No Letup in Anti-Russian Propaganda

No Letup in Anti-Russian Propaganda
by Stephen Lendman
Russia bashing remains intense. Media scoundrels are in lockstep with US policy – irresponsibly blaming Putin for Obama’s war on Donbass, using Kiev foot soldiers as proxies, heading recklessly toward resuming full-scale conflict.
Facts on the ground are irrefutable. Kiev forces continue waging naked aggression begun last year, systematically violating ceasefire terms agreed on, shelling Donbass multiple times daily – including residential neighborhoods, schools and other civilian targets.
Things are very close to exploding in perhaps greater war than before. Sergey Lavrov expressed great concern, saying:
“(W)e are really very much concerned about the current state of affairs – developments…resembl(ing) preparations for hostilities.”
Poroshenko’s “crazy statements” about (nonexistent” “Russian aggression” show he’s “more concerned about supporting Russophobia in the West and thus diverting attention from his inability to fulfill” Minsk ceasefire terms.
Lavrov quoted his comments made to the French newspaper Liberation – outrageously saying “Putin wants all of Europe.” It’s hard believing anyone takes him seriously. He’s a reckless aggressor waging war on his own people.
He violated Minsk terms straightaway – wrongfully blaming Russia for his high crimes. On August 17, Wall Street Journal editors pointed fingers the wrong way headlining “Putin Escalates Again in Ukraine.”
They turned truth on its head claiming “Russian proxies in eastern occupied Ukraine shelled Ukrainian-government positions over the weekend and on Monday.”
Fact: Ukrainian forces shell Donbass targets dozens of times daily – flagrantly violating Minsk. 
Fact: Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters observe its terms unilaterally – responding only in self-defense when attacked.
Claims otherwise are Big Lies – including Ukraine’s chief of staff general Viktor Muzhenko saying “(s)ome days we can have 80 to 100 violations…It’s Russia’s intent to demoralize our forces, and using that mechanism they want to influence Ukraine’s military leadership as well as the state leadership.”
Journal editors lied claiming “devastation and human suffering wrought by indiscriminate Russian shelling…Kiev’s hands are tied and its capabilities are outmatched by the Kremlin’s.”
Fact: No evidence shows Russian direct or indirect involvement in Obama’s war on Donbass using Ukrainian proxy forces to do his dirty work – except as the continent’s leading peacemaker, going all-out to resolve conflict diplomatically, a futile effort because his US counterpart wants war.
Since conflict began last year, Washington supplied Ukraine with heavy weapons, despite claims otherwise. Journal editors saying “(t)he Obama administration refuses to provide lethal assistance to Kiev” is flat-out false.
They continue claiming Putin violates Minsk “with impunity.” They ignore his forthright peacemaking efforts along with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. 
Germany is close to Ukraine’s border – separated by Polish territory, a reason why its Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed concern.
“The situation in Eastern Ukraine is explosive,” he said. (A) new military escalation could be triggered” anytime. He urged efforts to prevent things from spinning out-of-control. He stopped short of laying blame where it belongs.
Kiev aggression on Donbass continues with no letup. Supportive propaganda rages. Americans carpet-bombed with Big Lies believe them. 
Blaming Putin for Obama’s war is polar opposite clear facts. America is the greatest threat to world peace at a time super-weapons can kill us all. 
Expect it if a way isn’t found to stop its madness – waging endless aggression on humanity, risking potential life-on-earth-ending nuclear war.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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