US Media Support Fascism Over Democracy in Sunday’s Venezuelan Elections

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US Media Support Fascism Over Democracy in Sunday’s Venezuelan Elections
by Stephen Lendman
On Sunday, Venezuelans will elect 165 National Assembly deputies, members of its unicameral legislature. Ruling Bolivarian United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates face US-supported Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) fascists.
During hard times of economic weakness, high inflation, and other major problems, Bolivarian social justice faces its stiffest challenge. 
Preserving it is crucial for the welfare of millions of poor and low-income Venezuelans, benefitting hugely from its vital services, ones most Americans can’t imagine – including free universal healthcare and education to the highest levels, low-cost housing and subsidized food, at risk of being curtailed or lost if fascists prevail with a large enough legislative majority.
President Maduro’s executive authority can mitigate much of what they’d like to institute. Given a legislative foot in the door would be a first step toward returning Venezuela to its bad old days, essential to prevent.
PSUV governance and Bolivarian popular movements so far prevented erosion of what’s vital to preserve – the hemisphere’s best social democracy, what Washington spent the last 16 years trying to subvert and eliminate, continuing its imperial efforts, wanting US-controlled puppet governance replacing Bolivarian fairness.
US media scoundrels one-sidedly oppose it, supporting fascist governance over democracy. Venezuela’s open, free and fair electoral process is the world’s best, shaming America’s sham system, assuring money-controlled business as usual wins every time.
New York Times editors bashed Venezuela’s model electoral process, headlining “Venezuela’s Threatened Elections,” outrageously claiming Maduro “will render the legislative branch toothless,” if MUD candidates win a majority.
He assured Venezuelans he’ll continue Bolivarian preservation efforts – at the same time openly pledging to honor Sunday’s results no matter how they turn out. MUD refused, likely to instigate destabilizing activities if PSUV candidates prevail.
Times editors lied, claiming Maduro “arbitrarily prosecuted political opponents and unfairly disqualified opposition leaders from running for office.”
PSUV opposition figures involved in instigating violence and seditious activities (including collusion with Washington to overthrow Maduro’s government) were justifiably prosecuted for their high crimes.” A US-attempted coup was foiled.
Times editors outrageously called Hugo Chavez “a would-be dictator…a ruinous demagogue,” and other pejoratives. 
He was a model democrat, Maduro carrying his torch, facing unrelenting US-instigated destabilizing activities. 
Times editors disgracefully called him “a pariah” – an apt description of US duopoly governance, along with calling it the greatest threat to world peace and security.
Times editors endorse Venezuelan fascists, reprehensibly calling them the remedy Venezuela’s “economy (and) democratic institutions” need.
Washington Post editors headlined “A turning point for Venezuela,” absurdly saying Sunday’s elections “may determine whether (it) can find a democratic path” to solve its economic and other problems.
“If the votes are counted fairly, (MUD) should win a comfortable majority…giving it the ability to counter…Maduro.”
WaPo editors lied, claiming he’ll react “violently” if MUD prevails. They support fascist governance prevailing over Bolivarian social democracy.
Wall Street Journal columnist Mary O’Grady notoriously reinvents history, winning awards for proliferating imperial Big Lies, supporting monied interests exclusively, defending the indefensible – virulently anti-Bolivarian.
In mid-November, she lied, saying “Venezuela’s Maduro Won’t Give Up Power…(H)e’ll ignore the December election if his party loses.”
“…Venezuela has not held a fair election in at least a dozen years, and it’s not likely that this one will be different.”
Fact: It bears repeating and stressing! Its electoral process is the world’s best. Jimmy Carter recognized it as “the best in the world,” scrupulously open, free and fair, none like it anywhere as democratic.
O’Grady represents powerful monied interests, compensating her well for proliferating Big Lies, reprehensibly bashing “chavista tyranny,” supporting fascists interests over social democratic ones.
“Get ready for a Cuban-style crackdown” if MUD prevails on Sunday, she trumpeted – a duplicitous lie along with claiming Chavez “orchestrated a coup…against the country’s democracy (and) Maduro…admitt(ed) (it’s) dead.”
You can’t make this stuff up. It’s hard imagining anyone takes O’Grady’s rants seriously. Responsible editors wouldn’t touch it. 
Journal editors feature it – part of their longstanding campaign against Bolivarian social democracy, endorsing fascists on Sunday to replace it, along with O’Grady.
If PSUV candidates prevail, expect MUD, Washington and Western media scoundrels to holler foul – perhaps followed by US-orchestrated street violence and more lawless sanctions imposed.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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