Erdogan in Ecuador

Erdogan in Ecuador
by Stephen Lendman
Why he was invited, Ecuadorian authorities will have to explain – a tyrannical leader enforcing police state harshness, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, waging war on his own Kurdish people, murdering them in cold blood.
An international arrest warrant should greet him wherever he shows up, a menace vital to confront, a valued US imperial ally, both nations partnering in each other’s high crimes.
On an official two-day visit finalizing trade deals (President Rafael Correa dealing with the devil), crowds in Ecuador’s capital Quito heckled him.
Protesting his visit, they shouted: “Long live Kurdistan.” “Murderer Erdogan.” “Out with Erdogan” – as he entered Quito’s IAEN University for a planned address. A sign read “100 years of Armenian genocide and Erdogan continues with the Kurds.”
Giran Ozcan is Latin American representative for the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK). Erdogan’s security guards attacked peaceful protesters, including Ecuadorian parliament member Diego Vintimilla, injuring him, he explained.
Another protester’s nose was broken, requiring hospitalization. “People of Ecuador realize that a (mass-) murderer is visiting their country today,” Ozcan said.
“Through (his) support for ISIS, he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria” and Iraq.
Ozcan called protesting his presence Ecuadorians’ way of “showing solidarity with the Kurdish people and people of the Middle East against aspiring dictators (like) Erdogan and evil organizations (they) support (like) ISIS.”
Female activists protesting his visit were brutally attacked, Turkish presidential guards beating them savagely for protesting Erdogan’s presence.
They issued a statement, saying his security thugs battered their faces, breasts and other “intimate parts” with intent to injure and humiliate them.
On February 4, Erdogan ended his three-country Latin American tour – in Ecuador after visiting Chile and Peru.
A December initiated White House petition labeled him a state sponsor of terrorism, called for expelling Turkey from NATO.
After getting 30,000 signatures, it was listed on the White House’s web site. It reached a total of nearly 39,000, short of its 100,000 goal.
It was archived with no action taken, none expected. One rogue state supports another.
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