Rogue State Greece

Rogue State Greece
by Stephen Lendman
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras along with rogue SYRIZA party allies spurned their proclaimed progressive principles straightaway in office, betraying long-suffering Greeks, hoping at last for governance serving their interests responsibly.
Tsipras is like all the rest, on the wrong side of major issues mattering most, including US-led NATO’s killing machine, Greece an Alliance member in good standing, supporting endless wars of aggression, opposing world peace and stability, against fundamental rights long-suffering Palestinians deserve.
He met with Netanyahu and other Israeli officials in Jerusalem, outrageously calling the city Israel’s capital – unrecognized by the UN and vast majority of world nations.
He turned a blind eye to ongoing Israeli war on Palestine, state terror by any standard, brutalizing an entire population ruthlessly, mindless about the longstanding suffering of millions too horrendous to ignore, effectively endorsing what demands condemnation.
A day after returning home, his Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias wrote Netanyahu, saying Athens rejects EU mandated labeling of settlement products, a ruling far short of what’s needed – a total boycott of all Israeli products and services until unconditional Palestinian self-determination is achieved, ending illegal occupation once and for all, granting Palestine control of all land within pre-June 1967 borders.
The European Commission expects all EU member states to comply with its guidelines. Greece refuses, showing support for Israeli ruthlessness. Hungary rejects them, its Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto calling them “inefficient…irrational,” failing to “contribute to a solution” to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict…caus(ing) damage.”
Fact: BDS activism is the most important initiative against longstanding Israeli ruthlessness. It’s effective by targeting its economy, slowly building pressure for change. Claims otherwise divert attention from what’s needed – ideally isolating Israel entirely politically, economically and militarily by refusing to sell it arms, munitions and related technology.
On Sunday, Netanyahu suspended discussions with EU officials on conflict resolution with Palestine – over its settlement products labeling mandate.
A Foreign Ministry statement said contacts with EU nations will continue on other issues. On November 11, the ministry said Israel suspended the subcommittee on diplomacy, the subcommittee on human rights and international organizations.” 
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely added: (R)emaining (EU) dialogues are continuing as planned. Clearly, we won’t damage Israeli interests. It is very important to the Europeans to be involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to hold a dialogue with us on the subject, but in light of their behavior it was decided to suspend all conversations with them about the matter.”
Foreign Ministry political director Alon Ushpiz lied, calling EU action regrettable at a time Israel faces Palestinian terrorist attacks – polar opposite what’s happening: Israel the aggressor, victimizing defenseless Palestinians wanting freedom from its repressive occupation.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said Netanyahu ordered a “reassess(ment)” of the level of involvement he’ll allow the EU’s foreign affairs service, the European Commission and related institutions to have regarding Israeli/Palestinian relations.
Once completed, he’ll decide whether and how to resume communications with EU institutions on this issue. 
An unnamed ministry official said “it is inconceivable that Israel will hold dialogue with EU institutions on how to advance a peace process while the EU simultaneously initiates measures against Israel…(E)ach case individually (will be examined) with the guiding principle of making sure Israel’s interest vis-a-vis Europe and EU nations are not harmed.”
At the same time, another unnamed Israeli official called the move symbolic, “devoid of any real significance.” Dirty business as usual continues, EU officials turning a blind eye to raging state terror throughout the Territories
Israeli interests alone matter, fundamental Palestinian rights of no consequence – the way they’ve always been treated throughout nearly half a century of brutal Israeli occupation.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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