Israel Imprisoning Palestinian Children Uncharged

Israel Imprisoning Palestinian Children Uncharged by Stephen Lendman Israeli viciousness is unrestrained, young children treated as brutally as adults. On October 19, soldiers lawlessly abducted three Palestinian children from their homes pre-dawn. They’re being held uncharged for at least six months, an unprecedented move in East Jerusalem according to human rights groups. Defense for Children... Continue Reading →

Shaker Aamer: Free at Last

Shaker Aamer: Free at Last by Stephen Lendman Aamer was lawlessly held in Guantanamo for 13 hellish years, nearly 14 in US captivity - uncharged and untried. He committed no crimes. US captors knew it all along, but kept him imprisoned anyway - torturing and abusing him, forcing him to confess to things he never... Continue Reading →

Agreement to Disagree in Vienna on Syria

Agreement to Disagree in Vienna on Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia’s intervention in Syria changed the dynamic on the ground and regionally, potentially with global implications, a major geopolitical development, the most important one in decades.  Washington is desperate to keep its imperial agenda on track and unchallenged - why John Kerry met with 17... Continue Reading →

Russia to Critics: Put Up or Shut Up

Russia to Critics: Put Up or Shut Up by Stephen Lendman Western officials and go-along media scoundrels make baseless accusations about Russia - from nonexistent Ukraine aggression to bombing hospitals and residential areas in Syria, killing civilians. Corroborating evidence is absent, except for notable fabricated attempts, including videos unrelated to incidents cited, manufactured deception, no... Continue Reading →

US Sending Special Forces to Aid ISIS in Syria

US Sending Special Forces to Aid ISIS in Syria by Stephen Lendman Washington is desperate to find ways of countering Russia’s effective Middle East agenda - combining formidable military might against terrorism with trustworthy diplomacy, proving Moscow is a valued partner, polar opposite Washington, a rogue bully. Obama’s pledge about no “American combat troops fighting... Continue Reading →

Genocide in Palestine

Genocide in Palestine by Stephen Lendman Longstanding Israeli policy calls for inflicting maximum pain and suffering on the entire Palestinian population - collective punishment, making conditions unbearable, a shocking indictment of a vicious Arab-hating state, waging war against defenseless people. Since October 1, deaths and injuries increased daily. According to the PA Health Ministry, the... Continue Reading →

Drug Industry Banditry

Drug Industry Banditry by Stephen Lendman US drug and biotech companies are licensed to steal, bottom line priorities their sole interest, public welfare be damned.  Big Pharma is hated for good reason. Its member companies charge the way MBA students are taught - according to what the market will bear. Grab all you can -... Continue Reading →

Boycott Israel: Resistance Works

Boycott Israel: Resistance Works by Stephen Lendman BDS activism has had remarkable successes since its July 2005 founding - coincidentally around the same time I began writing in retirement at age 70.  I’m a proud cultural BDS member. I urge everyone to get involved for justice. Its global boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign is the... Continue Reading →

Neocon House Speaker Paul Ryan

Neocon House Speaker Paul Ryan by Stephen Lendman Ryan awakened Thursday morning one step away from succeeding John Boehner as House speaker - ousted by a palace coup. He wasn’t conservative enough for hardline Republicans. As expected, House members elected Ryan as his successor, receiving 236 votes, a comfortable margin of victory - winning in... Continue Reading →

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