Agreement to Disagree in Vienna on Syria

Agreement to Disagree in Vienna on Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Russia’s intervention in Syria changed the dynamic on the ground and regionally, potentially with global implications, a major geopolitical development, the most important one in decades. 
Washington is desperate to keep its imperial agenda on track and unchallenged – why John Kerry met with 17 of his counterparts plus EU and UN envoys in Vienna on Friday, following US, Russian, Turkish and Saudi foreign ministers meeting there on Thursday, Syria so far excluded from discussing its own future.
Washington’s intentions remain unchanged – replacing Assad with a US controlled puppet. Sending special forces to northern Syria (illegally without Security Council or Damascus authorization) with likely more to follow, solely to aid terrorist elements against Assad, along with continued lawless bombing of infrastructure targets, not ISIS as claimed.
It shows Obama wants war, not peace, Washington’s usual solution to everything, a pure evil agenda for global conquest.
More Vienna talks planned for  mid-November may go nowhere, a thinly veiled scheme to convince Russia Washington turned a new leaf – aiming to stop its air campaign, devastating ISIS and other takfiri terrorists, wrecking US hegemonic plans, Moscow determined to defeat the scourge of terrorism, not about to be pressured by America to back off.
Putin is forthright and straightforward, no ambiguity in his comments. Defeating terrorism in Syria and the region is prioritized – then a hoped for political solution once this goal is accomplished, Syrians alone deciding who’ll lead them, not foreign powers, polar opposite US plans.
Hegemons wants things exclusively their way, installing puppets running vassal states they control. Washington and Russia are at loggerheads.
Putin believes sovereign independence is inviolable. Neocon infested Washington rejects it everywhere, waging endless wars of aggression against it, wanting unchallenged US global dominance – two opposing ideologies, a classic good v. pure evil struggle. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.
Sergey Lavrov clearly stated Russia’s position, saying “(w)e have a common enemy, and we must not let this enemy gain power in Syria nor in any other state.”
“If a ceasefire is declared, no terrorist organizations should be subjected to it” – combating them to continue until they’re neutralized and destroyed.
Russia remains fully committed to fighting their scourge in full accord with international law principles, polar opposite how America operates, ignoring them altogether, risking global war in the process.
Moscow rejects US demands for Assad to go, Lavrov clearly saying “(t)he Syrian people (alone) should define the future of their country, including Assad’s fate.”
He’s overwhelmingly popular. Syrians want no one else leading them. Expect Washington to keep the Syrian pot boiling no matter what comes out of Vienna.
The statement issued following Friday’s meeting was largely meaningless rhetoric – sounding very much like earlier high-minded Geneva communiques accomplishing nothing.
A Final Comment
In one month of bombing ISIS and other terrorists in Syria, Russia flew around 1,400 sorties, destroying over 1,600 targeted sites – including 249 command posts, 51 training camps, 131 ammunition and fuel depots, and 786 field bases, according to General Staff Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov.
Air strikes killed 28 “most odious” terrorist leaders, he added. Syrian ground forces liberated over 50 towns and villages, comprising about 350 square km.
ISIS losses are massive, their forces in disarray, “complete victory” not yet achieved. Much work remains. Terrorists are clearly on the defensive – pummelled by Russian air power and Syrian ground forces.
Moscow’s overtures to Washington to cooperate jointly against ISIS and other takfiris were spurned. America continues supporting them. Defeating them is all the more urgent.
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