Israel Poisons Gaza Farmland

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December 25, 2015
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December 25, 2015
Israel Poisons Gaza Farmland
by Stephen Lendman
No high crime is too heinous for fascists running Israel to commit. Netanyahu’s latest is poisoning Gaza farmland, spraying it with deadly crop-killing pesticides for three straight days, according to Gaza’s Agriculture Minister, Wael Thabet, saying:
“(S)everal farmers informed the ministry that Israeli planes sprayed their lands with pesticides around the al-Qarrara area in eastern Khan Younis and the Wadi al-Salqa area in east central Gaza which damaged a large number of crops.”
Most remaining ones may be too hazardous to ingest. Saleh al-Najjar lost over seven acres of spinach this week. Wael al-Shami’s parsley and beans were destroyed or damaged.
Thabet accused Israel of willfully destroying Gaza crops, compounding wars at its discretion, repeated attacks, and suffocating blockade.
This week alone, Israel poisoned hundreds of acres of arable Gaza farmland. Thabet demanded ICRC officials intervene to prevent further destruction.
Israel’s war on Palestine continues, four extrajudicial executions on Christmas eve alone, following two others on Wednesday.
An Israeli medic posted a Twitter remark, saying wounded “terrorists” aren’t treated – unless, of course, they’re ISIS or other terrorist fighters injured in Syria, transported cross-border to Israeli hospitals daily for treatment, sent back when healed.
“To all those ask,” said the medic,  “I (help) wounded (Israelis), but not the hateful terrorists” – even ones with “critical wounds.”
Separately, he added “(w)hen you go to the site of (an alleged) stabbing attack, and you realize that the victim suffered a serious injury, and the terrorist was shot and also suffered a serious injury, who do you help?” Never Palestinians, Israelis only.
Israeli medical personnel and security forces routinely obstruct aiding wounded Palestinians in time to save them, letting them suffer and bleed to death unattended.
Palestinian medics treat anyone needing help, Arabs and Jews alike, refusing to let anyone they’re able to help go without care, doing whatever they can to save lives and relieve human suffering.
Separately, Israeli authorities may strip as many as 230,000 East Jerusalem Palestinians of their residency rights – part of its ongoing all-out war.
According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Jerusalem includes about 350,000 Palestinian residents, along with 200,000 illegal settlers.
Israel wants the entire city Judaized, Palestinians removed from their land and perhaps access to sacred holy sites.
According to Al Haq’s director Shawan Jabarin, “(s)ince Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967, it has implemented a comprehensive policy to deepen its control over the city by weakening Palestinian presence and ties there.” 
“In Jerusalem, a policy of ethnic cleansing was pushing Palestinians out of the city. Since September, the situation has erupted.”
Jabarin urged world community leaders to end cooperation with Israel, ban settlement products and impose stiff sanctions.
The entire Palestinian population is threatened daily, Israeli ruthlessness rampaging unaccountably – practically ignored in the West.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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