Putin in Paris

Putin in Paris by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Putin and Obama met privately on the sidelines of the Paris climate conference for about 30 minutes. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US president “expressed regret in connection with the incident involving the Russian jet downed by the Turkish Air Force in Syria(n)” airspace. It wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Albert Einstein’s Anti-War Agenda

Albert Einstein’s Anti-War Agenda by Stephen Lendman Today the most perilous time in world history - before the November 13 Paris false flag and Turkey’s aggression against Russia, with full US-dominated NATO support. In the wake of Paris and Washington’s complicity with Erdogan’s bandit act, an article days earlier said the Doomsday Clock inched closer... Continue Reading →

NYT Ignores US Support for ISIS

NYT Ignores US Support for ISIS by Stephen Lendman In an article discussing ISIS’ revenue sources, The Times reported nothing about Washington’s involvement in creating the terror group, arming, funding, training and directing its fighters, as well as facilitating its revenue producing sources, largely from stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil - typical of how the... Continue Reading →

Rogue State Britain

Rogue State Britain by Stephen Lendman Britain proves time and again it’s a loyal imperial partner, participating in all US wars of aggression overtly or covertly, rule of law principles be damned. Washington wants the November 13 Paris false flag along with Brussels violence and lockdown used as a pretext for escalated bombing of Syrian... Continue Reading →

Moscow Says US Knows Who Killed Russian Pilot

Moscow Says US Knows Who Killed Russian Pilot by Stephen Lendman Sputnik News reports Russia’s Defense Ministry says its “Su-24 pilot died because of an attack from the ground when he was landing," adding that "during a rescue operation, (a) Russian marine was also killed.” Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “Moscow has all... Continue Reading →

Russia Imposes Economic Sanctions on Turkey

Russia Imposes Economic Sanctions on Turkey by Stephen Lendman Antagonizing Russia is foolhardy. Erdogan’s reckless act is proving costly. Putin’s promised payback is proceeding. On Saturday, responding to Erdogan’s aggression, he signed an “Executive Order on measures to ensure Russia’s national security and protection of Russian citizens against criminal and other illegal acts and on... Continue Reading →

Israel’s War on Press Freedom Continues

Israel’s War on Press Freedom Continues by Stephen Lendman Rogue states want their message alone reported, evidence of their high crimes suppressed. On Sunday morning, Israeli forces stormed Hebron-based Dream Radio, damaging or confiscating its equipment, shutting it down on fabricated charges of “incitement against Israel” - the third Hebron station closed in November. Station... Continue Reading →

Did Erdogan Order Prominent Turkish Lawyer’s Assassination?

Did Erdogan Order Prominent Turkish Lawyer’s Assassination? by Stephen Lendman Turkey under Erdogan is a fascist police state. Anyone criticizing regime policy risks harassment, arrest, indictment on phony charges, imprisonment or death. Fundamental freedoms don’t exist. Prominent Turkish attorney/Kurdish rights supporter Tahir Elci headed southeastern Diyarbakir province’s bar association. On Saturday, local hospital sources confirmed... Continue Reading →

Kerry in Israel

Kerry in Israel by Stephen Lendman Washington is the enemy of all persecuted and exploited people everywhere, including at home, clear whenever Kerry visits Israel, most recently on November 24. He ignored long-suffering Palestinians, now struggling valiantly for rights they’re denied - brutalized daily for wanting freedom from occupation harshness. Kerry met with Netanyahu, partners... Continue Reading →

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