Israel’s Endless War on Hamas

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January 12, 2016
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January 12, 2016
Israel’s Endless War on Hamas
by Stephen Lendman
Israeli political, economic and three hot wars on Hamas followed its 2006 legislative victory. 
It remains Palestine’s legitimate government, the Abbas-led PA a longtime Israeli collaborator/complicit in enforcing occupation harshness, betraying the people it’s sworn to serve, benefitting at their expense.
Lawless mid-2007 blockade followed Israeli-imposed 2006 embargo – unrelated to security concerns, solely for political reasons, holding 1.8 million Gazans hostage, slowly suffocating them, finding new ways to inflict state terror.
Shin Bet lied, claiming it uncovered three Hamas West Bank and East Jerusalem terror cells in recent weeks, individuals planning attacks on Israelis.
No verifiable evidence suggests it. No suicide attacks or others with guns and explosives occurred. Nothing suggests they’re planned. 
What could Hamas strategically gain by attacking Israel? Thousands more Gazans could die. Remaining areas of the Strip intact post-Operation Protective Edge could be turned to rubble.
Are Israeli accusations prelude to more war? It claims Hamas rebuilt its cross-border infrastructure, investing considerable resources into the project. 
Since elected in January 2006, it never preemptively attacked Israel, responding only to its state terror after repeated provocations – its legitimate right of self-defense. 
Israel invents threats to justify state-sponsored terrorism, blaming victims for its high crimes.
Ludicrous claims about Hamas inciting conflict don’t wash – fear-mongering to enlist public support, to justify daily lethal shootings, kidnappings, mass arrests and collective punishment.
On January 11, AIPAC turned truth on its head, “(u)pdat(ing)” what it called “Palestinian and Arab Terrorism Against Israel,” – outrageously blaming a defenseless population for relentless daily state terror, substituting hate-mongering for cold, hard facts.
Since October 1, around 150 Palestinians were extrajudicially executed, well over 10,000 injured, thousands more from toxic tear gas, around 3,000 arrested and detained, nearly 700 held administratively uncharged – including young children, all held for political reasons.
Patients are pulled from hospital beds pre-dawn, residential communities, mosques, schools and universities attacked – Borzeit University the latest on Monday, an overnight raid targeting its campus, confiscating and damaging its equipment.
Scores of soldiers rampaged after midnight, breaching the school’s western gate, storming the university’s student council and faculty of science.
An administration statement “condemn(ed) the attack and direct violation of the sanctity of the university campus” – creating “havoc.”
“This is a blatant attack on our student council and the sanctity of democratic values,” it said. “This violation of the campus is a part of a blatant and systematic attack on the right of education and freedom of expression.”
University officials blasted Israel for lawlessly detaining around 80 of its students earlier, saying “(s)tealing our students’ lives and working to destroy the sanctity of our university campus and our right to education is an atrocious and obvious attempt to destroy the will of the Palestinian people.”
War without mercy on Palestine continues – slow-motion genocide, targeting an entire population, victims of Israeli ruthlessness.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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