Khader Adnan Ends Hunger Strike

Khader Adnan Ends Hunger Strike
by Stephen Lendman
Khader Adnan’s lawyer Jawad Boulos said he “ended his (55-day) hunger strike (Sunday night) after an agreement was reached to release him on July 12.”
At Israel’s Assaf Harofeh Medical Center where he’s held, he was moved to where he’ll begin being fed – perhaps intravenously at first along with ingesting liquids. He took his first sip of milk on Sunday.
“Khader Adnan is sending his greeting to you all, every man and woman, every person who supported him, and those who gathered here,” said Boulos.
“He was very moved when (supporters) chant(ed) for his release. He sends his regards to the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, and historic Palestine, and every person who supported his struggle. He wishes to see you all in his home in Arraba Jenin, once he is released.”
His condition deteriorated greatly over the past week – leaving him close to death. He’s in serious condition far from home free yet.
His road back to good health will be long and arduous. What he endured took a terrible toll on him physically.
His wife Randa said all guarantees he sought were gotten. “(H)e triumphed over the occupation state after 55” painful days.
“His steadfastness has led to this deal for his release…I saw his pain, all the suffering he has been going through during the strike.”
She began hunger striking in solidarity with Khader outside the facility where he’s held. At a Ramallah press conference, she said “(t)hank God that my husband is coming back to us victorious.”
It felt like “eid (the holiday ending Ramadan) the moment we knew that Khader would eat, that Khader would live.”
She thanked Palestinian and worldwide supporters, as well as fellow prisoners offering to hunger strike in solidarity with Khader.
She got permission to visit him for the first time on Sunday. His deteriorated condition made her fear it would be the last time. She was “horrified” by his near-death condition.
Israel confirmed he’d be freed after withdrawing his demand never again to be detained administratively uncharged and untried. Worldwide support made it possible. Israel didn’t want him martyred. 
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