Israeli High Court Frees Muhammad Allan

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August 19, 2015
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August 20, 2015
Israeli High Court Frees Muhammad Allan
by Stephen Lendman
The court suspended his illegal detention, a first step toward freeing him. More on this below.
Food provides nutrients needed to survive. Without it, energy wanes. Bodily functions break down. Starvation follows, causing disability, organ failure and death, a painful way to die.
On Wednesday, Allan ended his hunger strike after 65 excruciating days – following Israel’s High Court order suspending his indefinite detention order, lawlessly imprisoning him uncharged and untried because he committed no crimes.
Justices acted after learning he suffered brain damage from his long ordeal. He can’t see, hear or communicate. He’s conscious but remains zombie-like. He’s in intensive care at Israel’s Barzilai Medical Center on life support in serious condition.
Justices said if his brain damage is irreversible, his detention order will be revoked. It never should have been imposed in the first place. 
It’s kidnapping by other means, a universally recognized abhorrent high crime. Not in Israel. It’s standard practice against Palestinians – reflecting police state ruthlessness, systematically spurning international law with impunity.
Allan’s lawyer, Jameel al-Khatib said “Mohammed Allan is now treated in the hospital as a patient, not as a prisoner. Right now, he’s free and they will treat him as a free person…I believe that they will not renew his administrative detention.”
Barzilai Medical Center Dr. Hezy Levy said it’s too soon to know if his brain damage is reversible.” He’s “incoherent, not connecting with his surroundings.” 
He’s now afforded the same rights as other patients, including family visitations. He was abducted last November, extrajudicially imprisoned, refused food since June 16 for 65 days until ending his hunger strike for justice.
He’s been on life support for the past week. Hardline Israeli public security minister Gilad Erdan calls releasing him “a prize for the hunger strike he initiated and may lead to mass hunger strikes among the security detainees, after they discover a new tool with which to extort the State of Israel.”
Hunger striking is the only tool political prisoners have to resist rogue state viciousness. Erdan calls it “a new type of suicide terror attack.”
He represents Israel’s racist, apartheid, fascist authority controlling Occupied Palestine, subjecting its entire population to ruthless oppression.
Other Israeli hardliners raged against suspending Allan’s illegal detention. Culture and Sport minister Miri Regev said “(t)he High Court gave in to the blackmail of terrorist Muhammad Allan instead of applying the (universally condemned force-feeding) law.”
“Thousands of terrorists are now setting their sights to Mohammed Allaan. Allan is a suicide bomber willing to die for the freedom of his murderer friends.”
Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan said “(t)he High Court’s decision shows the Palestinians that you can beat us with terror and hunger strikes.”
Opposition Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog (a hardline racist masquerading as moderate) accused Netanyahu of “negotiating with terrorists.”
Arab MK Hanin Zoabi welcomed the High Court ruling as an “important victory for Muhammad, but the struggle is not over.” Thousands of other Palestinians are wrongfully imprisoned for resisting injustice.
Palestinian MK Yousef Jabareen said Allan enjoys widespread international support. His “struggle (is) an integral part of the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation and injustices.”
An entire population is ruthlessly persecuted. Their lives and welfare don’t matter. Sustained mass resistance is the only chance for change. Allan’s heroic sacrifice should inspire all Palestinians to join him in a common struggle for freedom.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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