Russia Reacts to Likely Paris False Flag

Hype Following Friday’s Likely Paris False Flag
November 14, 2015
Palestine Burns While Parisians Mourn
November 14, 2015
Russia Reacts to Likely Paris False Flag
by Stephen Lendman
Russia continues doing more to confront the scourge of terrorism than any other nation. America is its main proliferator – state terrorism, the worst kind, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists to help advance its imperium.
US officials responded duplicitously to Friday’s Paris incident, their comments ignoring America’s war OF terror on humanity.
Russian officials reacted responsibly. Musovites laid flowers in front of France’s embassy in solidarity with Parisians. Unlike Obama, Vladimir Putin always says what he means and means what he says.
He expressed sincere sorrow for families of victims and justifiable outrage for Friday’s Paris incident, saying:
“I would like to express our deepest condolences to (Francois Hollande) personally and to the people of France in connection with the death of a large number of peaceful citizens in an unprecedented series of terrorist acts in Paris.”
“This tragedy is additional proof of the barbaric nature of terrorism that is posing a challenge to human civilisation. It is obvious that to counter this evil effectively the entire international community needs to truly join efforts.”
“I would like to confirm the readiness of the Russian side to closely cooperate with our French partners in investigating the crime committed in Paris. I expect both the originators and perpetrators to be justly punished.”
“In this hour of trial for France I would like you to convey our sincere sympathy and support to the families and friends of the victims and our wishes of a 
speedy recovery to all those who suffered at the hands of the 
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the Paris attacks “a horrifyingly cynical and brutal crime. The victims are innocent people.” 
“This is precisely the goal of the murderers: to cause pain and fear. They cannot be justified by any ‘religious’ or ‘political’ reasons they are citing.” 
‘This is terrorism, terrorism we’ll keep fighting. My most sincere condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. Unfortunately, Russia is familiar with this pain. We are mourning with France today,” 
The Kremlin press service called Friday’s attack “further evidence of the barbaric nature of terrorism, which poses a challenge to human civilization.”
Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry issued a joint statement, condemning “fascism (with) no regard for life…seek(ing) to destroy, create chaos, disorder and fear.”
Friday’s attack should “stiffen our resolve to fight back, to hold people accountable and to stand up (for) the rule of law.”
Kerry lied deceitfully, ignoring America’s responsibility for endless wars OF terror. Lavrov reacted honorably and sincerely, adding “(t)here is no justification for terrorist acts and no justification for us not (to do) much more to defeat ISIS, Al-Nusra and the like.”
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “I have read the terrible news from Paris. The number of victims of the explosions and shootings is rising.” 
“The taking of hostages in the theater, reported in the media is monstrous. Parisians, France, we are with you! Stay strong! Your pain is our pain!”
A card from Moscow region Governor Andrey Vorobyov said “Russia grieves. My condolences. Monstrous. Our president has called on all nations and religions to unite. World, hear Russia!”
Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said “(w)e know the cost of tragedies from terrorism. I send my condolences to Parisians, and the victims, who were guilty of nothing. Another reason for the consolidation of the fight against the Islamic State.”
Chechnya Governor Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the “monstrous events that have happened in Paris. As somebody who has devoted (his) life to the fight against terrorism, I would like to say to everybody who is responsible for taking decisions, that there are no good or bad terrorists.” 
“Their aim is to destroy humanity. If we don’t beat terrorism together, the whole world will descend into chaos, there will be no end to such bloody events! Let justice prevail!”
Russian upper house Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee president Konstantin Kosachev said “(t)oday our heart is in Paris. We grieve with the relatives of those killed.”
“We are in solidarity with the people of France. We consider this attack an attack on us as well. And we are ready to give the toughest and most resolute response – together with France and any sane forces of civilized humanity.”
It bears repeating. Russia is the world leader in battling the scourge of terrorism, America its main perpetrator. Its global war on humanity threatens everyone.
Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials are too discrete to publicly blame Washington for the scourge it righteously opposes, waging real war on terror to defeat it, polar opposite America’s agenda – humanity’s greatest threat.
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Stephen Lendman
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