EU Bashes “Russian Propaganda”

EU Bashes "Russian Propaganda" by Stephen Lendman Western major media march to the same drummer - dutifully regurgitating managed news misinformation garbage, willfully burying hard truths on issues mattering most. Alternative sources beholden to truth and full disclosure operate by different standards - engendering ire among Western nations wanting their high crimes suppressed - bashing... Continue Reading →

Troika Intends Starving Greece Into Submission

Troika Intends Starving Greece Into Submission by Stephen Lendman Eurozone, ECB and IMF officials' treatment reveal the latest example of predatory capitalist viciousness. Since Greece's financial crisis erupted in 2009, imposed austerity diktats incrementally transferred its wealth, assets and enterprises to Western interests at the expense of a 25% GDP drop, mass impoverishment and unemployment... Continue Reading →

Israel Is Murdering Khader Adnan

Israel Is Murdering Khader Adnan by Stephen Lendman Adnan is one of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners, including hundreds (like him) held administratively uncharged and untried. Israel's monstrous military judicial system persecutes Palestinians viciously - especially under its Netanyahu-led fascist regime, an outlaw one by any standard, ruthless, racist, defiant of fundamental international laws, a... Continue Reading →

Russia Blasts Increasing NATO Provocations

Russia Blasts Increasing NATO Provocations by Stephen Lendman US-dominated NATO heads increasingly closer to direct confrontation with Russia -  reckless imperial madness risking possible nuclear war. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced deployment of US troops and heavy weapons (including nuclear ones) in Eastern European countries closer to Russia's borders than ever before - an unprecedented... Continue Reading →

Troika Rejects Greek Bailout Extension

Troika Rejects Greek Bailout Extension by Stephen Lendman Rape involves violating the physical integrity of another person's body forcibly. Washington and Troika powers do it to nations. They target ones they control or intend to. Greece is in the eye of a financial storm. Its June 30 bailout deadline approaches. Eurozone finance ministers rejected Athens'... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Latest Demagoguery

Obama's Latest Demagoguery by Stephen Lendman Obama's public remarks belie his ruthless agenda. His eulogy for slain Charleston, SC Rev. Clementa Pinckney rang hollow like virtually everything else he says. He quoted Scripture he systematically spurns. He "remembered a man of God who" believed in doing the right things he renounces. He said Rev. Pinckney... Continue Reading →

Greece Announces Referendum on Bailout Terms

Greece Announces Referendum on Bailout Terms by Stephen Lendman Greece has a choice: renounce its odious debt, exit the Eurozone, reinstitute the drachma currency, end austerity, regain national sovereignty including monetary and fiscal policy control, accept transitional pain, or stay trapped in the euro straightjacket assuring endless debt peonage, greater austerity and virtual indentured servitude... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Iran Bashing

Irresponsible Iran Bashing by Stephen Lendman The world's number one human rights abuser on a global scale annually publishes individual country reports excluding itself. One-sided bias describes how Washington views independent governments it wants replaced by ones it controls - vilifying them irresponsibly. Its latest 2014 Iran human rights report contains a litany of exaggerations,... Continue Reading →

Some Good News from Palestine

Some Good News from Palestine by Stephen Lendman There's precious little any time. Vicious Israeli persecution horrifically affects life in Occupied Palestine creating intolerable conditions for millions. In the Negev alone, Israel destroys 1,000 Arabs homes annually on the phony pretext of building without permit permission. Israeli security forces kidnap Palestinians for wanting to be... Continue Reading →

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