New Year Market Turmoil

New Year Market Turmoil by Stephen Lendman Will 2016 be the year the artificially stimulated US economic house of cards collapses? It’s long overdue. What can’t go on forever, won’t. Markets levitate only for so long. Day of reckoning time inevitably arrives. Fed money printing madness turned Wall Street into a casino - high risk... Continue Reading →

Western War on Libya Imminent

Western War on Libya Imminent  by Stephen Lendman In 2011, US-led NATO ravaged Africa’s most developed country. Libya remains a cauldron of violence and chaos, now threatened by ISIS. Washington helped it establish a foothold in Sirte, a jumping off point to expand to other areas - with designs on Libyan oil, perhaps just a... Continue Reading →

Phony US Neutrality in Saudi/Iranian Rift

Phony US Neutrality in Saudi/Iranian Rift by Stephen Lendman Many of the world’s rogue states are close US allies, notably Saudi Arabia, other Gulf States, Egypt, Turkey and Israel. Washington largely ignores their high crimes, their contempt for fundamental human rights and other democratic values, waging war on fundamental freedoms, stoking conflicts and instability. State... Continue Reading →

Rogue Saudi Allies Cut Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Rogue Saudi Allies Cut Diplomatic Ties with Iran Stephen Lendman Saudi Arabia used the pretext of justifiably angry Iranians storming its Tehran embassy over the extrajudicial execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr to cut diplomatic ties with Tehran irresponsibly.  The action sounds like a premeditated plot against the Islamic Republic - perhaps hatched in Washington and/or... Continue Reading →

West Largely Silent About Erdogan’s War on Kurds

West Largely Silent About Erdogan’s War on Kurds by Stephen Lendman They’re ravaged the way America treated is native people for centuries, exterminating the vast majority of Indian tribe members. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members are marked for elimination. Earlier attempts for peace collapsed in July. Open warfare followed - Ankara using tanks, artillery, warplanes,... Continue Reading →

Riyadh Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Riyadh Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Iran by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Riyadh cut diplomatic ties with Tehran - using the pretext of angry Iranians storming its embassy, expressing outrage over Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’s extrajudicial execution. Iranian diplomats were given 48 hours to leave the kingdom. Saudi ones returned home... Continue Reading →

US Evacuated ISIS Fighters from Ramadi

US Evacuated ISIS Fighters from Ramadi by Stephen Lendman Before Iraqi forces retook Ramadi last week, Washington was accused of evacuating around 2,000 ISIS terrorists from the city. Iraqi People’s Mobilization Shiite militia umbrella group commander Hashd al-Shaabi said America delayed the liberation of Ramadi and Fallujah to enable “evacuat(ion) of (ISIS) ringleaders (and fighters)... Continue Reading →

Russian Sanctions Biting Turkey’s Economy

Russian Sanctions Biting Turkey’s Economy by Stephen Lendman Erdogan’s act of war against Russia is proving costly. Sanctions Putin imposed bans or restricts Turkish organizations from conducting certain types of activity in Russia. Effective January 1, Russian employers are prohibited from hiring Turkish nationals. Job security for current Turkish employees is uncertain. Tourism accounting for... Continue Reading →

Putin: Person of the Year in Israel

Putin: Person of the Year in Israel by Stephen Lendman He’s overwhelmingly person of the year in Russia, his popularity nearly 90%, double Obama’s rating in America. Who’d have imagined Israelis would vote him person of the year - 29% of respondents chose him compared to 15% for Netanyahu. Time magazine’s person of the year,... Continue Reading →

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