Baseless Russia Downed MH17 Allegations Resurface

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August 11, 2015
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Baseless Russia Downed MH17 Allegations Resurface
by Stephen Lendman
Previous articles explained no credible evidence suggests Russia or Donbass freedom fighters had anything to do with downing MH17.
What benefit could they possibly have gotten from downing a commercial aircraft unrelated to conflict on the ground – especially knowing the uproar it would cause? 
Washington and Kiev gained plenty from blaming their crime on convenient adversaries – 298 lost passenger and crew member lives bought lots of useful propaganda.
On Tuesday, media scoundrels featured the following headlines:
New York Times: “Malaysian Airlines Crash Investigators to Examine Possible Missile Parts in Eastern Ukraine” – alleging surface-to-air Russian ones, highlighting Ukraine, Washington and other Western countries saying the aircraft “was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile fired from territory in eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists.”
Washington Post publishing an AP article titled: “Prosecutors: Possible Buk missile parts found at MH17 site” – again alleging surface-to-air Russian made.
Wall Street Journal: “MH17 Investigators Examine Possible Missile Parts” – pointing fingers at Russia. Saying the “widely held view (is) that the plane was brought down by an advanced antiaircraft weapon.”
Chicago Tribune: “Prosecutors: Possible missile parts found at Malaysia plane crash site” – suggesting they’re from a Russia made BUK missile.
Washington Times: “Possible Russian missile parts found at MH17 crash site: investigators.”
CNN: “MH17 investigators: Possible missile parts found…from a Russian-made Buk surface-to-air-missile system – the type of system that the case’s lead prosecutor already said is suspected to have downed the plane.”
The BBC was worst of all headlining: “MH17: ‘Russian missile parts’ at Ukraine crash site.” The UK government owned and operated propaganda service pronounced Russia guilty despite no evidence whatever suggesting it – ignoring eyewitnesses they interviewed last year saying Ukrainian warplanes were seen overflying Donbass near MH17 when it was downed. The BBC then buried the story.
Most reports indicated no proved link between the parts found and MH17’s downing, nor responsibility for the crime. At the same time, they hyped a possible surface-to-air likely Russian made BUK missile despite no evidence of this type weapon used.
High-resolution photos showed cockpit damage from likely 30 millimeter air-to-air cannon fire downed the plane. Only Ukrainian warplanes and helicopters patrolled the skies over Donbass – no others. Kiev complicit with Washington downed MH17. It’s hard drawing any other conclusion. 
Don’t expect it from the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) investigating cause, not responsibility for the incident or the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) comprised of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine outrageously, charged with bringing “perpetrators of the attack on MH17 to justice.”
No independently verified evidence suggests a surface-to-air missile downed MH17. None exists. Yet the US-manipulated Joint Investigation Team in cooperation with the Dutch Safety Board issued a statement saying in part:
Investigation continues into “parts (found), possibly from a Buk surface-air-missile system. (They’re) of particular interest to the criminal investigation as they can possibly provide more information about who was involved in  the crash of MH17” – strongly suggesting Russia and/or Donbass freedom fighters in less than so many words.
None of the above major media reports (and many others) or either investigation team suggested the possibility of Ukraine’s culpability – despite BBC reported eyewitness testimony explained above and other evidence indicating its warplane downed MH17, not Russian or Donbass surface-to-air missiles.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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