Netanyahu Wants an Arab-Free Knesset

Netanyahu Wants an Arab-Free Knesset 
by Stephen Lendman
An organization representing Palestinian victims of Israeli state-terror invited Joint (Arab) List MKs to meet with surviving family members – a responsible thing to do, deserving praise, not shameless criticism.
Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka and Basel Ghattas paid their respects to fallen martyrs. The meeting focused on pressuring Israel to return bodies of victims they murdered in cold blood. 
Netanyahu and Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein lodged an unprecedented complaint to the body’s ethics committee, recklessly saying Arab MKs fostered “incitement (and) encourag(ed) murder,” the usual Israeli Big Lie, blaming victims for its high crimes.
According to Edelstein, “(i)t is inconceivable that at a time when innocent citizens are being slaughtered (polar opposite what’s happening), these MKs go to console the families of the murderers and with unbelievable insolence dare to bring the families’ demands to the government.”
“I see this as a severe injury to the Israeli legislature and the State of Israel and hope that these actions will finally be noted by the judges of the High Court of Justice the next time they discuss an appeal against disqualifying unworthy candidates from running for office as lawmakers.”
State-sponsored misinformation and Big Lies repeated enough gets most people to believe them. Israel wants an Arab-free Knesset, reserved exclusively for Jews, showing its self-declared democracy is phony, pure fantasy, proving it in numerous other ways.
Netanyahu is a notorious Arab-hating racist. MKs who…comfort the families of terrorists (freedom fighters vilified for opposing lawless occupation harshness)…do not deserve to be in the Israeli Knesset,” he ranted – asking Edelstein to examine ways to remove them.
Arab MKs defended their honorable action, Hanin Zoabi blasting Israel’s refusal to return bodies of fallen martyrs. “It is our duty to do our utmost to” oppose this outrage, she stressed.
Basel Ghattas slammed Israeli viciousness, saying “(w)hen the trumpets of fascism incite against us, it means that we are protecting human values.” 
“We condemn the incitement against party members perform(ing) their duty to help families to return the bodies of their children, which the Israeli authorities hold contrary to international laws and values.”
Israel is a fascist police state, institutionalized racism official policy, democracy for Jews alone.
Arabs are unwanted, persecuted and murdered in cold blood, defenseless against its killing machine, victimized for living on land privileged Jews want exclusively for themselves – willing to go to any lengths to get it.
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