US Responsibility for Iraq’s Devastating Humanitarian Crisis

US Responsibility for Iraq’s Devastating Humanitarian Crisis by Stephen Lendman Decades of US-led aggression raped and pillaged Iraq, killing millions of its people, creating dystopian conditions for survivors. Humanitarian crisis conditions are deplorable, exacerbated by endless US aggression, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, along with low oil prices complicating things... Continue Reading →

Conflicting Reports on Farcical Syrian Peace Talks

Conflicting Reports on Farcical Syrian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman Holding them is a waste of time. Abandoning them makes more sense. Negotiating with terrorists won’t succeed. Diplomacy is doomed to fail. Instead the US/Saudi/UN-orchestrated charade continues, conflicting reports on whether opposition groups comprised of terrorists intend showing up muddy things further. Syria’s UN envoy/chief... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Awesome Syrian Campaign

Russia’s Awesome Syrian Campaign by Stephen Lendman Russia’s sophisticated military capability matches the West’s best, a force to be reckoned with, giving Pentagon commanders pause on how to challenge it. London’s Independent discussed its effective Syrian campaign, saying it “deliver(ed) a hi-tech shock to (the) West and Israel,” its sophisticated weapons and technology matching or... Continue Reading →

Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II Boondoggle

Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II Boondoggle by Stephen Lendman At an estimated lifetime development, production, operational and maintenance cost of $2 trillion or more (adjusted for inflation), the F-35 perhaps most of all symbolizes notorious Pentagon waste, fraud and abuse - ripping off taxpayers, using the nation’s resources irresponsibly, at the expense of vital homeland... Continue Reading →

US/Turkish Anti-Russian Provocations

US/Turkish Anti-Russian Provocations by Stephen Lendman America and Turkey have disturbing similarities. Both are fantasy democracies, featuring money-controlled one-party rule while pretending otherwise. Police state governance tolerates no opposition - deploring peace and stability, waging endless naked aggression, repressing their own people, risking global war. Major media in both countries support regime policies demanding condemnation.... Continue Reading →

Scurrilous NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda

Scurrilous NYT Anti-Syrian Propaganda by Stephen Lendman The Times is a longstanding pro-Western lying machine, featuring managed news misinformation, spurning truth and full disclosure on major issues, notably geopolitical ones. It’s militantly anti-Assad, scurrilously attacking him, falsely blaming him for US-led high crimes, using ISIS and other terrorist foot soldiers to do its dirty work... Continue Reading →

Gross Israeli Injustice

Gross Israeli Injustice by Stephen Lendman Israel persecutes Palestinians viciously, stealing their land, displacing them, extrajudicially killing them, imprisoning them on trumped up charges, their fundamental rights systematically denied. Five Palestinian teenagers were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, fined $39,000 their families are forced to pay for a crime their children didn’t commit.  Rubber-stamp/military kangaroo... Continue Reading →

Western/Regional-Supported Terrorist Groups Invited to Syrian Peace Talks

Western/Regional-Supported Terrorist Groups Invited to Syrian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman A separate article called them farcical, dead on arrival, orchestrated to fail, not succeed. Anti-Assad US-led Western and Saudi-led regional states’ claims about wanting conflict ended, peace restored, things resolved diplomatically ring hollow. Endless conflict continues. Scheduled talks change nothing. Violence, instability and chaos... Continue Reading →

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival by Stephen Lendman Talks are orchestrated to fail. More on this below. Mainstream and much alternative media misreporting continues calling five years of US naked aggression against a nation threatening no one a “civil war.” There’s nothing “civil” about it. Syria was invaded, Washington using ISIS and other... Continue Reading →

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