California School District Serves Organic Meals

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September 1, 2015
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California School District Serves Organic Meals
by Stephen Lendman
The scientific and world community know GMOs harm human health. So why does Washington and other governments permit their use – and in America, ban labeling, suppressing vital consumer information?
Ecowatch asked: “What if we could feed our students the nutritious, delicious and sustainably sourced food they truly deserve?”
Sausalito, California Marin City School District is the nation’s first one offering “100 percent organic and non-GMO” foods to children. Why aren’t all US school districts doing the same thing?
Why aren’t only foods and ingredients safe to eat allowed to be sold in America? The Conscious Kitchen says it’s dedicated to a systematic transformation of school dining, to the health and well being of our children, and to a thriving future for our planet.”
It’s contracted to supply meals for Marin County’s Bayside MLK Jr Academy and Willow Creek Academy. 
The student-led Turning Green global movement for “conscious living” and a healthy planet launched the project in August 2013 – together with Cavallo Point Lodge, Sausalito Marin City School District, Whole Foods Market and Good Earth Natural Foods.
Ecowatch said since initiated, “the program saw a steep decrease in disciplinary cases, increased attendance and a greater sense of community.”
Turning Green founder Judi Shils said “(s)tudents everywhere are vulnerable to pesticide residues and unsafe environmental toxins. Not only does this program far exceed USDA nutritional standards, but it ties the health of our children to the health of our planet. It’s the first program to say that fundamentally, you cannot have one without the other.”
Offering children safe, nutritious, toxin-free foods, is the best way to develop their young bodies and promote health.
Conscious Kitchen-supplied schools accompany their meals with nutrition and gardening education. It explains the dangers of GMO consumption.
It uses the acronym FLOSN to explain foods it supplies – Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Non-GMO. What if every food supplier in America operated by the same standard? 
Imagine a food supply fit to eat. Imagine the way it was long ago before agribusiness became dominant – mass marketing toxins masquerading as wholesome, nutritious foods.
Cavallo Point Lodge’s consulting chef for The Conscious Kitchen. Justin Everett, says “(b)y embracing fresh, local, organic, non-GMO food, this program successfully disrupts the cycle of unhealthy, pre-packaged, heat and serve meals that dominate school kitchens” – junk foods unfit to eat by anyone.
The Conscious Kitchen says foods are safest, best and of highest nutritional value when come “straight from farm to fork.” It uses no processed, preserved or frozen ingredients. Above all, no GMO or chemically contaminated foods and ingredients.
It calls its policy “a no-exceptions rule.” Imagine if governments operated by the same standard. Imagine a healthy America – not one plagued by epidemic levels of illness, obesity, depression and other public health issues.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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