US Resupplying ISIS in Syria

US Resupplying ISIS in Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Washington is resupplying ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria on the phony pretext of supporting so-called “moderates.” None exist. Virtually all anti-Assad forces are terrorists, imported cutthroat killers. More on what could be called Operation Airdrop below.
Russia’s devastating air campaign against ISIS continues, combined with Syrian ground forces on the move, liberating terrorist-held territory.
Their fighters are being battered and killed. Large-scale ground operations continue along with increasing numbers of precision Russian airstrikes.
On Monday, Syria’s General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said government control was reestablished over the Free Zone in Aleppo, as well as 13 towns, villages and other areas in Hama and Latakia provinces.
ISIS and other takfiri terrorists are being hammered. They’re very much on the defensive, most of their weapons and equipment destroyed, including the will to fight among thousands fleeing to safe havens cross-border or to residential areas, using civilians as human shields. 
Russian and Syrian air operations are coordinated – on Sunday into Monday conducting 55 sorties, striking 53 ISIS and other terrorist targets, destroying 25 fortified positions, seven command centers, six training camps, six ammunition depots, and other sites.
Among other combat aircraft, Russia is using its advanced Sukhoi SU-30, reportedly the most maneuverable of all fighter jets, better than any Western one, including America’s.
UK media said Britain’s defense ministry instructed its fighter pilots to target “hostile” Russian aircraft engaged in Syrian air strikes. Sputnik News reported the following:
“Today, the military attache at the British Embassy in Moscow was summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry, where he was handed a note with a request to provide official explanations on information, published in the British media, citing high-ranking sources in the Defense Ministry of the country, on alleged directives to use weapons against Russian aircraft ‘in case of threat to their lives,’ received by Royal Air Force pilots.”
The Ministry commented online, saying “(t)here is no truth in this story.” The risk of US or British warplanes engaging Russian ones belligerently remains real – whether willfully or by accident. 
It could change things dramatically if it happens. Russian retaliation could spark a serious East/West confrontation, for sure what Moscow wants avoided. Lunatics in Washington might risk anything. Some want Russian planes shot down.
On Monday, Sputnik News said “US cargo aircraft airdropped overnight some 50 tons of small fire ammunition and explosives to (so-called) rebels in northern Syria’s Hasakah province – citing CNN as the source, information coming from an unnamed US official.
Monday’s airdrop was the first of more to come. In less than two weeks of air operations, Russian combat missions greatly degraded or destroyed ISIS command posts, other facilities, weapons, munitions and  equipment.
Its Defense Ministry reported “most” ISIS munitions, heavy vehicles and equipment were destroyed. In the last 24 hours alone into Tuesday, 88 sorties struck at least 86 ISIS targets.
Intercepted communications show they’re running out of small arms, grenade launchers and munitions to fight. Commanders intend withdrawing their units unless they’re resupplied.
Will it matter? Given the intensity of Russian airstrikes, new arms, munitions and equipment can be destroyed in days.
At the same time, US warplanes keep bombing Syrian targets, not ISIS. On Tuesday, Putin commented, saying:
Washington and Western allies “say we are bombing false targets. On Sunday US air forces targeted a power station and a transformer in Aleppo. Why did they do it? Whom did they punish? What was the sense?”
Putin is discreet enough to hold back explaining what’s clear, for sure to Russian intelligence and him. Washington is bombing Syrian targets and Iraqi ones cross-border on the pretext of targeting ISIS – US foot soldier allies used against Assad along with other imported terrorists.
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