Iran and Hezbollah to Launch Ground Offensive to Syria?

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October 14, 2015
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October 15, 2015
Iran and Hezbollah to Launch Ground Offensive in Syria?
by Stephen Lendman
On October 13, Reuters cited two unnamed regional officials saying their forces along with Syrian ones “will soon launch a ground attack supported by Russian air strikes against (ISIS and other terrorists) in the Aleppo area.”
According to one of the unnamed sources, “(t)he big battle preparations in that area are clear. There is a large mobilization of the Syrian army… elite Hezbollah fighters, and thousands of Iranians who arrived in stages in recent days.”
A second official close to Damascus said “(t)he decision to launch the battle of Aleppo has been taken…It is no longer hidden that thousands of Iranians are now in Syria and their role is fundamental.”
Two weeks of Russian airstrikes weakened ISIS and other terrorist groups significantly, destroying most of their weapons, munitions, facilities and equipment.
In the last 24 hours, Aleppo was one of various areas hit hard by Russian warplanes.
“Sukhoi Su-24M bombers delivered pinpoint strikes against terrorist targets near the city of Aleppo. They took out workshops used by the militant terrorist group to arm vehicles with explosives, which are used in suicide bomb attacks,” Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov explained.
Syria’s Foreign Ministry said Moscow’s intervention “demonstrated the credibility and determination of the Russian and Syrian leadership to combat terrorism.”
Russian airstrikes are significantly degrading, weakening and destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups. What are the Americans doing, asked Sergey Lavrov? 
“(W)hy (are) the results of so many combat sorties…so insignificant,” he asked? “We have very few specifics which could explain what the US is exactly doing in Syria,” he added.
For sure, not attacking ISIS or other terrorists. Its thousands of alleged sorties “could have smashed the entire (country) to smithereens,” Lavrov stressed.
“Maybe their stated goal is not entirely sincere? Maybe it is regime change?” US weapons are going to terrorists, not nonexistent “moderates” as Washington claims.
Moscow opposes another Libya. Why are US forces refusing to work cooperatively with Russia against terrorists, Lavrov asked? 
Maybe it’s because Washington wants them supported, not defeated and isn’t pleased “to see how effectively (Russia’s) military is working compared to” US operations accomplishing nothing – letting ISIS and other terrorists control more territory, not less. Russia’s intervention changed the dynamic.
On Wednesday, Russian upper house Federation Council International Affairs Committee deputy head Vladimir Dzhabarov blasted Washington’s refusal to dialogue with Moscow on Syria and other issues.
“The decision taken by the US means they are not willing to have a dialogue on controversial and topical questions. So let them decide how they will explain to the entire world why they do not want to hold negotiations,” he said.
On Tuesday, Putin said he’d send a delegation to Washington headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev “to discuss the Syrian conflict resolution.”
Obama officials refuse to meet with them. Washington wants endless conflict and instability, not peace. Hegemons operate this way.
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Stephen Lendman
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