as Al Qaeda and likeminded takfiri groups today. They're US proxy foot soldiers against independent governments Washington wants replaced with pro-Western... Continue Reading →

Greece Declares Bank Holiday, Capital Controls Imposed

Greece Declares Bank Holiday, Capital Controls Imposed by Stephen Lendman Fast-moving weekend events included an impasse in bailout talks, Greek MPs approving a July 5 referendum on whether to accept or reject greater Troika austerity demands, its refusal to extend bailout aid, and the ECB capping Greece's Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) instead of cutting it... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu’s Statement Following His Latest Bandit Act

Netanyahu's Statement Following His Latest Bandit Act by Stephen Lendman A separate article discussed Israeli commandos lawlessly interdicting the Swedish Marianne Ship to Gaza humanitarian mission in international waters - a blatant act of high-seas piracy, never justifiable for any reason despite Israeli claims otherwise. You have to be a moron or hate-mongering racist to... Continue Reading →

BDS Effect on Israel’s Economy

BDS Effect on Israel's Economy by Stephen Lendman The most effective way to fight Israeli occupation harshness is economic - hitting it in the pocket book where it hurts. BDS efforts continue gaining important victories. Cumulatively they gain momentum for more. BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti knows boycotts work. Last year he explained why Israel fears... Continue Reading →

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