NYT Perpetuates the Myth about Obama Killing Osama

NYT Perpetuates the Myth about Obama Killing Osama by Stephen Lendman Its latest Big Lie headlined “How 4 Federal Lawyers Paved the Way to Kill Osama bin Laden” - failing to explain how killing a dead man is impossible. Resurrection wasn’t one of his skills, or anyone else’s. It claimed “four administration lawyers developed rationales... Continue Reading →

Israeli Forces Invade Palestinian Hospitals

Israeli Forces Invade Palestinian Hospitals by Stephen Lendman Israel’s war on Palestine is a clear example of extrajudicial brutality, trampling on fundamental human rights, attacking defenseless people unaccountably, getting away with mass murder and other atrocities.  Under international law, hospitals are safe zones, protected spaces, off limits for military and police attacks and invasions.  The... Continue Reading →

Obama Supports Police Brutality

Obama Supports Police Brutality by Stephen Lendman Killer cops throughout America operate unaccountably - agents of wealth, power and privilege exclusively, rampaging against ordinary people ruthlessly, mostly victimized Blacks and Latinos. Fatalities at their hands are on track to exceed 1,000 this year - more than double phony FBI reported numbers. Official “justifiable homicides” are... Continue Reading →

Mindless Proposed Solutions to End Violence in Palestine

Mindless Proposed Solutions to End Violence in Palestine by Stephen Lendman US officials, other Western ones, Israelis, Jordan, Ban Ki-moon and longtime Judas Mahmoud Abbas pretend wanting to resolve ongoing violence responsibly. On the one hand, they ignore its root cause - longstanding occupation harshness, collectively punishing an entire population, including lawlessly blockading Gaza for... Continue Reading →

NYT Ignores Root Cause of Violence in Palestine

NYT Ignores Root Cause of Violence in Palestine by Stephen Lendman Honest observers know longstanding Israeli occupation harshness is the root cause of current violence - instigated by Israel, responded to courageously by Palestinians, largely youths and children, putting their lives on the line for freedom, deserving universal support in their struggle against pure evil.... Continue Reading →

Hundreds of UK Scholars Support Palestinian Rights

Hundreds of UK Scholars Support Palestinian Rights by Stephen Lendman Their names appeared in a full-page London Guardian ad - the accompanying text saying: “A Commitment by UK Scholars to the Rights of Palestinians  As scholars associated with British universities (343 names listed), we are deeply disturbed by Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, the... Continue Reading →

US Provocation in Chinese Waters

US Provocation in Chinese Waters by Stephen Lendman Imagine the following scenario. One or more Chinese warships sail provocatively into US Gulf of Mexico waters, or perhaps off its West Coast - after being warned by Pentagon and administration officials not to. Washington would interdict the vessel, perhaps consider its intrusion a casus belli -... Continue Reading →

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