Poroshenko’s UN Rant

Poroshenko’s UN Rant by Stephen Lendman US-anointed Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is a caricature of a leader - a so-called chocolate king billionaire/oligarch, illegitimately installed in a farcical election. He’s waged naked aggression on Donbass throughout his tenure, imposed an economic blockade,  insists scheduled democratic parliamentary elections be cancelled, failed in his attempt to isolate... Continue Reading →

Russia Bombs ISIS

Russia Bombs ISIS by Stephen Lendman After announcing it would conduct aerial operations in Syria, Russian warplanes struck Islamic State targets straightaway - in contrast to Washington’s campaign, attacking Syrian and Iraqi infrastructure targets, supporting its Islamic State foot soldiers on the ground. Russian Aerospace Forces Major-General Igor Konashenkov said: “In accordance with a decision... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Upper House Authorizes Aerial Operations in Syria

Russia’s Upper House Authorizes Aerial Operations in Syria by Stephen Lendman Following Russia’s announcement, Syrian media said it came in response to President Bashar al-Assad’s request, asking Putin’s help to fight Islamic State terrorists. On Wednesday, Russia’s upper house Federation Council unanimously approved using air power to fight ISIS and other takfiri terrorists in Syria... Continue Reading →

US and Russia: Geopolitical Opposites

US and Russia: Geopolitical Opposites by Stephen Lendman Geopolitical differences between both countries are stark - and irreconcilable because Washington wants it this way, a bipartisan consensus, lunatics in both parties more overtly anti-Russian than their less extremist counterparts. Regime change is longstanding US policy for almost a century - since the Bolsheviks ousted the... Continue Reading →

Saudi Indifference to Human Lives and Welfare

Saudi Indifference to Human Lives and Welfare by Stephen Lendman Saudi Arabia is perhaps the world’s most ruthless regime, second only to America and Israel’s partnership, together a true axis of pure evil. Riyadh persecutes its own population ruthlessly, tolerating no dissent, sentencing victims to death for the crime of truth-telling, partnering with US regional... Continue Reading →

Endless US War on Aghanistan

Endless US War on Afghanistan by Stephen Lendman America came to Afghanistan to stay. Occupation is permanent. So is endless war. Washington’s December 2014 ceremonial end of over 13 years of war was phony, a thinly veiled PR stunt - including Obama saying “our combat mission in Afghanistan is ending, and the longest war in... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Putin Bashing Following His UN Address

Irresponsible Putin Bashing Following His UN Address by Stephen Lendman It’s always open season on irresponsibly bashing him - instead of embracing his sensible solutions to major world problems. Western media are relentless, marching to the drumbeat of imperial regimes they represent, partnering with America’s killing machine - polar opposite Putin’s global peace and stability... Continue Reading →

Dueling Ideologies in New York: Putin v. Obama

Dueling Ideologies in New York: Putin v. Obama by Stephen Lendman Obama addresses make painful listening. He represents ruthless US ambitions to rule the world - even at the risk of destroying it. His remarks at all times reflect willful deception, entirely lacking truth, candor and straightforwardness. He’s a shameless demagogue, a con man, a... Continue Reading →

China Joins the Fight Against ISIS

China Joining the Fight Against ISIS by Stephen Lendman A Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian alliance against ISIS perhaps may encourage other countries to join it - a possibility likely terrifying Obama officials and their war-mongering partners. On September 26, IDF-connected DEBKAfile (DF) said “the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of... Continue Reading →

Al Jazeera America Struggles to Survive

Al Jazeera America Struggles to Survive by Stephen Lendman In December 2012, Al Jazeera News channel (JNC) bought Al Gore’s Current TV for a reported $500 million. It acquired a potential audience reach of 40 million households. It’s headquartered in New York with 12 nationwide news bureaus in major US cities. It combines global news... Continue Reading →

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